LET’S MAKE A DEAL: No Singing Involved!

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July 6, 2009
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July 12, 2009
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LET’S MAKE A DEAL: No Singing Involved!

It looked like Halloween in July yesterday on Beverly Blvd in front of CBS studios in Hollywood as audience members lined-up on the sidewalk for a shot at winning prizes and cash on the re-make pilot of the classic game show, “Let’s Make a Deal”.

Outfits worn by those who wanted to stand-out in a big way included: a death rocker; Michael Jackson; Marge Simpson; a kissing booth; a banana; a ladybug; cow girls; superman; a chicken; an alien; pirates… and so on.

The set looks much like the original show from the 1970’s show hosted by Monty Hall. The set consisted of yellow walls, a large stage with three curtains, that also served at three “doors”.

"Let's Make a Deal" game show pilot host, Wayne Brady.

The host of the pilot shot for CBS is the host of another game show a lot of people will recognize – Wayne Brady. I do believe Brady has met his game show calling with this show. His personality and hosting abilities actually fair better on “Let’s Make a Deal” than on the Fox karaoke game show, “Don’t Forget the Lyrics”. Brady seems very genuine as he jokes and laughs with the audience, as well as very down-to-earth. He’s also an expert at giving “the reveal”, only here, it’s “what’s behind curtain number 1?”

The show is executive produced by another familiar host, Mike Richards, who hosted “Beauty and the Geek” from 2006-2008. Richards’ previous producing game show experience has been on “The Price is Right”, and “The Weakest Link”.

This show features a live drummer, Pam, whom Brady had fun with and had her play on his cues. He then mocked, “Drew Carry, you can’t do that!” as well as stating earlier, “You won’t see this on the Price is Right (giving away cash)” Brady also pointed-out, “I’m the only host that has hordes of cash in his pockets to give out!”

Because this particular filming was a pilot that will NOT be aired, none of the contestants or audience members were allowed to keep their cash, nor were they actually awarded any of the prizes. However, “participants”, or people who played contestants, on this pilot were paid $30. These contestants were pre-selected, and auditioned before film day. About ninety-five percent of this show takes place in the audience. Richards exclaimed to the audience, “you are the set!” This is the only show where the cameras on stage were all pointed in the direction of the audience, and not the stage. Only one game required to be shot traditionally on the set stage (see photo below).

Contestants play a rare game on-stage as audiences look-on.

Contestants play a rare game on-stage as audiences look-on.

Brady is joined by a “co-host/announcer”, Johnathan Mangum who runs-out boxes, and treasure chests that contestants are forced to choose between their mysterious contents or a curtain or door on stage. Most contestants were surprised with a “Zonk” (a.k.a., useless prize) that was either a yak, a mountain of rocks, an inflatable pool, or even a Sumo Wrestler when choosing a curtain. These along with real prizes that included: cars; a kitchen; money; and trips to Hawaii and Aspen were all shown-off by the beautiful “Price is Right” model, Rachel.

"Let's Make a Deal" audience as the stage.

The show is very high energy, encouraging audiences to yell-out selection suggestions to contestants who are seated in the audience. After calling two to three people up to play, Brady then ask them to choose between cold-hard cash, or an unknown prize behind a curtain or door. At the end of the game the two highest players are given the opportunity to play for “The Big Deal”. This is a prize that is worth more than any other prizes given away on the show that day. The “Big Deal” prize on this day was worth $28,000. Brady then wrapped the show-up by giving money out to audience players whom have random items such as: a penny from the 1980s; a tattoo; a donor card; or the ability to dance “the running man”.

Brady has not been confirmed as the show host yet. But, he would be an excellent fit. Audiences seem to always love him no matter what show he is on. Get exclusive audience video interviews on the HOLLYWOOD JUNKET website later this month.




  1. They've Lost Me says:

    It is a decent show and good host – but their “staff” (audience companies and audience coordinators) leaves a lot to be desired. I had the unpleasant experience of being there and being mislead and mistreated.

    Below are quotes from the volleys of email going back and forth between some of us who attended. Until the production company puts a better face towards the public – they will have a hard time filling the audience with anyone OTHER than paid contestants – some of whom were paid, yes…but paid at minimum wage (plus over time – well in excess of the $30 stated in the blog above)


    from aother person in attendance:

    Yet another person

    Yet another person

  2. disgruntled says:

    It was an awful experience. We were lied to and told we would be able to win cash and prizes. I asked at every turn what the possibiilites of that would be and always received a “they will be awarding cash and prizes, it’s up to how well you do in the games, that we cannot gaurantee…” sort of response.

    Those feel like good odds. I took the gamble. I did not do this to get on tv. I will get there with or without this pathetic show. I DID IT FOR CASH AND PRIZES!

    We were told at the very last minute that we would not be able to keep any cash or prizes awarded but “to still have fun and play as if we were going to!”

    ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!!!???? There was a room full of angry people and I had to take ten showers to shake this experience. DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME. AWFUL TREATMENT. WE WERE MADE TO WAIT UP TO AN HOUR TO GO TO THE BATHROOM. WE WERE TOLD WE WOULD GET LUNCH — NADA!!! I left starving…

  3. Lisa says:

    Well, I went to Wed’s taping – flying in from DFW, and we were totally misled. The invitation & tkts said we could poss be elig to win cash or prizes, but on arrival after waiting in line for 3 hrs, we were told we cldn’t win prizes, but could poss win cash. Bummed, but ok w/that. BUT, then ALL of the folks picked by Wayne were PAID actors (one who got $64). Then at the end, he gave a few non-actors audience folks money for items they had, but the show employees took all the money back from them! What a farce. They wouldn’t let anyone leave either for over 5 hrs!
    I do hope the show makes it on air, but we were treated very badly by the producers and folks were really pissed!

  4. Carissa says:

    I too was there on Wednesday and it sucks… I really hope the actual show won’t be staged as this one was … If they only would of told us the truth… or paid us the 64.00 like the fill-in actors received.
    I spent a lot of time on my costume like an idiot.

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