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Intangible Spots! THE VOICE – Blind Auditions Night 6 Recap

Posted on March 12 2014 by Editor

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Intangible Spots! THE VOICE – Blind Auditions Night 6 Recap

Tonight the Blind Auditions each coach has one spot open to fill.  The last chance to fill their teams makes the coaches extra picky.  Adam said he truly believes that they all have winners on their teams. However, that doesn’t stop them from friendly fire against each other to get the best talent on their teams.  The coaches – Adam Levine, Usher, Shakira, and Blake Shelton each have only one open spot on their teams as the final night of the blind auditions gets underway in Tuesday night’s episode.


Behind The Pocket:
Joe Trombino – Team Adam

Joe is 33 years old and lives in New York. Joe has worked as a professional dancer in music dance videos with Ricky Martin and Beyoncé. He said “I have an incredible urge to sing”. He moved back home with his mother and grandmother who had a stroke. “The next stage is to figure out a way to perform full time.” He said he hopes that “The Voice” will make that happen for him.

Singing Al Green’s “Love and Happiness”

Button-pushers:  None

Adam commented during Joe’s audition that he noticed Joe was “too far behind the beat.” Usher wanted more from him but didn’t get it. After his unsuccessful audition, Usher told him “Soul music is all about feeling.”

Adam said with his one spot left, he’s looking to be inspired, “I’m looking for an “intangible, I’m waiting impatiently.”


Best 90 Seconds of A Life-Time!
Kaleigh Glanton – Team Blake

Kaleigh Glanton

Kaleigh is 20 years old and is from Wichita, Kansas. She lives with her dad and says she wants to be just like him. Kaleigh grew up playing guitar with her dad and loves “cross fit” training. Kaleigh said Cross-Fit keeps her disciplined. She said she’d like to open-up a Cross-fit gym if singing doesn’t work out. “I’m going to pursue music with all my heart. This 90 seconds will probably be the best 90 second of my life.”

Singing “Have You Ever Seen the Rain?”

Button-pushers: Adam, Shakira, Blake, Usher

Adam, the coach that pushed his button right away, told Kaleigh “It needs work but exciting and different.” He also said, “The moments that were great, were really, really great…so welcome to Team Adam!”

Shakira said “I love the sound of your voice. It’s a little bit quirky. I am quirky and your a little quirky lets succeed together and win this.” Usher, who pushed his button at the very end, said, “I am not quirky but I would like to work with you.”

Blake’s comment was, “I’m so tired of Adam telling people that they need work. You have a style. I love your style! You just need a spot light, and I am the guy for that.”

Kaleigh chose Team Blake.   Blake said, “It made my night tonight. Kaleigh has a unique style. I’m anxious to work with her.” Blake’s Team is full now.

TEAM BLAKE: Jake Worthington, Sisaundra Lewis, Cali Tucker, Paula Deanda, Alaska & Madi, Ryan Whyte Maloney, Audra McLaughlin, Ria Eaton, Megan Ruger, Lexi Luca, Noah Lis, Kaleigh Glanton

Adam Levine


No Make-Overs Here!
Brittnee Camelle – Team Usher

Brittnee Camelle

Brittnee is 23 years old and lives in Lawrence Ville Georgia. She is a student pursuing a career in nursing. Brittnee says music gives her a way to express her self and to be proud of who she is being a bi-racial child. Brittnee said she wants to be an inspiration to women. “To be here today I’m taking a risk from school.” She’ll lose her scholarship if she gets on “The Voice”.

Singing “Skyscraper”

Button-pushers: Usher, Shakira

Usher said “I did hit my button before everybody else (referring to Shakira pushing her button at the very end). Usher told Brittnee, “I heard something very genuine in your voice. You hit that high note that was difficult to execute. But the fact that you were willing to go after it is great because you are willing to take risks and that’s what it takes to be on a team like mine.”

Shakira said, “I was in awe of your higher register. You need someone who has done this before as a female singer. As a female artist. There are so many that come into play when you are a female artist – how to win, what to wear on stage.” Blake said he’d pick Shakira. Adam said he agrees.

Usher told Brittnee, “I don’t want to make you over, I want to mentor you.” Usher also told Brittnee, “I will give you all the support you need.” Shakira said he “understands” what it takes. Usher said, “She understands that, I overstands that.” Adam yelled “He made-up a word!” Usher’s final argument was, “We could really go far not only in this competition, but in your career.”

Brittnee chose Usher.  Usher said, “This is gonna be fun.” Usher’s Team is now complete.

TEAM USHER: T.J. Wilkins, Morgan Wallen, Tess Boyer, Brothers Walker, Stevie Jo, Melissa Jimenez, Jake Barker, Madilyn Paige, Tanner James, Bria Kelly, Biff Gore, Brittnee Camelle


The Best Two Things:
Beau Thomas

Beau is 27 years old and lives in Colorado where he works as a Ski Instructor. Beau has twins and wants to be able to support his family with a singing career. He said “I need this to help with my musical career because I’m all self-taught”. He’s singing “You Are the Best Thing” because it has new meaning to him once his twins were born.

Singing “You Are the Best Thing” by Ray LaMontagne

Button-pushers:  None

Adam said “You seem very optimistic.” Beau said, “How can I be sad.” Adam replied, “people on this show could learn a lot from you. To have that mentality is a good thing for you. You started off clean with no raft, then I heard a little raft. You just need a little work.”

Usher said “Great attitude man! He’s excited to lose almost. The only critical note that I would give is to add more grit to you voice. When you dug down it showed your power.”

On an ending note, Beau said “I want my kids to look back on this 10 years from now and know it’s great to follow your dreams.” He said he wanted to set an example for them.


Country Heart:
Lindsay Bruce – Team Shakira

Lindsay Bruce

Lindsay is 25 years old and lives in Santa Rosa, California. I’ve known as long as I can remember that I wanted to be a country singer. She said her Uncle that worked in the second story of the World Trade Towers was killed in 911. She wrote three songs that weekend and the first one was about her Uncle. “This is a big make me or brake me moment. If you really want something you have to go after it. This is me going after it.”

Singing “Even If It Breaks Your Heart”

Button-pushers: Adam, Shakira

Adam said “Some of the best singers in the world are country singers. The present company (Blake Shelton) excluded of course. You did a stunning job of maintaining your control and having it be thoroughly pleasant to listen to.”

Shakira said – “You sound different – that’s why I turned my chair. You have this quick bravado that I also have. As a female artist that also uses the same technique, we are meant to be together.” Shakira then preceded to play the female artist card. Adam said, “I’m not a female artist.” Blake said sometimes you sound like a female. Shakira said “You sometimes behave like one too.”

Usher said “You should go with Shakira.” Adam said, “Yeah, listen to the one who never won telling the girl who’s never won what to do.”

Shakira told Lindsay, “Because I don’t have a lot of knowledge with country music, I’m going to call Miranda Lambert.” Blake said she has her number and will back her on it.

Lindsay chose Team Shakira.   Shakira told her, “It’s gonna be great I promise you!” Shakira’s Team Is full! Shakira did a little happy dance afterwards.

TEAM SHAKIRA: Kristen Merlin, Jeremy Briggs, Clarissa Serna, Dani Moz, Lindsay Pagano, DeShawn Washington, Cierra Mickens, Music Box, Ddendyl, Deja Hall, Emily B., Lindsay Bruce.

Shakira said her plan this season was “to get the best of each world” when it comes to diversity and styles of singers.



Doughnut Grooving!
Caleb Elder – Team Adam

Caleb Elder

Caleb is 19 years old and works in a doughnut shop. He said he was shy and awkward as a kid “A lot more than I am now.” He started playing on the drums. Caleb was going to school for audio engineering but dropped-out to pursue his music career. Caleb said “I would love to see Adam turn around for me.” He said he’s been listening to Adam since he was a kid.

Singing “Groove Me”

Button-pushers: Adam

Caleb said, “When I saw the chair turn around, I just lost it!” Adam had to make him regain his composure so he could finish his audition. Adam told him why he pushed his button, “To maintain attitude and confidence when you can’t be seen is a hard thing to do. You came out here, and I was feeling it.” After Caleb said he works at a doughnut shop, Adam said, “We’ll just eat doughnuts on my team. You’re a cool dude!”

Shakira said “He is so cool, I want him on my team now.” Adam said “free doughnuts for my team is a huge get.”

TEAM ADAM: Christina Grimmie, Kat Perkins, Joshua Howard, Dawn & Hawkes, Josh Kaufman, Josh Murley, Delvin Choice, Sam Behymer, Austin Ellis, Patrick Thomson, Cary Laine, Caleb Elder.

Adam said he will give a lot of “honest criticism” to his team. Adam commented, “Clearly Blake’s winning streak is over. He did lose finally, and I want to keep it that way.” The Battle is officially on! Next week is the beginning of “The Battle Rounds”.

Usher Raymond


Singers that didn’t get Adam’s last spot: Melissa Neil, Beau Cassidy, Shelia Marshall


Next week Battle Rounds with the help of mentors. Get ready for steals



Watch THE VOICE season 6 episode 6 “The Blind Auditions, Part 6” first aired by NBC on Tuesday, March 11, 2014. This full episode is now available at HOLLYWOOD JUNKET until 09/21/14 courtesy of NBC. ENJOY!




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