Crash vs. Steel Cyclone – ROBOT COMBAT LEAGUE “watch the first episode now”

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February 20, 2013
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Crash vs. Steel Cyclone – ROBOT COMBAT LEAGUE “watch the first episode now”

Season 1, Episode 1,
Game Show,
Syfy Television 2013,
Hosted by Chris Jericho.

Give the gift of movies!

Contestants manning their own life-size robots include: a two-time Olympian, a race car driver, a JPL engineer from NASA, and a professional MMA fighter who is also the daughter of George Lucas. They operate “full hydraulic humanoid robots that are capable of exerting 2,000 lbs of force!” The winner takes home $100,000 along with the title of the first champion of the ROBOT COMBAT LEAGUE.

The First Match “Crash vs. Steel Cyclone”

Each team of two consists of a “Robo Tech” who controls the movements and maneuvering of the robots as well as serving as a “point person” for any technical issues, and a “Robo Jockey” who controls the punches and is responsible for the main fighting. The 12 teams are introduced to their robots which resemble at least one, if not both, of the team members. Most obvious – “Robot Commander” on the team of “Team Commander” with the JPL engineer and the Army Helicopter Pilot.

Mark Setrakian who designed the robots puts the contestants through robot operational training, then pits them in a faced-off against one another in a “power-up challenge” where teams have to land one punch on a target in the middle of the decoy robot controlled by Sertrekian. The team to land the quickest punch gets “first seed” in the competition.

Team “Crash”

The first robot fight of the first episode pits the lowest ranking team from the “power-up challenge” against the highest ranking team. As a result, the first fight is “Team Steel Cyclone” vs. “Team Crash”. “Team Steel Cycolne” consists of George, a robotics teacher and Bayano Kamani, a two-time Olympian. “Team Crash” is the father-daughter team of Dave and Amber Shinsel. With only a couple of hours before their fight, “Team Crash” is still having coordination issues with their robot.

Each fight consists of three two-minute rounds. Each team has 20 minutes to repair their robots from a hard hit if necessary. There are three ring-side judges. Successful punches are based on “strong solid hits to vital parts.” If the robot is found in-repairable or “in-operatable”, the opposing team wins. And, just like in real boxing matches, judges can stop the fight. Also, a robot can be “knocked-out” if they don’t make the bell.

The fight commentator is Dave Farra who announces each robot’s stats in the same terms and manner as in real human boxing matches. This first fight of ROBOT COMBAT LEAGUE is one of the underdog, or as host Chris Jericho states, the worst scores of the bunch, up against the popular, bully team and best scorer – “Team Steel Cyclone”. Watch the first episode to see how they fair!

Team “Steel Cyclone”

Watch the teams meet their robots, and we get a chance to see our first “Heavy Metal” robot match: “Crash vs. Steel Cyclone” in the first episode of ROBOT COMBAT LEAGUE. WATCH the first episode below:

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  1. DogWalking says:

    Holy cow, are these things awesome. And what a great fight. Way more exciting thatn I thought it would be. I particularly like the repair period between the rounds. I hope we get to hear more about this kind of stuff as the season goes on. With such advanced robots, I hope the show focuses on the tech as much as the brawl. Looking forward to more!

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