Mom Gives Alicia Her Belt on THE VOICE Season 12 Top 10 Perform Live

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May 7, 2017
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May 15, 2017
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Mom Gives Alicia Her Belt on THE VOICE Season 12 Top 10 Perform Live

The competition is the fiercest it’s ever been as “The Voice” Top 10 performed live. Some clear-cut front-runners emerged from that pack that included Team Gwen’s Hunter Plake, Chris Blue from Team Alicia, and Team Blake’s TSoul. Other memorable performances came from Lilli Passero who showed vintage is cool again, Aliyah Moulden whose emotions almost got the better of her, and Brennley Brown belting out a Martina McBride song.

This week is perhaps the most challenging for the talented artist. None of which whom deserve to go home. Yet, two will be eliminated during “The Voice” Results show on Tuesday night. It seems to come down to the most memorable artists rather than most talented to win America’s votes.

The Top 8 artists who continue after Tuesday’s Results show will be in next week’s Semi-Finals. In honor of Mother’s Day this week, all artists got to bring their moms to their rehearsals to meet their coaches. They also sang song dedications to their mothers throughout the show.



The Voice 12 Top 10, Jesse Larson

Jesse Larson (Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC)

Jesse brought his step-mom who was nervous to meet Adam Levine. Adam reminded them that he was the only one that turned for Jesse during the Blind Auditions. Jesse played guitar this week – the first time he played and sang at the same time. He sang “Jungle Love” by Morris Day and The Time. Jesse predicted that it would be his “hardest performance” yet.

During his performance, backup dancers and instrumental artists channeled the spirit of Morris Day and The Time quiet well while Jesse swayed back and forth singing on stage. He topped off his performance with a brief guitar solo that sounded like a pre-recorded electric guitar.

Blake said I’m glad that we were able to see your rehearsal. It’s not often that you have a vision in rehearsal that comes to play on the stage. Alicia said sometimes it’s harder to sing songs like this to portray the character you become. When Jesse whipped out a handkerchief during his performance, Alicia said was her favorite part.
Coach Adam acknowledged the pumped-up crowd, “Did you feel that! What just happened in this room?” He called Jesse a “super star”. The most talented dude in this competition. He said he pulled-off a song that relies on attitude, sex appeal and funk. “It was nasty” Adam commented.


The Voice 12 Top 10, Aliyah Moulden

Aliyah Moulden (Photo by: Tyler Golden/NBC)

Aliyah Moulden brought her grandmother who is a big Blake Shelton fan. Aliyah sang “Jealous” by Labrinth. The song is dedicated to missing her father whom she never got to know before he passed away. It was questionable if Aliyah was at an emotional and mature enough place to pull-off this song as she welled up a bit when talking to Blake about her father.

Aliyah pulled-off a beautiful version of the song, and got caught-up in her emotions toward the end of it and started to cry. The audience cheered her on in support. Host Carson Daly comforted her with a huge hug at the end.

Gwen told her you doing a song like that at this point was very smart. “Crying has happened to all of us. Songs take you right to your heart and it happens sometimes. You should be very proud of yourself,” said Gwen. Blake told her, “I literally couldn’t be more proud of you.” He told her she did what she knew that she needed to do and what Blake asked. She got lost in the moment. Blake was proud that she put her heart on the stage as an artist and assured that everyone all cried with her.


Vanessa’s mom told Alicia that Vanessa won a 5th grad talent show after singing “Killing Me Softly” by Lauryn Hill. So, for her performance this week, Vanessa sang “Doo- Wop (That Thing)” by Lauryn Hill. Alicia said this song, which she personally got permission from Lauryn Hill for Vanessa to sing, is “the closest to what type of dynamic artist Vanessa is.” Alicia said for the first time, “we are actually going to see Vanessa.”

With freshly colored blonde hair, Vanessa delivered an impressive, yet breathy take on Lauryn Hill’s “Doo-Wop That Thing.” Adam said Lauryn Hill is impossible to emulate because it’s impossible. He said Vanessa should start thinking about rapping and did an amazing job. Coach Alicia said it’s been incredible to learn how much there is to Vanessa. She’s is “everything” – that includes artist, vocalist, pianist, etc. Alicia ended with now America knows that there’s no limit to Vanessa.

Lauryn Hill version:


The Voice 12 Top 10, Mark Isaiah

Mark Isaiah (Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC)

Mark’s mom reacted to her son being in the bottom two multiple times with it’s to make him stronger and a better artist. Mark selected to sing “Sign of the Times” by Harry Styles. Mark said he wants to put more emotion into the song so people can get to know him in hopes that this will keep him out of the bottom this week. Adam advised Mark to work harder on his technique this week due to the fact the he was in the bottom the past two weeks.

After another really good performance from Mark, Gwen called it an “interesting choice” which “sounded so good!” She noted that it showed a whole different side to him and can’t wait to download his version from iTunes. Adam said it was Mark’s idea to do that song. He said every week he impresses and surprises Adam and that Mark works harder than him.

Blake Shelton performed his latest single “Every time I Hear That Song”.

CHRIS BLUE (Team Alicia)

Chris’ mom said she taught Chris to be humble, then released her belt, giving Alicia permission to be his “second Ma Ma.” Chris said the song “24K Magic” by Bruno Mars gives him joy. Alicia said this performance will show there’s no ignoring Chris Blue and what type of artist he is.

Chris put on an unbelievably stellar performance where he came off looking like a legitimate star, all the dance moves included! Carson Daly declared Chris’ performance successful exclaiming “no whooping tonight for Chris Blue.” Blake predicted that Chris will be in the finale. He figured if people can’t see how talented Chris is, they must be deaf, and blind. Coach Alicia said she’s super excited for him because this was his vision. At only 21-years-old, she didn’t even know he had that in him and called him “unstoppable!”

Bruno Mars version:


The Voice 12 Top 10, Lilli Passero

Lilli Passero (Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC)

Lilli’s mom is a singer and know’s how to nail a song. Lilli sang “Unforgettable” by Nat King Cole. A song that’s never been done on the show. Adam called it one of “the most classic songs that’s ever been penned.” Lilli said Adam is teaching her how to be timeless and current at the same time and that’s the kind of artist she wants to be. She got choked-up while thinking about how supportive Adam is.

Lilli’s performance of “unforgettable” was poignant and flawless. Alicia said she loves how Lilli interprets songs. It showcased her vocal capacity and she doesn’t have to try so hard. Adam said he was listening to it on a whole different level. No bells and whistles. He’s proud of her carrying the torch of a lost art form.


The Voice 12 Top 10, Lauren Duski

Lauren Duski (Photo by: Tyler Golden/NBC)

Lauren’s mom said Lauren has always sang. Her mom and dad are dentists. If her mom had not pushed her to be on “The Voice”, Lauren said she’d be in dental school. Lauren sang “Tell Me Why” by Wynonna Judd. Wynonna Judd actually called Lauren personally to tell her to “kick butt” and make the song her own.

After her perfect performance, Gwen said Lauren is like a living country doll with a guitar. She said the song was so perfect because it was up-tempo and Blake is such a good coach. Blake said every time Lauren gets on the stage she is accepting the fact that she can do this. “You are the missing piece in Country music right now,” he told Lauren. He said she wasn’t confident when she first came to “The Voice”.


Hunter said his mom taught him how to play the drums. He dedicated his song to her “Higher Love” by Steve Winwood. Gwen said it’s a song that’s relative today. Hunter said his mom is the representation of how to behave and act as a person.

Hunter sang a creative slowed down rendition of “Higher Love” that was powerful while keeping it simple. Adam complimented Hunter on his ability to take a song and make it relative today. He said it didn’t feel forced and Hunter genuinely turned the song into something that makes sense now. He added, Hunter is “very connected to music” which shows. Coach Gwen said she’s proud to know him and watch him do his art. She said he’s so comfortable on stage and did an amazing job. Gwen called him “the real deal!”

Steve Winwood version:

TSOUL (Team Blake)

The Voice 12 Top 10, TSoul

TSoul (Photo by: Tyler Golden/NBC)

TSoul said the best thing he’s done is picking Blake for a coach. Blake said this song “At This Moment” by Billy Vera & the Beaters, will be magic. Blake said the vintage sound has kept TSoul in the game. Blake advised TSoul to add the “TSoul stamp” to this song. TSoul said he wants to make his mom (Mama Soul) proud of his ‘Voice journey with his performance.

His performance resulted in a standing ovation. Alicia called him genuine, and said he looked clean. She complimented his unique voice with his own stamp on it. He gives, 3000% and she feels it. Blake said it’s been 12 seasons now of “The Voice”, and he believes TSoul just bought a ticket to the Top 8. It’s the best TSoul has sang so far said Blake.


The Voice 12 Top 10, Brennley Brown

Brennley Brown (Photo by: Tyler Golden/NBC)

Brennley is the youngest in “The Voice” Top 10 at age 15. She chose to sing “Anyway” by Martina McBride. Brennley said this is her life song from people telling her she’s too young to sing. She dedicated it to her mom who always supported her dream.

Brennley gave a powerful performance belting out the Martina McBride song. At one moment, she even may have served as inspiration to a young girl in the audience while taking her hand and singing to her.

Her former coach Blake said “you definitely made a believer out of me. It’s too late for me. I’m gad that you did the song with that message at this moment.” He said her voice has never shined brighter than now and in the Top 8 (he predicted) she will be and will continue to defy the odds. Gwen said she take her work home every night by finding the right songs for Brennley. Gwen said Brennely came to her with this song after a thousand songs.

“The Voice” Top 10 Results show on Tuesday night will have special guest, artist Charlie Puth.


The coaches and contestants shared their favorite memories of their moms in honor of Mother’s Day. Then, it was on to revealing some results from America’s votes. This week only eight contestants will move on to next week’s Semi-Finals, two will be eliminated. The first two artists to go through to the Top 8 were Aliyah Moulden (Team Blake) and Chris Blue(Team Alicia).

Host Carson Daly asked the coaches about their Teams. Alicia said she told her artists that it’s about loving and living this moment and being present. To be free tonight on this stage and to be themselves. Gwen said she’s gotten too close to Hunter and Brennley. “It’s stressful because you care so much,” said Gwen. There’s different aspects of each singer that draws her into them. Adam said he hopes that America sees what he sees in his artists “which is greatness”. He said he thinks that did an amazing job.

Lauren said this show has been “the greatest gift.” It’s the first time that she’s been able to let go. Vanessa said she’s been able to display her talents and diversity.

The next names called-out as moving on were: Lauren Duski (Team Blake) and Hunter Plake (Team Gwen). Hunter’s cover of “Higher Love” was number 9 on iTunes.

The Voice 12 Top 10 Results, Charlie Puth

Charlie Puth performed “Attention”. (Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC)

Next, Jesse Larson (Team Adam) and Brennley Brown (Team Blake) were also announced as saved.

The Voice 12 Top 10 Results, TSoul, Lilli, Vanessa, Mark

(l-r) TSoul, Vanessa Ferguson, Lilli Passero, Mark Isaiah (Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC)

The remaining four artists were brought out: TSoul, Vanessa Ferguson, Lilli Passero, and Mark Isiah. Lilli said you can’t compare this type of training. The next artist saved was TSoul (Team Blake).

That mean Lilli, Mark, and Vanessa were in the Bottom Three and had to perform Save Songs for America to vote. The one with the most votes moves on to the Semi-Finals.


Lilli stuck with her traditional vintage choice for songs and performed “Stormy Weather” by Ethel Waters. Adam said “this girl should be in this competition” and it’s hard to see two of his in the bottom three. He said though she may have not broken through yet (to America), it’s only a matter of time. He knows she has so much more inside of her.

Mark Isaiah sang “Sorry” by Justin Bieber. Adam said he’s always shocked to see Mark in the bottom. He told him he’s proud of Mark and no one works harder than Mark. He asked Mark to promise he’ll continue after the show because he’s “amazing.”

Vanessa Ferguson sang “For Once in My Life” by Stevie Wonder. Alicia stood up “to talk to America” She told Vanessa that she was “so free and alive”. Alicia said she is the whole package – writes, rhymes, etc. Alicia compared Vanessa to herself when she was starting out and urged voters to vote for her by voting for Vanessa.

After the commercial break, the voting polls revealed that Vanessa was leading the pack with 47%, followed by Lilli at 32%, and Mark at 21%.

Adam reacted that he feels that his artists Mark and Lilli don’t deserve it. He then told all three artists to take the tools of the show and apply them to their lives tomorrow. He said their own success is determined by what they do tomorrow and not what they do in the next few weeks (by staying on “The Voice”).

Alicia said it’s beautiful to see their artistry and “we don’t have to have boxes and not fit into one style.” She said she knows they will show people the individuals that they are.


The Voice 12 Top 10 Results, Bottom Three

(l-r) Lilli Passero, Mark Isaiah, Vanessa Ferguson (Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC)

The votes revealed that Team Alicia’s Vanessa Ferguson is going to the Semi-Finals. That meant Mark and Lilli went home.


The Voice 12 Top 10 Results Top 8

(l-r) Chris Blue, Jesse Larson, TSoul, Lauren Duski, Vanessa Ferguson, Brennley Brown, Hunter Plake, Aliyah Moulden (Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC)



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