Music Makes Contestants Come Together! LET’S ASK AMERICA – DJ Episode Preview

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Music Makes Contestants Come Together! LET’S ASK AMERICA – DJ Episode Preview

SET REPORT! Spoiler Alert!
At home game show “Let’s Ask America” hosted by Kevin Pereira, which has gone through an over-haul this season (read about it here) in it’s Sophomore year, recently filmed an episode featuring all disc-jockeys from across the country.

Let's Ask America Ben and Matt, KNIX 102.5

Pictured: Ben and Matt from KNIX 102.5

These DJ’s appeared on the show via Skype with two sets of radio partners playing to raise money for their favorite charities. Two of the charities included a local food bank, and Smiles Charity. The teams that that were eliminated still walked away with $1000 for their charities.

Let's Ask America Bob and Marianne 98 BMR

Pictured: Bob and Marianne from 98 BMR radio

The parings included: John and Tammy from KSON 97.3 and 92.1 New Country radio station in San Diego; Bob and Marianne from 98 WRRM in Cincinnati; Brody Smith from 95.5 Wild in West Palm Beach; Ben and Matt form 102.5 KNIX New Country in Phoenix.

Let's Ask America Brody Smith 95.5 Wild radio

Pictured: Brody Smith from 95.5 Wild

Brody Smith who is not part of a radio duo played solo on “Let’s Ask America” as well as Marianne who played without her radio and real-life partner/husband Bob Goen who is a former host of “Entertainment Tonight”. Goen hosted along side Mary Hart. He currently co-hosts with his wife, Marianne Curan, on Cumulus’ WRRM-FM (98.5, WARM98). Goen also has roots in the game show world. He hosted the daytime version of “Wheel of Fortune” (1989-91), “Perfect Match,” “Home Shopping Game,” and “Blackout”.

Let's Ask America John and Tammy DJs

Pictured: John and Tammy from KSON

There were a lot of radio-related questions in this episode. It was, after all, for charity. One question asked of the disc-jockeys was what did most disc jockeys say who is easier to tune-out, their program director or their wife? The only DJ playing that was also a program director got it right. It was a good morning to drink coffee for some. Because during a “Dash For Cash” challenge tie-breaker, the DJs were asked to grab a mug and hold it up to their cameras. Two of the DJs playing together quickly raised their mugs up to their camera without getting-up while their competitor feverishly darted off to grab one.

Let's Ask America John and Tammy, Taylor Swift

Pictured: KSON New Country DJs John and Tammy with Taylor Swift.

Still Casting!
Good news for those that would like to give winning money at home a shot. “Let’s Ask America” is still casting during it’s second season filming. Those that are interested can visit: Another upcoming episode includes a body building/fitness athletes episode which they are casting for now.



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