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May 12, 2009
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MTV’s new fashion game show was in full rehearsal swing on Thursday. No official show title has been revealed yet. But, HOLLYWOOD JUNKET host and reporter were on the set for the first half of filming.

Basically, yet another show that has three judges to eliminate contestants. This time, it’s the fashion police in full swing in a game show format. Judges on the show are: Annie Jagger (stylist to the stars), Trevor Raines (designer), and Eva Marcelle Pigford (“America’s Next Top Model”). The show is also equipped with a popular D.J. – “DJ Gusto”.

A young pretty female hosts the new show. Her name was never stated. Unfortunately, there’s no name to report. Though her inexperience was a bit evident, she has promising qualities that could very well make her the next Brooke Burns (“Dog Eat Dog”, “Hole in The Wall”).

About twenty everyday people, men and women, parade on a fashion catwalk in front of judges wearing clothing that best expresses their style. After they are seated, five chosen girls are called to return to the stage.

One-by-one the judges verbally pick-apart contestants outfits.

All, but one will stay to go on to compete, and be styled. The loser is “dropped” from the show. But, literally dropped into a trap door in the stage. Well, this is the first show I’ve seen to be so desperate for an edge, that they have to go to an extreme practice of hurling their contestants through the floor.

That concluded the first half of the show. By the looks of piles of clothing on the stage floor that morning on-set, I would guess that the show finished off by re-styling their fashion mishaps!



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