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EXCLUSIVE! Why Coaches Don’t Turn on THE VOICE Season 19 Blinds SNEAK-PEEK!

Posted on October 18 2020 by Editor

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“The Voice” will return to NBC in it’s 19th season with another group of over the top, stellar talent.  Yes, fans will get the pleasure of rooting for their favorite coaches: Blake Shelton, Gwen Stefani, Kelly Clarkson, and John Legend.  And yes, fans will see something that we haven’t seen since season 16.  We got some behind-the-scenes updates of the new season of “The Voice.”  

According to a source, there will be one audition with three singers on stage during the Blind Auditions round in which the coaches thought it was one person.  The last time we saw a trio on the show was in season 16 with “The Bundys,” a sibling trio group who chose Team Kelly during their Blind Audition.

“The Voice,” like all shows filming during this time, has faced challenges through the Covid-19 pandemic.  During a press conference, Executive Producer Audrey Morrisey, said “here was never a time where I talked about pushing or skipping a season…we just did it.” 

Filming THE VOICE During a Pandemic

The social distancing precautions that everyone is practicing gave for some creative ways for the coaches to welcome their new artists.  John Legend had a fake extended arm with a gloved hand at the end to shake his new artists’ hands.  Gwen Stefani still gave her new members her Team jackets.  It’s just that she had to deliver them by shooting them out of a bazooka.  And Blake had a cardboard cutout version of himself backstage to welcome his Team’s artists.  The coaches’ chairs are now spaced 8 feet apart from each other.

The Voice season 19 coaches
Pictured: (l-r) John Legend, Blake Shelton, Gwen Stefani, Kelly Clarkson — Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC

The artists themselves weren’t surrounded by family as they typically are backstage during their Blind Audition.  Instead, families joined them via a live stream over a television monitor.  “The Voice” wardrobe department still provided the outfits for the artists’ auditions and the artists got to practice with the band to rehearse three times, according to a source.

The source also confirmed that the coaches don’t know who’s auditioning.  There’s over 300 people who work on the show normally.  Though, coming back after the end of season 18 where they dramatically cut the number to 30 crew people.  We were not able to confirm how many crew members were brought back.  “The  Voice” has a reality show (what viewers see from contestants’ backstories) and a stage show.  

Artists will be coming onto a stage in front of an audience of the four coaches and a wall of screens displaying a virtual audience.  They built this technology from the ground up to have a virtual audience.  Morrissey stated that they are “very anxious to get the audience back in.  Obviously, safety first.  At this point, we don’t have plans to bring a live audience in.”  She said one pro is that the coaches said they can hear the artists better without a live audience.

The Voice 19 virtual audience
Pictured: (l-r) Kelly Clarkson, Gwen Stefani — Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC

 Also not new to “The Voice” but rare, our source hinted that there will be another opera singer this season.  Our source stated that on a day during the Blind Auditions, Kelly and Blake went back and forth for 24 minutes.  Kelly kept saying Blake has an Opera Singer.  Blake said he did not have an Opera Singer.  

“The Voice” Blind Auditions is an accomplishment itself for artists.  The spaces are limited and they fill-up fast.  We joined the process this season on day three of the Blinds, and we heard the coaches tell the artists who were auditioning that their Teams were already “almost full.”  And that’s with three more days of blind auditions left!  Because of this, we did see a lot of artists who did not receive any chair turns. While some artists received one chair turn.

In the first two days, Kelly kept getting Blocked. Is it a sign that they consider her a threat, or just not liked?  No, she said she takes it as a compliment.  Gwen said there’s been so many talented people that it’s hard to choose.  She’s looking for rare and unique talent.  John said it’s been a strong group of artists.  “I feel so lucky that we got to sit here and listen to these amazing singers.” 

 Pictured: (l-r) Leon Bridges, Kelly Clarkson — Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC

Blake’s advice to the coaches is to “watch and learn.”  John reacted that he has so much credibility with us.  John Legend stated that he knows in eight counts if he’s going to turn for an artist.  


Fans will be excited this season that they’ll be able to vote with their voices! “The Voice” has partnered with Google. Owners of Google Nest will be able to vote on the tech device simply by using their voice by telling the device which artist they’d like to vote for.


“I will not be deterred.  I do lie but only when something is important to me,” admitted Blake Shelton. 

Some of the artists did not receive any chair turns. The explanations that they got from the coaches included: John Legend told one artist “the competition is tough.  We’re all looking for different things.  It just didn’t move me enough to push my button.”  Gwen said she loved the gravel in one male artists’ voice and tone.  She was waiting to see his range.  Kelly stated that it’s good to be here just to hear the talent.  She also noted that her Team is “almost full.”

A female artist who didn’t win over any coaches sang the Demi Lavoto song  “Anyone.  The higher notes revealed the power in her voice, said John.   He added that she “didn’t nail” the runs and that she has a “gorgeous tone.”  Gwen said trying to think how to connect “is the right one.”  Kelly reacted that when she went into her higher voice it was really beautiful.   She wished that she had speak/sing like Demi + Pink. 

Blake said she was the second person from Tulsa, Oklahoma.  He joked that by day three “we don’t know what we’re looking for.”  He said it could be the littlest thing that keeps us from turning. 

Another artist with no chair turns, got this advice from the coaches: Blake responded that his Team is “quickly filling-up.  So, I’m very extra picky.  I may have turned.”   There’s deep lower register of your voice is powerful as hell.  You could benefit from some coaching.  Blake said he hopes the artist comes back.

John said the artist has a gorgeous bravado which a lot of people don’t have.  You presented a lot of parts that don’t fit together as a whole.  John also told him, “you must understand what you’re singing and connect emotionally to show you also know how to communicate with your audience.”

On a side note, John Legend revealed that “Ordinary People” is his first song that he ever wrote.

Some artists were lucky enough to get multiple chair turns from the coaches that day. It started-off with a couples fight!

VAN – is a rock guy who sang a ‘Who song. Chair Turns: Blake, Gwen.

John said he loved the top part of his range the most.  “I’m excited to see America’s favorite couple fight over you!”  Thus, the fighting began!  Gwen said this has been such a hard season so far because so many mind-blowing talented singers.  She likes unique, and rare.  She told him he has “so many different tones and ranges.”  She could see him doing her Top 70’s songs.  Van responded that he tells people that he does “sad boy music,”   Indy Rock.  Gwen said he was so dynamic in the song.  “Nobody has tried-out that is like you,” Gwen told Van.  

Pictured: “The Voice” Key Art — Photo by: NBCUniversal

Blake reacted, “this is the 19th season that I’ve done the show.  I’m not going to suck-up.  I have no clue what song that was.  I don’t know what lane that’s in.  I just heard a way unique sound.  That’s what excites me.  I just want something to move me…excite me.” Blake also added, “I have won this show seven times.”  Kelly chimed-in that she only knows the Limp Bizkit version.  

JIM RANGER – Jim is 38-years-old from Bakersfield, California.   Jim sang a Keith Urban song.

Chair Turns:  John, Gwen, Blake.

Kelly said “I’m a fan of taking a song and going to different places with it.  But, he took it too many places.  Talented vocalist with range for days.  Gwen said Bakersfield has some of our greatest all-time concerts (referring to her No Doubt band) there.  She noted that Jim is so confident that the music is so deep he has to let it out.  “You’re emotional, you’re dynamic.  I had to press my button.”  John turned way quicker because Jim had so much in his tone, John noted.  He added that Jim kept building with the song.  “It was beautifully built.”  The way he put the whole performance together, it took him on a journey.

Blake said he can remember playing the Crystal Palace when he was starting out.  He said he loves Bakersfield.  Jim said his dad is a pastor and they moved from Arkansas to Bakersfield.  Blake said Jim had more energy at the end of the song and was completely impressed by him.  John said him and Jim speak the same musical language growing-up as sons of  pastors.  John rolled the tape.  Blake reacted “I will not be deterred.  I do lie but only when something is important to me,” admitted Blake.  His excuse was that It’s worth it to get someone like Jim on his Team. 

Gwen asked Jim what record he wants to make.  Jim said “No Doubt” is a big deal in Bakersfield.  Gwen reacted that she’s in Country and has done a lot of different genres.  He’s a story-teller and writer.  Jim said The Allman Brothers Band is what changed his life.  He wanted to do everything they do.  Kelly stated, “I feel like a complete idiot.  This should have been a four-chair-turn.”  Then added that maybe she can Steal him later.  He said his daughter is Team Kelly.  Kelly promised him a jacket for his daughter.

“The Voice” season 19 premieres Monday Oct. 19 & Tuesday Oct. 20 on NBC.


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