LOVE IN THE WILD: Summer and Chase – Really a Couple or Not?

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July 18, 2012
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LOVE IN THE WILD: Summer and Chase – Really a Couple or Not?

“Love in the Wild” or, the largest obstacle course in reality dating show history, is down to the final three couples on the show which airs Tuesday nights on NBC.

One of the final three couples is Summer Mack and Aaron Chase. They spoke to Hollywood Junket about their experience on the show during filming. Summer and Chase spoke in past tense during the interview and gave undertones that they may not be a couple outside of the show. Here’s what they had to say:

Is it love or just want to win?
When speaking about how the other couples on “Love in the Wild” doubted them romantically, Summer responded, “We were less concerned about what the other couples were doing. In the show, in order to build them up they were trying to break us down. I’d rather be competitive than catty (referring to gossip).” Chase came in her defense by saying, “the connection that we have is (pause) it’s romantic. Maybe it wasn’t’ shown. But we had some good talks. We were looking for more than a quick hook-up. We did have romantic…I would say it was a healthy connection.”

Summer said, “on the show we both had multiple people that we initially spent some time with. It wasn’t until half way through our adventure that we really connected with each other. You have to have a physical attraction with someone.” Summer said she never lost focus of why she was on the show. She said she genuinely wanted to find a romantic partner – “I really wanted to get to know a guy for who he was and see if we could have a relationship outside the bubble we were in.”

Chase and Summer during their treasure chest adventure.

Other contestants resent their competitive spirit?
They’re known on “Love of the Wild” this season as the most competitive couple. How did they respond to that? Chase said, “We put a lot of pressure on each other because the situations are meant to test a relationship. You’re going through a jungle, jumping off cliffs, picking up snakes, picking up tarantulas. You get to see what this person is all about. How they’re going to react when you’re five hours into an adventure. Our competitiveness I think was our intensity…we work better than any other relationship that Ive ever been in. We found out what works and what doesn’t.”

Summer stated,”We were both competitive. The show has two parts- the connection with someone outside of the adventure. But in order to buy that time, you have to do well on the adventures to stay there to have the time with the person you have the connection with. In order to stay there and have more time with Chase, we had to do well on the challenges.”

Winning the grand prize (trip around the world) in the back of your mind?
Chase said, “When we are on these adventures, we really aren’t thinking past these adventures. I’m thinking about spending time with Summer. We live a coast apart. Each adventure was a chance to us to stay together the end result to spend more time with Summer was very enticing. I just took it adventure by adventure and didn’t get wrapped up with winning the main prize.”

Summer replied “It’s kind of like baby steps. You take each adventure at a time. You have to live in that moment and gauge the person you are with Our whole goal was to stay there as long as we could to get to know each other better.”

Advantages LOVE IN THE WILD give you that don’t exist in the real dating world?
Chase stated, “When you date someone in the real world you go on an hour date once a week. Add all those hours together- you have what we have. You accelerate the potential of a relationship real quick. You whittle away who you’re not interested in to find out who you are interested in. You get to create an experience of what would take six months to come to fruition, this will take a couple of weeks to a month”.

Summer’s reply was, “Before you date somebody you should go through an obstacle course with them. It’s a really good way really quickly to find out how somebody reacts to all sorts of situations. I was not looking my best my whole time. The guy to still wanting to hang out with you and be supportive and be nice.
Vulnerability makes us really open-up and have us act how we normally would in stressful situations and that allows you to bond very quickly.”

Does the winning couple of LOVE IN THE WILD still have to go around the world with each other even if they have broken up? The answer to that question is “yes”. And, “no” they can NOT take someone else.

Read HOLLYWOOD JUNKET’S article LOVE IN THE WILD: Jesse and Ali Make a Surprising Reveal! LOVE IN THE WILD airs Tuesdays 10/9 c on NBC.




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