LATE NIGHT LIARS: Henson Puppets Unfiltered!

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June 7, 2010
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June 9, 2010
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LATE NIGHT LIARS: Henson Puppets Unfiltered!

GSN will premiere a new game show consisting of Henson Alternative, a label of The Jim Henson Company, puppets and a host who has appeared in more than 100 movies, Larry Miller (“Best in Show”, “A Mighty Wind”, “The Nutty Professor”). The puppets are raw and say things that get edited out of GSN’s other salty show, “The Newlywed Game”.

This game show has two contestants competing for random amounts of cash decided by Miller’s side kick and show announcer “The Weasel” (also a puppet) on the spot. In each round, contestants must determine among a panel of puppets who is lying based on their own trivia and pop culture knowledge.

The puppet panel is made-up of the following: Shelly Oceans, a comedienne, William A. Mummy, a flamboyant bachelor, Cashmere Ramada, a socialite similar to Paris Hilton, and Sir Sebastian Simian, a British recording artist manager (or executive). GSN describes Simian as a “billionaire entrepreneur”. That would make his similar to Simon Cowell, but without the rude insults.

In round one, players choose one out of the two that are lying. In round three, there is only one puppet celebrity that is falsifying information. The game starts to get interesting by round three when contestants must pick one panelist and decide if their chosen puppet is lying or telling the truth. The amount of money won in this round is based on the spinning of a “random monitor”. Whoever wins this round goes onto the final and fourth round where they may win up to $10,000.

In round four, the “double puppet two topic show down”, the remaining contestant must distinguish in an eight fact/fiction countdown which statements are true and which ones are false about both of the puppets topics. For example, in one game, Mummy’s topic was actress Kirstie Alley, and Sir Sebastian’s topic was the planet Jupiter. The contestant had to state “true” or “false” to the puppets statements about their own topics within forty-three seconds or less. Each correct answer was worth $500.

“Late Night Liars” is reminiscent of the “The Friars Club” meets “To Tell the Truth”, just to throw a couple of old random shows out there. The losing contestant walks away with $500 guaranteed, and a departing gift. It’s nice to see a show giving away “parting gifts”, which was a traditional practice on game shows in the 1970’s and ’80s.

“Late Night Liars” premiers on GSN this Thursday, June 10th at 11pm (ET/PT). I recommend it as an entertaining show to play in the background while doing house chores or balancing your check book. But, if you’re multi-tasking on the computer, then visit the a TMZ type-style website with blog postings by the celeb “Late Night Liars” puppets at:




  1. PT says:

    This really is a very funny show….for adult audiences. My biggest problem is the advertising or promos for the show. These promos air pretty much any time of day. I have children that enjoy watching GSN. Often times the “Liars” promo will come on while they’re watching a show. Afterwards, they will come to me with questions about some risque comments the puppets have made. I wouldn’t have such concerns if this were later evening, but the promos air with “vagina” and other comments pretty much any time of day. I may have to ban my kids from GSN completely and that really would be a shame.

  2. linda says:

    when is it coming to be back on tv I loved the show

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