In for A Witching Time – PARANORMAL ACTIVITY 4! Sneak-Peek!

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In for A Witching Time – PARANORMAL ACTIVITY 4! Sneak-Peek!

EXCLUSIVE! Spoiler Alert!
Paramount Pictures released what’s become an annual horror film event in the Paranormal Activity film franchise with the fourth installment to movie goers early this year with a 9pm showing yesterday in select cities through out the world.

Directed by Henry Joost and Ariel Schulman, “Paranormal Activity 4” takes place in 2011, five years after Katie killed her boyfriend Micah which is where part 1 ended, and later we learned she also killed her sister Kristi, her husband Daniel and took their baby Hunter (now named Robbie, played by child actor Brady Allen).

Pictured: Alice (Kathryn Newton) on her lap top

The story focuses on young girl Alice (Kathryn Newton) and her mom who are experiencing questionable activity inside their home since new neighbors (Katie and Robbie) arrived in the town.

HOLLYWOOD JUNKET was lucky enough to be on the set during the filming of one of the scenes in the movie where it was shot at a real home in Woodland Hills, Ca. Here’s what we saw! Alice comes bursting through the doors leading into the backyard. When she gets outside, there is a huge group of witches all dressed in black welcoming her into their cove. Alice walks through the crowd as they make way for her.

The next take of the same scene has Alice walking through the backyard full of witches with her laptop in hand and talking to someone via her web camera. Then suddenly, she is pulled up by an invisible force (really a harness) then drops her laptop. Her body then goes motionless.

The scene was filmed in the backyard of a residence home in Woodland Hills, Ca. The house appears to be the same one used at the end of “Paranormal Activity 3” when Katie and Kristi whent to their Mother and Grand Mother’s home.

Approximately two hundred women of all ages were casted for the scene to be witches standing in the back yard. A big pentagram symbol was created in the backyard using what appeared to be black lawn fertilizer. A stunt double was used in place of Kathryn, the actress that plays Alice, to be harnessed high up into the air. An actual laptop camera was not used by Alice, but instead, a real camera was held by the actress in place of the laptop. Since the whole film is shot in from the point-of-view of what ever camera is accessible to the character in the film, the audience will never see that the footage was not really shot by a lap top camera.

Katie (Katie Featherston) and Robbie (Brady Allen) were also present on the set, but we did not get to watch their scenes being shot.

Reactions from audiences from the “Paranormal Activity 4” premiere sceenings:



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