Obama Girl Victim To A Game That’s Called “Mean” – TAKE IT ALL!

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Obama Girl Victim To A Game That’s Called “Mean” – TAKE IT ALL!

EXCLUSIVE! Set Report!
NBC’s new game show “Take It All” hosted by Howie Mandel had somewhat of its first celebrity contestant when it aired an episode with Amber Lee Ettinger, aka “Obama Girl.” Take it All is a game of what Mandel describes as being “a lot like poker.” And Amber’s game is a good example of why.

Amber Ettinger as “Obama Girl” in 2007.

Amber is best known for a series of videos she starred in for “Barely Political” in 2007 on the internet. The first video was titled “I Got a Crush…on Obama.” Amber was recently a game show contestant when she appeared on “Take it All” against four other opponents. She made it to the final round where she squared up against Anita.

Amber: I felt like as soon as I met you – if I made it to the final round that I hoped it was you. And I hate to cry right now, but there’s something genuine about you and I hope I’m reading you right.”

Anita: You are. I felt the same way about you. There is a connection that we had together. I’ve been working hard my whole life. I just want to make a better life for my kids. They want to go to college.

Anita goes on to say that she felt a connection with Amber and that she could see it in her eyes. Amber says she felt that way about Anita and that she helped her in round one. Anita reminds Amber that she’s been “backing her up” in the game. Anita says “we should keep what we have”.

Howie takes a peek at their boards and says that one of them has almost twice as much as the other. And reminds them that one of the strategies of the game is “to lie.” The contestants then lock-in their final choice – to “keep mine” or “take it all”. If they chose to “keep mine”, they each keep their winnings. If one of them chooses to “take it all”, that player keeps their winnings and take their opponents’ winnings as well. The opponent is left with nothing. If they both chose “take it all” they both leave the game with nothing.

When Howie revealed the contestants’ choices Amber chose to “keep mine” and Anita chose to “take it all”. Amber was visibly upset and told Howie “I knew that she just did that to me but I didn’t want to screw you over. So you’re welcome (to Anita).” Then what television viewers saw is Amber exiting the stage. But, what studio audiences saw was a much more drawn-out experience.

According to one audience eye-witness account, Amber was yelling at Anita and calling her a “bitch”. This audience member describes the game as “mean”, and states that another aspect of the show where video interviews are shown that have the contestants talking about how they would play the game and what they would say in order to win the game. It shows some of the lengths that some contestants go to in order to attempt to win the game.

“Mean” game play in “Take it All” (L-R) Amber, Howie Mandel, Anita

When Amber saw Anita’s reveal, this audience member said Amber was was so surprised and said, “have I been punked… what’s happening?” And said Amber was saying, “bitch, bitch”. She was so surprised and disappointed. The audience member said the audience “were fooled by stereotypes. We thought because Amber had big boobs that she would screw over Anita. It was disappointing how she believed her and she totally screwed her over.” Also according to this audience member, Anita took home the biggest winnings from all of the show tapings.

As for all of the laughing that Amber was questioning during her decision time, the audience member said that the audience was actually laughing at her. “They (audience) didn’t believe Obama girl because she was crying. Anita was a good actress and a good player. The audience totally believed her. She was trying to help Amber.”

During another contestant’s episode, the audience member said that one contestant stated to her opponents that she is a student and couldn’t find her place in life. She wanted the money to go to school again because all her life she’s been getting help from her parents. However, at the end of her final round, she chose to “take it all” and her opponent also chose “take it all”. Her pre-taped video interview was shown, and she is on the video stating that she is a bartender and makes a little over $2,000 a month. This video shows her stating that she was planning on making up this sob story in order to play the game.

In Amber’s game, her opponent Anita walked away with her own winnings of $125,000; a Jaguar car; tree lodge; jewelry plus Ambers’ winnings that included the following prizes: Jet pack; trip to Australia; and street strider along with $225,000 in cash. Her total cash winnings were $554,300! I bet she’ll be sending her kids to college now.

Amber Lee Ettinger, aka “Obama Girl”

Crush on Obama

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