Fan Intervention on THE VOICE Season 21 Top 10 Revealed Recap

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November 16, 2021
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Fan Intervention on THE VOICE Season 21 Top 10 Revealed Recap

Pictured: Joshua Vacanti -- Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC

This week on “The Voice” season 21 Top 11 artist performances got fan song choices.  As the singing competition show comes closer to the end of the season the artists really stepped-up, many giving their best performances.  As stated by her coach Blake Shelton, Lana Scott gave a break-out performance.  Other stellar performances came from artists who have been consistently great each week – Joshua Vacanti, who finally got to sing Queen, Holly Forbes, Jershika Maple, Jim & Sasha Allen, Girl Named Tom, and Wendy Moten.

As for fan song choices, it seemed like there were very few surprises.  Fans chose songs that were familiar to some of the artists, and they performed with a level of confidence and comfort viewers may have not seen in the previous Live Show weeks.  Some those artists included Gymani, Jeremy Rosado, Wendy Moten.  Others stepped up thier game – Hailey Mia, Paris Winningham, and Lana Scott.

WENDY MOTEN (Team Blake)

Pictured: Wendy Moten — Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC

Vince Gill Face Timed Wendy Moten to wish her luck.  She said he’s like a brother to her.  Blake said people say if Wendy’s so good, let’s hear her do an Aretha song.   The fans picked her favorite song “Freeway of Love” by Aretha Franklin.  Monday night’s performance is on her birthday.    Wendy said “this experience, I’ve never had.  Fans are making T-Shirts.”  Said she never thought she’d have that after 30 years.  During rehearsals, Blake said everything he was thinking of her doing, she did it.  He said everything she did, “those were my suggestions.”

Ariana reacted, she is her most favorite to see sing  “You are stunning as always,” said Ariana.  John said she is “a flawless nail everything every single time…everything is perfect” and could be taken for granted because it seems so effortless.  He said everything she is doing, almost no one on this planet can do. “So, Appreciate that.”   Blake said she’s stepping into a new artist role with “icon status.  It’s never happened before.”  He finished with, “you’re performing like a an icon.”



Girl Named Tom – Caleb, Becca and Joshua.  Their number one fan, Grandma Jean, is “over the moon.”  The fans picked Country song “More Hearts Than Mine” by Ingrid Andress.  It’s a modern Country song, “so it’s a fresh sound.”   They said you know you’ve made it when kids dress up as you for Halloween.  They made it into the Top 10 charts “up there with Adele,” said Kelly.

Blake reacted that he loved that song and likes them doing Country.  “It feels like home to me.”  He stated when they harmonize, it’s really special.  Kelly said this season she has these people that are ready to work. They didn’t really know the song at all, then “came up with it” and learned it.


HOLLY FORBES (Team Ariana)

Holly got “Alone” song by Heart.  Ariana said not only can Holly attack it, but gives her a whole new demeanor.   Holly said the first time she went out with her fiance for Karaoke, she sang this song.

John said her heart is so in every note.  “You are such a gifted vocalist, but also we hear your heart every note you sing.”  Blake said he knew that even before she started that it was”going to be epic.” Ariana said Holly has been consistent throughout the competition.  But for her to still be surprising us so late in the game is phenomenal.



Fans sent videos of themselves replicating Jershika’s runs from her performance last week.  Fand chose the song “How Can I Ease the Pain” by Lisa Fischer.  John said this song is challenging.  Jershika always connects to the emotion, “you can feel her spirit.”   Jershika said this song is about finding peace in a situation that’s overwhelming.  She wanted to share her platform that others can overcome this (dyslexia) as well.

Kelly said “it’s insane,” her vocal range and runs are so specific to her.   Blake reacted that she made him really happy and one of the most enjoyable performances he’s seen in a long time.  John said “it’s just a joy to see someone in their own element and empowered with how gifted they are.”  So great to see her full self.  “Stunning.  Just stunning.”


LANA SCOTT (Team Blake)

Pictured: Lana Scott — Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC

The fans chose a current Country song called “I Hope” by Gabby Barrett..  Lana said she was flattered by that.  “Country fans look for something authentic and real,” Blake said.  Lana’s fan name is the “Lanterns.”

Ariana reacted that she felt like she was at a Lana show and not The Voice.”   Every week, Lana brings the best energy and she’s a ready packaged Country artist.  Blake said Lana just completely changed the entire landscape of this competition, and had a breakout moment.



Pictured: Joshua Vacanti — Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC

Joshua Vacanti fans selected “The Show Must Go On” by Queen for him.  “This song has a Rock/Operatic vibe and is 100% in my lane” said Joshua.

Joshua’s performance got a standing ovation from everyone including the coaches.  Kelly said Joshua is literally what this show is all about.  She said if someone can make a Broadway show so Joshua can be in it, she will go see it.  Blake said “that was the perfect song choice for this guy” and it’s great that the fans got  involved because John would have NEVER thought of that song for Joshua.  John said he’s known for a long time that Joshua needed to do Queen on this show.  Because he can handle it and few people can.  America knew you could slay that song and he did.



Jeremy’s fan-picked song was “Reckless Love” by Cory Asbury.  It’s one of the biggest Christian songs from the past ten years.  His fans know how spiritual Jeremy is.  Last week, Rascal Flatts Tweeted him “Wow” after his ‘Voice performance.

John said Jeremy is always wonderful, but it’s great to see what the fans picked for him and he was “completely in his element.”  He added that it was the most passionate performance.  Kelly said this is the path that Jeremy wants to take is Christian music.  He  sang so many genres of songs on the show.  She’s excited that he’s doing what he loves.


GYMANI (Team Kelly)

Pictured: Gymani — Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC

America saved Gymani last week.  Gymani said she had a flight attendant that wanted to take photos with her on her way to the Live Shows.  Her fans chose “Diamonds.”  The song is actually one of the covers that she did on her YouTube channel three years ago.  Gymani said she now has so many fans rooting for her that “it’s fuel to shine bright like a diamond.”

Ariana said Gymani shined like a diamond.  Kelly said she felt like she was at her show.  The song was “a smart choice.”  She said Gyamani is such a great artist, technically and soulful.


JIM & SASHA ALLEN (Team Ariana)

They got “Have You Ever Seen the Rain” for their fan-picked song.  Ariana loved the song choice a lot and said “I feel the fans really get them.” Sasha said he felt a duty of sharing his trans experience due to people out there going through the same thing.

Blake reacted, the three things he was thinking: 1) they’ve gotten comfortable in this setting, 2) the bond that they have way beyond parent and child is incredible to watch.  3) Is there an instrument that Jim doesn’t play?  Ariana said not only can we count on them being spectacular each week,  America doesn’t realize what a musical genius Jim is.”  Ariana explained, he comes every week with handwritten sheet music.  “You’re so brilliant” she finished.



Paris got “Use Me” song by Bill Withers.   Blake said there’s a movement now to throwbacks of a more vintage sound and Paris is perfect for that.  Paris, who refers to his fans as “fam,”  said “it’s overwhelming to know that I have family all over the world.”  Some  U.S. Naval officers reached-out to Paris via video calls to wish him luck and Paris got emotional.

Paris got a standing ovation from the coaches.  John said he would pay money to see Paris anytime.  It reminded him of the Gospel singers he grew up listening to.  He compared him to Rance Allen.  “It’s so thrilling…You put so much soul and power, and range. “You are amazing Paris.”  Blake said Paris has some sort of ease but at the same time, just control…actually of the room when he gets on the stage.  Blake said it was his favorite performance.


HAILEY MIA (Team Kelly)

Pictured: Hailey Mia — Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC

Hailey Mia got voted through by America last week.  Fans gave Hailey Mia “Elastic Heart” by Sia.  is the song her fans chose for her.  ‘It’s such an empowering song,” said Hailey, and she wants to do the piano version of the song so she can slow it down.  “I want to speak to the audience,” said Hailey.     Kelly said Hailey takes you on this ride, that you are blown away that she’s only 14-years-old.  Kelly advised her to sing with a cellist.   It would be like doing a duet with a cello, said Kelly.  “This is 100% Hailey’s best song that she’ll have on the show” said Kelly and predicted that Hailey may win.

Hailey also got a standing ovation from the coaches.  Blake said she is so good at this, “it was kind of hard to see you sad.” He said it was so powerful that he got wrapped-up in it.  “The notes that you hit with ease…I mean, wow, wow.”  Kelly said she’s so proud of Hailey.  “I swear to you, you can make the finale,” Kelly told her and she keeps getting better each week.   She said it was so tastefully done and Hailey is a “Godsent.”   Kelly is so blessed to have Hailey on her Team.




At the top of the Tuesday night’s Results Show, host Carson Daly pointed-out that Ariana was holding up a hand-made sign that read, “Team Ariana 4 Life And Whatever Comes After,” a personal message to her Team members.  The Top 11 transformed into the Top 10 by the very end of the night.

Pictured: Ariana Grande — Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC

In response to Carson Daly’s question about her fan choice performance on Monday night, Wendy Moten from Team Blake said she hoped she was able to show her love, passion, and her personality because people always see her so serious.

Hailey almost went home after the Live Playoffs last week. She said she’s so grateful to have so many fans and surprised that she has fans at her age.

America Saved Joshua Vacanti (Team Legend).  The second artist announced as Saved was Team Kelly’s Hailey Mia.

Holly, Jim and Sasha Allen performed with their coach Ariana Grande around a campfire on stage.

The remaining nine artists returned to the stage – Lana Scott,  Wendy Moten, Paris Winningham, Girl Named Tom, Jim & Sasha, Jershika, Holly Forbes, Gymani, and Jeremy Rosado.

Caleb from Girl Named Tom was asked by Daly about the community shown on Monday night’s episode and what it means.  “The town has no stop light,” with only 500 people.  And, three hundred of those people showed-up to support them at the fan viewing party Monday night. He said that’s why they believe in themselves.

Jershika went from working as a security guard to being in “The Voice” Top 11.  She said following your dream…”take the limits off your life. You never know where it leads you in the end.  Be open to change…do it to the best of your ability and do it until you die.”

The next artist announced as going to the Top 10 was Paris Winningham (Team Blake).  Then, Holly Forbes (Team Ariana) was next!

Gymani thanked everyone including her fan community, “G-Force.”  She ended with “It’s only up from here.”  Lana Scott addressed the support from her fans, who she calls “lanterns” across the country.  She said she chose that name not for her name, but for fans to always remember that “you were born out of love and light.”  She feels fueled by their support.

The next artist announced as Saved by America was Wendy Moten (Team Blake).  Daly revealed that America also Saved Girl Named Tom (Team Kelly), and Lana Scott (Team Blake).  That meant ALL of Team Blake was going through to the Top 10.

Lana Scott, Wendy Moten and Paris Winningham performed with their coach Blake Shelton “Can’t Help Myself” by the Four Tops.

After Wendy Moten took an unfortunate fall when the performance was over, the four remaining artists came out onto the stage to hear their fates.  Jeremy Rosado (Team Kelly) was announced as Saved!  Jershika Maple (Team Legend) was also Saved.


The two artists with the lowest votes were Gymani (Team Kelly), and Jim & Sasha Allen (Team Ariana).


Gymani performed “Tell Me Something Good.”  Her coach, Kelly Clarkson, reacted that she’s shocked that Gymani is in the bottom two.  She’s such a powerhouse.  Jim and Sasha Allen performed “I Won’t Give Up.”

Blake reacted to Jim & Sasha Allen’s performance, that we’ve seen more steady growth with them two than anyone else. “This competition is tough, it’s rough.  You guys are incredible though.”  Ariana said they don’t deserve to be in this spot and they’ve performed consistently this season.  She begged everyone to “Please Save” them.

Gymnai thanked Kelly for challenging her and being the best friend she never had.  She promised that she’s going up from there.  Sasha told Ariana that she’s an incredible person and has been so impactful to him and to both of them.  “I love you Ariana. Thank you.  I treasure these moments with you.”  Ariana said “this is too much right now.  I feel so thankful to cross paths with you both.  Such a beautiful gift to get to know you.  I can’t get over how brilliant you are.”  She said she’s not going anywhere and she’s going to be there for them.

Kelly responded that what’s cool about what Gymai said is that the show is the next step for where they’re going,  She advised them to get the fan base behind them and do music for a living.  She offered Gymani that she has another show that she can come sing on.

Jim & Sasha Allen won America’s Instant Save vote.

Pictured: (l-r) Gymani, Jim and Sasha Allen, Carson Daly — Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC



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