Just Confusing! AMERICA’S GOT TALENT Season 15 Live Shows Week 2

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August 16, 2020
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Just Confusing! AMERICA’S GOT TALENT Season 15 Live Shows Week 2

The second week of the "America's Got Talent" (AGT) "Live" show we're afraid wasn't fully live. Executive producer and judge Simon Cowell is still out with a broken back that is healing. The show brought...MORE

The second week of the “America’s Got Talent” (AGT) “Live” show we’re afraid wasn’t fully live. Executive producer and judge Simon Cowell is still out with a broken back that is healing. The show brought-in guest judge “Saturday Night Live” actor/comedian Kenan Thompson who in theory should have been a great choice. However, not so much. His comments fell flat and he didn’t lend much constructive criticism to the acts. The worse part of Tuesdays’ show was actually the set-up of the eleven acts because it was very inconsistent and sometimes confusing.

One minute, an act was performing outside without the judges. Then later in the night two other acts also performed outside with three of the judges, clearly without guest judge Kenan Thompson. Then back to the studio where they critiqued the acts and gave their opinions. Kenan tried to make light of the fact by saying he made a quick trip to his car and when he came back, he had missed the act (twice).

These acts evidently were pre-taped. What also added to the confusion was the last act of the night, “The Voices of Our City Choir” had four of it’s members on the stage singing with virtual backup of the rest of the choir. After their performance, we could see the majority of the choir was being streamed from their homes.

The first act of the night was a singer/producer, 14-year-old Kelvin Dukes.  He said because of AGT, all of his dreams of becoming a star are coming true.  AGT featured a creative sketch of Kelvin in the Jurassic Park experience in the Universal Studios tour.  Kelvin’s performance was outside of a studio theater while he sang “Valerie” song with backup dancers. 


Howie told Kelvin that he has a really good career ahead of him.  Heidi called Kelvin one of her favorites.  She said this performance showcased his energy and talent.  Sofia told him he’s a born performer and should always be on the stage.  Guest judge Kenan agreed with the rest of the judges and said he’s “amazing to watch.”  Kelvin said he’s inspired by Michael Jackson, Beyonce.  Kenan asked what about him.  Kelvin responded, “yes, Kenan too!”

THE SHAPE (Dance Crew)

The Shape is a crew of 18 dancers who all met in high school.  Because of the pandemic with schools shut-down, they didn’t get to see each other.  When they saw the AGT online auditions, they knew they had to be part of it.  They practiced outside during the pandemic and constantly ran from the cops who tried to stop them.  The group performed a dance routine on top of a roof in downtown Los Angeles while wearing masks that had mustaches painted on along with hats and wardrobe similar to Charlie Chaplin.

Sofia said the location that they picked “was unbelievable” and got her with that song. “I loved it…this was spectacular, and you guys worked hard.”  Kenan said “it was a lot of precision.  You guys did a marvelous job.”  Howie didn’t think they had precision, and didn’t think they “rose to the level.”  The crew said they got the name in quarantine. It means “the bond. These are my brothers right here.” 


Kameron Ross said his biggest inspiration is his mom who taught him to stay true to himself.  He said coming out as gay to his family was scary and his mom didn’t accept it.  They didn’t talk anymore until she fell ill due to having cancer.  Kameron performed “Million Reasons” by Lady Gaga in a Country style.  Sofia said he’s amazing, but did love his first performance more.  Kenan said he was moved by his story and advised him to maybe wear a cowboy hat to go with the song.  Howie said he loved that what was missing for Kenan was a hat.  Song choice wasn’t Howie’s favorite.  He called Kameron a “strong pillar” but didn’t love that song.  Heidi said she agreed that it wasn’t her favorite rendition of the song.

BAD SALSA (Dancers)

The female counterpart to “Bad Salsa” said she’d watched Bollywood as an escape.  She started dancing every single day and never dreamed that the same would be possible or her.  “Now our own Bollywood dreams are becoming true.”   They said “we are bringing Bollywood to the stage with a twist of Salsa.” 

They joined AGT via satellite from India in their performance.  Heidi reacted that they are “so good.”  And said “Is it a dance act or is it a danger act?  It was amazing.”  Kenan said they really blew the roof off the place.  Sofia called it spectacular and before she dies, she needs someone to spin her like that.  She loved everything!  Howie said they schooled them and showed them precision, and danger.  They are “the best of the night.”  He enthusiastically encouraged America to vote for them.  Terry Crews said they got better. What happened?  Bad Salsa said they’ve been practicing for eight to ten hours a day.

VINCENT MARCUS (Impersonator)

After a lengthy pre-taped skit, which was redundant of his stage act, Vincent impersonated many different rappers (much like his AGT audition). Most of whom the judges couldn’t recognize.  His act was a rap song composed of impersonations of Eminem, Lil Nas X.  Kenan reacted “I thought it was amazing,” and said his Eminem was his strongest along with Snoop Dogg. Heidi said he definitely has the rhythm.  She agreed with Kenan as Snoop Dogg and Eminem being his best. Sofia said this performance was better than his first.  Howie disagreed that his first audition was better.  He added that he is “crazy talented.”


Nine year old Alexis Brownley & the Puppy Pals opened with a cute dressing room skit with the dogs talking about their act.  Alexis performed what appeared to be on the AGT stage a routine with the dogs going through obstacles with some mishaps along the way.  Once it was over, viewers could see that the act wasn’t on the same stage as where the judges were because her act was playing on a screen.  Terry Crews cleared it up by stating that Alexis and her dogs performed on a different stage on the lot.  Was it really pre-recorded?  We don’t know.  But, it makes sense to have her on a different stage to save some live time in the cleanup of her obstacle course in time for the next act to perform.

 Pictured: Alexis Brownley & The Puppy Pals — Photo by: Chris Haston/NBC

Heidi reacted that she was so cute and sweet she actually got a cavity from it.  Sofia said she’s amazing at nine years old, she’s inspiring and makes it look so easy and fun.  But, she knows she worked so hard on this.  Kenan said she’s precious and adorable.  “It was an amazing performance.  Thank you for sharing.” Howie called her a little Dakota Fanning and “so much better than pigs.”  (referring to Pork Chop Revue).  Alexis was an online audition and was on the AGT stage for the first time.  She said it was “exciting.”


“Bonavega” opened with a speech, “Brandon is a regular guy who should work a regular 9-5 and not make too much noise.  Bonavega is a crazy rock-n-roll guy going crazy to get out.”  He called Bonavega a collection of everything he was taught to hate and fear as a child.  “Now I feel I can fully embrace Bonavega and fully be myself.”

Heidi said it was so cool and he reminded her of David Lee Roth from Van Halen.  Sofia liked the J. Lo outfit which suited him better. She said he has “amazing energy.”  Kenan said his boldness and confidence is infectious.  He doesn’t know if he would have chosen that song.    Howie said “I personally love you.  I don’t know if you’re a great rock star or comedian.  You’re just confusing.” 


His brother Marco was bullied a lot.  When he first discovered a diabolo, that was the first time he saw his brother happy.  All the emotions saved him from the bullying.  It gave him confidence, happiness, and strengthened their brotherly bond. Winning AGT has always been Marco’s dream and his brother wants to fulfill that dream with him.   

Kenan called it “amazing” and personally he’d stick to the acrobatic tricks and lose the choreography.  Sofia said the joy and enthusiasm they bring to the show is special and she had never seen a diabolo until they brought it to the show.  Heidi said they are incredible with what they do with the diabolo and loved that they used the space of the lot. But, didn’t love that they used the space in front of the judges.  Howie said they make the diabolo look so easy and judging so hard. He joked that they shared the same outfit as Bonavega.   Terry Crews asked if the diabolo is a sort of yo yo?  They answered that it is.  It’s a giant yo yo that flies and the yo yo was invented by a Filipino which is what they are.  

A sneak-peek to Wednesday’s results show – Six acts will go home. Guest acts will be AGT season 12 winner Darci Lynne, and previous contestants, dance crew Jabbawockeez will perform.


Daneliya is from Kazakhstan. She had her 14th birthday during quarantine and spent a lot of time to get ready for the live shows.  She’s been singing all over the house.  Her idols are Beyonce, Billie Eilish, Shawn Mendes, Ariana Grande.  She sang “Sign of the Times” by Harry Styles.   The judges gave her a standing ovation.  Howie said she is beyond her years and is already a star.   Heidi commented that she has “so much maturity and grace,” and  “you really brought your A Game today.”  Sofia said she’s her favorite performance of the night. “Everything about you is perfect.  The world is yours.”  Kenan said he couldn’t believe that that voice was coming out a 14 year old and felt like he was watching a concert that he paid for.  She said her parents inspired her the most to sing.  


The next act performed on the lot at Falls Lake which is one of the backdrops for Pirates of the Caribbean among other movies. The setting of a “truly dangerous act” by Jonathan Goodwin.  He said he’ll perform “the scariest stunt in history.”  Jonathan said he’s bringing a life times work to “America’s Got Talent.”  The most terrifying stunt in his book which he’s never done before.  “It can be fatal.  I’ve absolutely never done it before” and “it could go wrong.” 

He warned  the judges that this was the stunt his mom never wanted him to do.  With that, he invited Heidi Klum to join him.  LOL!  After explaining the setup, basically he said he’ll be attempting an escape stunt.  This stunt required him to be in the middle of a ring of fire with his hands padlocked together and his head inside of a metal box, also padlocked.  As the fire grew around him and on his body (which was protected with a fire suit) the judges cringed and worried for Jonathan’s safety.

Kenan called Jonathan “insane” and thought the whole idea was to get out of the way of the fire, but he wanted the fire on him.  Heidi said “how can you say anything negative to a man that sets himself on fire…it was a slow burn.”  Sofia said “I am so grateful that I am not your mother.”  She loved the suspense and enjoyed everything.  Howie reacted “Jonathan, well done!”  He said he really thought he was in trouble.  “I admire what you did.  I’m glad you’re alive.”   Terry Crews asked Jonathan what his family thinks of his stunts.  Jonathan said his family is proud of him and he’s just “warming up” because he has more to give to the AGT audience.


“Voices of Our City Choir” got Terry Crews’ Golden Buzzer the last time they performed on the AGT stage at their audition. Each choir member has their own unique story to tell.  One member told his story about losing his job, not being able to make rent and becoming homeless.  He said the Choir gave him hope, and he got his own apartment.  For their performance the choir sang “Stand By Me.”  Kenan called it “incredible.”  He said everyone is so moved by what they’re doing. Heidi said they did it again.  “It was a very special moment.”  Sofia wished them luck and loves what the leader did with the choir.  “It brings hope.”  Howie said they are ALL in this together and everyone needs to stand by them and vote them through. 


SNL comedian Kenan Thompson filled-in for Simon Cowell on “America’s Got Talent” season 15 Quarter Finals this week and returned for a second night for the live show results on Wednesday.  Past AGT contestants Darci Lynne and Jabbawockeez performed.

 Pictured: Kenan Thompson — Photo by: Chris Haston/NBC

Kenan Thompson had his daughter Georgia with him during the judges intro at the top of the show.

After a recap of Tuesday’s performance show, host Terry Crews explained that the Top three acts would go straight into the Semi Finals.   The acts in fourth, fifth and sixth places were at risk of going home.  It was up to America to save one of those acts with the Dunkin’ Save Vote, and the judges to decide on the fifth act to go through.  

Alexis Brownley,  Jonathan Goodwin, Spyros Bros were the first three acts asked to step forward.  America had 30 minutes to save one of the three acts via the Dunkin’ Save Vote.   Howie reacted, “this is apples and oranges,” when asked what he thought of the outcome.  He said “they’re not comparable.  Now America is going to have to vote.  Not one (act) is better than the other.”

BONAVEGA, Voices of Our City Choir, Kameron Ross were the next three acts called forward to hear their fates.  The first act announced as going into the Semi Finals was “Voices of Our City Choir.”  The choir leader said it was incredible.  Kenan said “Congratulations” and his daughter listened to their sidewalk song over and over at their house. 

The Jabbawockeez returned from season two to perform on the AGT stage.

The next acts to return to the stage were Vincent Marcus, and Bad Salsa.  The act who went into the Semi Finals was Bad Salsa.  They were thrilled and said they loved the way America voted for them, and they’ll provide them with the “best act they’ve seen ever.”  Heidi said she meant it when she said they ARE the best (dance act)  that they’ve ever had.

Daneliya Tuleshova, The Shape, and Kelvin Dukes were the next group to be called forward to find out which one of them would be moving on.  Terry Crews announced that the act was 14-year-old singer Daneliya Tuleshova.  Sofia told her she’s so happy and she is “perfection” and “flawless.”

Darci Lynne performed next before the Dunkin’ Save vote was announced.  

The three Dunkin’ Save acts returned to the stage: Spyros Bros, Alexis Brownley & the Puppy Pals, and Jonathan Goodwin.  The winner of the vote was Spyros Bros.  Heidi’s reaction was she thanked them for not knocking their teeth out and they’re “real athletes.”

The fifth and final spot left of the night was up to the judges to decide between dog act Alexis Brownley and danger act Jonathan Goodwin.  
After the commercial break, the judges voted.  Kenan was first. He said they both did great and he gave Alexis his vote.   He told her, “no matter what happens tonight, you are great and you have a powerful connection with your pets.  It’s a wonderful thing to witness.”  Sofia voted for Jonathan, stating,  “I can not wait for you to make me suffer.”  Heidi said it’s never easy to make a decision. She went with her gut and also voted for Jonathan.  Howie said he can see how much it means to Alexis and she has a great career ahead of her.  He said Jonathan scared him and doesn’t want to see someone kill themself.  He voted for Alexis. 

It was a tie, so the show went to the at home votes.  Jonathan Goodwin had the most votes.

NEXT WEEK: Performances by Cristina Rae, Alan Silva, Malik Dope, Annie Jones, Bone Breakers, Dance Town Family, Sheldon Riley, Max Major, Thomas Day, Usama Siddiquee, and W.A.F.F.L.E. Crew.



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