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Exciting and Emotional – AMERICA’S GOT TALENT Quarterfinals Week 4

Posted on August 21 2014 by Editor

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Exciting and Emotional – AMERICA’S GOT TALENT Quarterfinals Week 4

America's Got Talent Season 9 Quarterfinals Week 4 contestants

This Tuesday’s episode of NBC’s “America’s Got Talent” was the last night of the Quarterfinals where five more acts out of the last twelve acts will continue in the competition into t he Semi-Finals. The acts consisted of singing, dancing, acrobats, magic, and instruments. When host Nick Cannon asked judge Howard Stern about the pressure of this week, Howard responded, “Nick, do you remember your wedding night with Mariah? That pressure that you felt on your wedding night, it’s fifty times more tonight.”


No One Doing Ballet Like This!

Bad Boys of Ballet

Hip-Hop, Jazz and Gymnastics. Adrienne put together “Bad Boys of Ballet” to introduce modern ballet for the younger generation. They opened their dance with some break dancing on the floor, then moved into ballet moves. Heidi and Mel B stood-up,. I just LOVE you guys – the energy and sophisticated is through the roof! Absolutely stunning.” Howie said “you guys are good, really good. The connotation is that you’re bad and edgy. I don’t see bad, I see good. It should have been more bad than good.” Heidi said “I love it too . I have ballerinas at home and you inspire them.” Howard “There is no doubt that you are wonderful dancers. Howie is more right than the girls. In order to get America to vote for you, You have to do something so different. This felt like an aerobics class. It wasn’t enough. Adrienne said “this is a blessing just to be here and dancing for your guys and America!” She said no one has done ballet like them, and if they do, to come join her crew.


By The Skin of Their Teeth!

One Voice Children’s Choir

They are a group of best friends. There are over 100 kids in the choir and their director describes it as a “sanctuary” for the kids. They were voted through with a swayed vote from Mel B after being pressured by Howard Stern. Howard told them thanks for naming him “our savior!” He said he doesn’t think that they did enough to go through. Nick said it wasn’t any way for a savior to talk to children. Howie said if you have a chance of going through it would be because people love the song which is “Let It Go” from “Frozen” cartoon. Heidi said she liked it and “all one hundred” of them!  Mel B said she was just singing the song ten minutes ago. “I was worried about you this week because last time I saw you, you got through by the skin of your teeth.” She said they stepped it up a notch.


Best Ninety Seconds Of His Career!

Jonah Smith

Insurance salesman Jonah Smith by day, plays in a rock-in-roll band by night. He said the 90 seconds on the Radio City Music Hall stage is “the best ninety seconds of my career.” “Singers come and go in this competition and I never remember. But with you, I do remember,” and he said its “mind-boggling” that Jonah is selling insurance. Heidi serenaded him that she hopes Jonah stays with them on AGT. Mel B said she loved his rendition of “Stay With Me.” Jonah said it was a very emotional moment. Howie said he thinks Jonah is in the number one position and that he’s “in good hands with AGT” – a pun on Farmers insurance tagline.


Encouraging Really Bad Behavior!

Dom The Bom’s Triple Threat

They are a card-throwing act made-up of triplets Dominic, Lyrie, and Phoenix. Dominic, or Dom calls his brother and sister his assistants. The most impressive part of Dom’s act was at the end where he threw cards way over the audience and near the balcony. Heidi said “this is encouraging really bad behavior” but was fun to watch. Mel B said “I think you three are absolutely adorable,” and pointed-out that there was a lot going on and they were rushing a bit. Howie said “the reason why you’re hear is you are a great talent and a novelty of being triplets. He said they should add the brother and sister into the act by having them finish. Howard said he didn’t want to be the “mean judge” but said it could have been staged better and it was difficult to follow” and had some problems. He did encourage them because they are young and talented.


Dynamite Performance!


Julie started the dance group to help youth who may be getting in trouble on the streets otherwise. Heidi said she loved it and called it a “dynamite performance” and said they are bringing it to a “higher level.” Mel B said during their audition, she didn’t want their act to end, but this time around, the outfits and choreography was “dated.” She said that they weren’t pushing themselves. Howie said he sensed the passion and what they were feeling. He also said the group throwing little girl Mattie up in the air added excitement to this dance act that is rarely seen in any dance acts. Howard said “my fear for you guys is as technically good of dancers as you guys are I don’t know if this is going to be memorable enough” for people to vote for them and the choreography wasn’t good enough.


Rock-Star Cellists!

Emil and Dariel

Their grandfather introduced them to the cello. He was a famous cellist in Russia, but came to the U.S. for better opportunities for his family. Emil and Daril performing on the stage of Radio City Music Hall is a dream for their grandfather and something he’s been waiting his whole life for. Howie said “Wow, wow! I’m a huge Rolling Stones fans. You taught us there’s always room for cello.” Howard said this is memorable and people will be talking about you. You’re next move if you go through, I’d like to see your grandfather perform with you!” Heidi said “I feel like we should open a new category to music like rock star cellists.” Mel B said “that was OFF THE CHAIN!!” She called them exciting, current and fun.


Can You Teach My Wife That?

Nina Burri

She is from Sweden and always dreamed of being a contortionist. She found a school in China to train contortion at the age of thirty, where they start students at age six. She trained six days per week to achieve her dream. Howard said “let me comment on your personal story- I’m inspired” he said that she went off to China at the age of thirty. “You are beautiful, stunning and captivating.  This is a really motivational night tonight. That was beautiful.” Heidi said she felt her hamstring pop just watching her, but not sure if it’s big enough for a room like Radio City. Mel B thought her act was too short and said it was mesmerizing. Howie said not only was there talent and grace, “you were so sexy.” He asked Nina to teach his wife just two of those positions.


‘Freaky’ In A Good Way!

Quintavious Johnson

He is the oldest of three boys, and says he sings everywhere. He calls his single parent mom “super mom.” He sang Dreamgirls song ‘And I Am Telling You I’m Not Going,’ and hit it out of the park! All of the judges were on their feet at the end of his performance. Heidi said “Wow, wow….amazing! Powerful voice, powerful presence, and perfect!” Mel B said “what just happened. You just showed us your gift,” and called it the loudest cheering of the night. Howie said “you should be thinking about – what am I going to do with a million dollars?” Howard said “is it just me or is anyone else worried about puberty coming up.” He called Quintavious a “phenom” and said they just experienced something “freaky” but in a good way! He said he woke-up the crowd.


“A” Student At AGT University!

Mothmen Dance

Jason and Jennifer are the creators of the aerial dance crew called “Mothmen Dance.” They are trying to create something new that no one has seen before. Mel B said she’s a big fan but “tonight there was something a little bit missing. I found it a bit repetitive. At this stage you have to step-up the game.” Howie stood-up for them and said “if it was repetitive, I need to see it more. Mothmen, you have moth balls, It was amazing.” Howard said if I was teaching a class on how to win AGT, it would be you have to be memorable. What’s great is that it was innovative and compelling. Fun and exciting. “A”-plus at the AGT University. Heidi said they rely too much on the video behind them and if their “choreography was up to snuff, then we’re all good.”


Stuck At The Bar!


Smoothini calls himself the ghetto Houdini and he said his block is his family. He performs magic on the streets. His Radio City performance
I’m not sure you can take this one to the bank. I feel like what you’ve done in the past was so much better, but said she’s still rooting for him. Mel B said “what you did tonight was great! The audience couldn’t see what we saw and it was ashamed.” Howie said I think the audience is the million of people at home. and said he couldn’t figure out his trick. Howard thought it was “very peculiar” and called is “such a mess”. It was like we were in a bar and we had the worst seat in the house, and you didn’t include all of us. The crowd was booing Howard.


Emotional Roller-Coaster!

Jonatan Riquelme

Nick called it one of the most dangerous performances on the show. His grandma was a contortionist , grandfather was a clown. His mom worked with the animals and his dad was a trapeze artist. Jonatan and his father combined an act that’s never been seen before and dangerous. Jonatan did a similar act to the one he performed during his audition, only he added more cylinders to balance himself one while doing handstands in the air. Mel B was in shock, “that was an emotional roller coaster” shes said because there was no safety mat. Heidi said she was also nervous and called it “fabulous”. Howard said we’ve had other rollo-bola acts and we’ve seen people fall. A rollo-bola act finally that really deserves to be in the finals. Howie said this is going to be the best semi finals we’ve ever had in the history of AGT. ‘there’s no reason to have a mat because just standing there that high. You thrilled us, you delivered and told him that he hopes enough people vote for him.


Second Chance!

Kelli Glover

Kelli from New Jersey, said she sang starting as a young child. She had previously been cut on an earlier season of AGT. Kelli auditioned again this season because she didn’t want to see her dream “die.” Keilli sang “If I Ain’t Got You” song by Alicia Keys. Heidi said “you were the last act of tonight and you gave us an unforgettable performance” and called it “flawless.” Me B said she started out so “un-confident” and told her to be more confident and said she is truly amazing. Howard said when she says it’s her second chance at life and instead look at it as her second chance on the show. Howie said she taught everybody to never give up. “I cant imagine how only five are going to go through,” about the twelve acts that performed tonight. Kelli was emotional and said said if she makes it through, that she will relax more like Howard told her to loosen-up.



Three of the worlds greatest magicians from the show “Illusionists” and Taylor Williamson are the special guest performers on this week’s “America’s Got Talent” results show. This is the last week of the Quarterfinals. The judges got one of their own to partake in the ASL Ice Bucket challenge to raise money for ASL. Mel B did the ice bucket challenge and called Nick Cannon out to do it. He asked Heidi if she is doing it, and she said she’d donate money. Nick said he’d do both, then she said she’d do both. Mel B said this week’s performance show was “so exciting and so emotional. We have the best TV show in the entire world.”

First Act
Emil and Dariel, Dom The Bom’s Triple Threat, and Extreme were the first three groups called to the stage to find out their fate for moving on. It was Emil and Dariel what were announced as going to the Semi-Finals. They reacted by saying it is “a dream come true.” Mel B said for them to put their game faces on and to keep doing what they’re doing.

AGT season 9, Jonah Smith, Bad Boys of Ballet

Pictured (l-r): Jonah Smith, Bad Boys of Ballet

Second Act
The next two acts neck-and-neck with each other were Jonah Smith and the Bad Boys of Ballet. Jonah Smith was the one going on the the Semi-Finals. Jonah said he was really grateful for everyone for voting for him. Howard called him the real-deal, and told him that he does well with the genre of classic rock and to “keep plowing along the way you’re doing.. just straight singing and rock-and-roll.”

AGT season 9, Quintavious Jonhson, Mothmen Dance

Pictured (l-r): Quintavious Jonhson, Mothmen Dance

Third Act
The next act going into the Semi-Finals was between Quintavious Johnson and the Mothmen Dance. It was Quintavious Johnson that is moving-on in the competition. The crowd was yelling for him before his name was called, and they stood-up for him. He said it felt good and he was “very excited.” Heidi told him “you are a rock star and amazing last night. I have a feeling that you could win this whole thing” and she wished him luck for the next round.

Past Contestants Perform:
And, as if he never left, Taylor Williamson was back again this week. This time to do a stand-up comedy routine. He joked about how close he was to winning the $1 million dollars.

The Illusionists act got Nick Canon involved by cutting him in half. Kevin, the head of the illusionists, made it to the Quarterfinals on AGT back in season two. His act is now going to the Marquee Theater on Broadway, then a nationwide tour.

AGT season 9, Jonatan Riquelme, Smoothini

Pictured (l-r): Jonatan Riquelme, Smoothini

Fourth Act
Smoothini and Jonatan were head-to-head to see which one would make it through. Before Nick revealed the results, Howard gave a piece of his advice to both acts. He told Smoothini that he’s not at the bar any more and to play to the crowd more and “go over the camera angles”. He told Jonatan that he needs to change up his act so it’s not repetitive. The act going through to the Semi-Finals is Smoothini!   Smoothini was worried that he wasn’t going to go to the Semi-Finals, and said he really has to bring it next week.

Fifth Act
America voted for the act to leave the competition. It was between One Voice Children’s Choir, Kelli Glover, and Nina Burri. It was Nina Burri that was eliminated. It was up to the judges to decide between Kelli Glover and One Voice Children’s Choir to push through to the Semi-Finals.

AGT season 9, Nick Cannon, Kelli Glover

Pictured (l-r): Nick Cannon, Kelli Glover

Judges Votes: Mel B said she loved One Voice Children’s Choir, but barely got through on the first round. She said Kelli was a bit nervous. Her decision was with Kelli. Howard said he’d make his decisions based on who would make a come-back. There was a stumble with bot acts last night. He said the act more capable of making a come-back is Kelli. Howie said Kelli had a great story in to never give-up. Howie placed his vote with Kelli. Heidi didn’t have to vote. From unanimous judges votes, Kelli Glover is going to the Semi-Finals

NEXT WEEK: There will be a new voting twist. America will vote on Tuesday as always, but the change is that viewers will also be able to vote again live on Wednesday for an act in danger. The acts performing next week are: David and Leeman , Andrey Moraru, Aerial Animation, Sons of Serendip, Miguel Dakota, Paul Ieti Dan Naturman, Emily West, and Mara Justine.







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