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Leatherface Slashes THE HOBBIT and More Today – HOLLYWOOD EXTRAS

Posted on January 05 2013 by Editor

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Leatherface Slashes THE HOBBIT and More Today – HOLLYWOOD EXTRAS

HOLLYWOOD EXTRAS are entertainment news bytes from our social networks and around the web collected on Sunday, January 06, 2013 these are your HOLLYWOOD EXTRAS.


LOVE, BELIEVE, or FIGHT…the choice is yours. THE HOST, based on the best-selling novel by Stephenie Meyer, the author of The Twilight Saga – Check It Out Here


The Double Life of Emma Watson – MARIE CLAIRE February Cover – Check It Out Here


Three friends. One night. So many mistakes. Miles Teller, Justin Chon, Skylar Astin – 21 AND OVER Movie Preview – Check It Out Here


SCARY MOVIE 5 – Ashley Tisdale, Simon Rex, Lindsay Lohan, Charlie Sheen fight “ghost residue” in “Paranormal Activity 4” parody. – Check It Out Here


Child Contestants Skip This BIGGEST LOSER Tradition – Season 14 – Check It Out Here


TOP CHEF: SEATTLE – “Past Suppers” episode. Pictured: (l-r) Chris Cosentino, Padma Lakshmi, Tom Colicchio, Wolfgang Puck. – Check It Out Here


From CBS Films – “The Last Exorcism Part 2” Poster! – Check It Out Here


TEXAS CHAINSAW 3D is number one at the box office this weekend with $23 million, according to estimates. Lionsgate’s horror sequel picks up where the 1974 classic THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE left off, with “masked” killer Leatherface on the loose again. – Check It Out Here


Dinner, Striptease Lessons & More From Yesterday HOLLYWOOD EXTRAS – Check It Out Here



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