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It’s a Circus in Here on AMERICA’S GOT TALENT – Week Five Auditions Recap

Posted on July 03 2013 by Editor

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It’s a Circus in Here on AMERICA’S GOT TALENT – Week Five Auditions Recap

This week, the largest talent show on Earth, “America’s Got Talent” explored more of it’s circus-like tendencies when the show finished-up in Chicago, then moved on to San Antonio, Texas. Perhaps in homage to last season AGT’s grand prize winner a dog act called “Olate Dogs,” this episode opened with a dog act.

Kelsey and Bailey – Dog Act (YES vote)

Bailey is the dog part of the Kelsey and Bailey act. Bailey’s owner and trainer, Kelsey said she has been training him for 10 years. “To have the spotlight on him, that’s his favorite thing,” said Kelsey about her dog.

After their performance that consisted of a fun Swing Dance number, the judges responded. Heidi didn’t notice any mess-ups. She said, “In my eyes, it looks like he didn’t mess up once.” Howie said, “He Does very thing we do, but he’s doing it backwards. America is going to love your dog.” Howard “loved it,” and also said, “We see this beautiful connection between you. I am your biggest cheer leader.”

Watch Kelsey and Bailey the dancing dog perform Here


David Ferman – Juggler (YES vote)

David is 19 years old and when he was little, his parents took him on a cruise ship where he was part of a juggling act. He has been practicing juggling since he was 8 years old. David said that he really got into juggling when he was 11 years old. “If something does go wrong, it could be my last act ever,” said David about the danger he’s added to his act.

After his performance, Howard said to him, “Juggler’s don’t get respect. Why?” David responded with “Usually they don’t do anything dangerous. But, I’m bringing it tonight.” David reminded audiences one more time before he went onto the stage, “The most dangerous stunt of its kind.”

Howard’s reaction to David’s juggling act was, “I love when people come onto the stage and say they’re going to do something really dangerous. But you actually came out here and risked MY life. It’s an interesting twist!” After voting “yes” for David, Howard also said, “I can’t wait to see what your young mind comes up with next! I’ll see you in Vegas!” Mel B. also said “yes” and said, “I want more danger, bring it, I want to see more.” Howie responded, “I went off flawlessly! It was entertaining. Kudos to you!”

Watch as David Ferman attempts to balances a “Molotov Cocktail” on a balloon on a stick from his mouth! Here


Chicago Boyz – Acrobatics (YES vote)
“Chicago Boyz” act consisted of jump-roping and acrobatics Their act received a standing ovation from the judges and audience.

Heidi said, “You guys brought the house down. I love it, I love the vibe. You have so much energy!” Mel B. responded to the act with, “From start to end it was captivating. You know what boys, I definitely want to see more!” Howie exclaimed, “You took skipping and tumbling and you added testosterone!”

Howard’s thoughts were, “Yeah, I wonder what this is going to be. But they need a coach. But they went into their act. You are really good. We see so many people up here day in and day out that have talent but they have no act. I better see more of that on stage at Radio City Music Hall.” Their coach stepped-in and explained his story. “At the age of 13 , I was blessed to be a Circus performer with Ringing Brothers Barnum and Bailey Circus.” He said he wanted to provide circus training to kids to show them they have positive options out there.

Watch the Chicago Boyz Acrobatic Team perform Here


2Unique – Rappers (YES vote)

Mill Little Brown and DJ 101 are the two ten year old girls names. They are best friends and have their own spin on 80’s rap!

They rap-sang “It’s Tricky” by Run DMC, and “Boom, Boom Pow” by The Black Eyed Peas. “It was all you making that music, it wasn’t a track? You are both very talented you’ve got attitude, you’ve go swag,” Mel B commented. Howie said, “That’s unbelievable that you’re both 10 years old. Together you’re 20!” Heidi Klum favored both of them and said, “I’m still trying to decide who’s cooler, you or you?” Howard immediately supported the act with, “I think you might just be the next big thing. That’s how talented I think you are. If anyone belong in Vegas and the stage of Radio City Music Hall is you two. I say Yes!”

Watch 2Unique sing “It’s Tricky” and “Boom Boom Pow” and get the audience on their feet. Here


Pat McKillen – Singer (NO vote)
Howard stern was very upset when his co-judges did not send Pat through to the Vegas round. Howie said he did not agree with Howard’s vote and Mel B. also voted “no”.

Howard reacted to Howie, “All the lunatics you put through and you say “No”!

Watch Pat McKillen’s acoustic performance Here


Sully Dunn – Singer (YES vote)
Sully Dunn is an 18-year-old school drop-out and unemployed. He referred to “America’s Got Talent” as being “like a circus.” Before his audition, he stated that he listened to Rock for the first time when he was a Freshman in High School. “I don’t have a proper technique. But I have me. I found myself in my voice. I feel like I’ve found my purpose in life” he stated.

Upon entering the AGT stage, Dunn, who was in college said he wasn’t going back next year. “I want to be in a rock band and play in shows,” he told the judges. He proceeded to sing like Buddy Holly. Audience members are seen being bored and scratching their heads. One mother covers her child’s ears. Another women has her mouth open in disbelief. However, he did receive a standing ovation from some of the audience members.

Mel B. reacted by saying, “You remind me of Green Day with a splash of Jimi Hendrix There is something extremely likable about you.” Howie said, “You are so weird and wonderful. I really think you are a star. I loved how you ended the song.” Heidi simply said, “You are unusual.” Howard Stern did not agree with the other judges and was in disbelief of their positive reactions, stating, “I feel like I”m hanging out at my college daughter’s dorm and everyone’s smoking and drinking. The first thing I recommend to you is you stay in college.”

Howard said to Howie, “You like fixer-upers!” Howie then challenged Howard to a bet that the kid will be a star. Howard voted “No”. Mel B. voted “Yes” and said, “you deserve a shot”. Howie voted “Yes”. Heidi said, “I do think you have some star quality in some odd way,” and voted “Yes”.

Howard, who was still upset about his peers’ votes, stated, “The kid’s a joke. He’s a college kid who isn’t really good at the guitar.”

Watch Sully Dunn sing an awkward song about quitting school. Here


Branden James – Opera Singer (YES vote)
He is a thirty-four year old man that was struggling to come out of the closet. When he finally did, Branden James said his parents did not support him.

“Singing has always been my dream. The biggest challenge I’ve undergone is simply being who I am. I am openly gay. My parents were not supportive. My Mother wishes and prays everyday that my situation is different,” Branden, who is a tenor Opera singer, said. What makes him special, he said, is the passion that he sings.

After his audition was finished, the audience was chanting his name. Howard stated, “Chicago knows talent. You came out and proved yourself.” Heidi said, “I actually got goose pimples (we’re sure she meant ‘bumps’!) all over my body!” Mel B. reacted by saying, “When you said Opera I said oh now here we go. But when you started singing I said shahizel! Incredible!”

Howie reacted by calling his mother out in the audience. “Is you mother in the audience…some place we can see her?” Howie faced his mother and said, “I have to tell you something Mame, you should be very proud. He is not only passionate and talented, he is going to inspire people on this show.”

Watch Chicago native Opera singer Branden James delivers a fabulous performance of “Nessun Dorma. Here


Trevor Stone “the Cat Trainer” – Comedian (NO vote)
Trevor who is a self-proclaimed thirty-nine-year-old “cat trainer” said he learned cat training from his family. According to Trevor, his father was a cat trainer.

For his audition act, Trevor brought out a huge automated stuffed cat that started falling apart, farting and pooping. Nick said, “That’s not well-trained! Use your litter box!” Nick threw the poop at Howie.

Watch Trevor Stone the Cat Trainer Here


Chris the Wedding D.J. – Comedian (NO vote)
Chris’ act was that he put his DJ into stand-up comedy. Within a few seconds into his audition, he received three “X’s” from three judges. Chris then yelled, “Take the X back” three times to all three judges. Howard said, “I’m not going to take the X back.” Chris replied, “I want to finish my act.” Howard reacted with, “We have lost control”.

Watch how Chris takes his wedding DJ experience and puts it into comedy. Here


Enrique Reyes – Dancer (NO vote)
Enrique who is from Mexico, wanted to teach everyone how to dance the Samba. The judges got up on stage and the stage was rushed with people. The audience members also danced the Samba.

Watch Enrique Reyes gets Howard Stern to dance the Samba. Here


Dave Fenley – Singer (YES vote)
A thirty-four-year-old singer and songwriter, Dave Fenley is someone who’s time to shine certainly came upon the AGT stage!

“Music is the only thing that I’m good at. I’ve been singing for the last ten years of my life at honky tonks. I have a wife now. It’s time to do things that are going to put me at the next level,” stated Dave.

At his audition after answering the judges questions, Dave said he has a song, “Like to hear it, here it go.” Dave sang “Too Close” by Alex Clare. After the audition, the judges’ reactions were positive.

“Very strong. very powerful voice. I liked that a lot. You have the soul, the raspiness,” said Mel B. Dave replied to Mel with, “Is that what you want what you really, really want?” Mel B. said, “YES!”

Howie said, “Over a decade you’ve had this skill, and not until tonight you have been discovered.” Howard reacted with, “It’s exciting to be a guy like you. You have a pretty damn good voice. I was really impressed.”

Watch Dave Fenley sing “Too Close” Here


Dancing Dylan Wilson – Dancer (YES vote)
Dylan is a seventeen-year-old young man who is growing-up in a small town with limited resources and opportunities. So he decided to dance!

Dylan said that he taught himself how to dance off the internet. “Dancing for me is the way to express who I really am,” he said. He is from Huntington Indiana. Dylan described his dance to the judges as “animation”, which visually looked a lot like the robot.

The judges were instantly impressed and engaged by his dance skills. “Did your parents think you were weird for doing this stuff?” Howard asked. Dylan said yes, and that he danced in a 5ft by 5ft square inch room. Howard said, “I was mesmerized. I thought you were quite good.” Mel B was even more impressed than Howard. “You went from being a regular kid to hot and sexy when you started to dance!” she said.

Heidi said, “I thought it was awesome and had some humor in it. You were slapping your behind.” Howie liked it as well and stated, “I thought it was innovative. Incredibly surprised. Raw…a diamond in the rough and you are going to shine on this stage on America’s Got Talent.”

Watch Dylan Wilson Dance Here


Hunk O Mania’s International Men of Steel – Dancers (NO vote)
They appeared to be the Spartans of Chip’n’Dale! The women loved them. The men hated them.

“No offense, you guys look like you could kick my butt. But I don’t see it” said Howard who voted “no”. Heidi and Mel B. both voted “yes” and said that they would “like to see more” from the muscular male act. Howie voted “no”.

Watch Hunk O Mania’s International Men of Steel, all dressed in loin cloths, these muscle-bound guys make Mel B and Heidi Klum all hot and bothered with their routine! Here


Lil Mike and Funny Bone – Singers (YES vote)
Native American brothers and vertically challenged, they sung to the judges a catchy song.

The brothers who are both named Jesus, entered the AGT state wearing T-Shirts that read “Do the Rain Dance”. They told the judges that they are fifty-two inches tall. For their audition, the sang their original song “Do the Rain Dance” which proved to be unforgettable.

Howard reacted, “I was expecting to not sit here and enjoy this. Based on that performance you did an incredible job.” Howie was excited about the brothers’ performance and said, “It’s stuck in my head. Do the Rain Dance!” The Bone brothers told him, “Wait until you go outside!”

Mel B. said, “It’s already in my head. The dancing was spot-on. I thoroughly enjoyed it.” Heidi said, “I was truly entertained. I enjoyed it. I liked it!”

Watch Lil Mike and Funny Bone Sing “Do the Rain Dance” Here


The American Hit Men – Rock Band (Yes vote)
From Salt Lake City, these veterans who rocked-out said, “There’s nothing more American than Rock’n Roll.”

They said, “We want to represent everyone in the military who didn’t come back home. We want to represent the ones that don’t have a voice.”
Serving in Fallujah, Iraq and playing acoustic guitar is how they met. Two of them are brothers.

Howard was very thrilled by their act and said, “I have been waiting for two seasons to find a band that could go all the way to the top. You guys are a great musical band. You have a great stage presence.” Heidi said, “I love it. I thought you were really cool.”

Mel B. said, “Great job. This is what this show needs!” Howie reacted, “This is what America’s Got Talent is all about.” After the act left the stage, Howard said, “We were just talking about how I was wishing for a rock act and now we’ve got one.”

Watch American Hitmen’s rockin’ cover of Lynyrd Skynyrd’s “Simple Man” Here


Cami Bradley – Singer (YES vote)
She came onto the stage and showcased a strong voice comparable to that of Christina Aguilera.

Watch Cami Bradley sing a stunning cover of “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” Here


Tellavision – Visual Artists (YES vote)

Watch Tellavision tell a story using TVs and dance. Here



Watch this family of 14 spins, balances and dribbles basketballs like you’ve never seen! Try to keep up with Spintacular’s amazing basketball show. Here


Ciana Pelekani – Singer (YES vote)

Watch as 12-year-old Ciana Pelekani wows the crowd with her effortless vocal performance of ”Something’s Got a Hold On Me. Here


Innovative Force

Watch Innovative Force fly high a on the AGT stage Here


Mitsi School of Dance – Dancers (YES vote)

Watch Mitsi School of Dance perform a captivating Chinese folk dance. Here


Squared Circus Review – (NO vote)

They are “the only Wresting side show circus”, the act stated.
“Squared Circus Review” was quickly “X”ed off of the stage. “I think it’s an insult to pro wresting if that’s possible,” Howard said.

Watch Squared Circus Review’s wrestling sideshow gets wild on stage. Here


Watch AMERICA’S GOT TALENT Week Five Auditions “Chicago and San Antonio” Episode 805 aired on Tuesday July 02, 2013.



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