Perfect Game LET’S ASK AMERICA – Get’s Proposal!

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March 26, 2013
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Perfect Game LET’S ASK AMERICA – Get’s Proposal!

Telepictures Productions PRESS RELEASE:
“Let’s Ask America,” the new TV game show where contestants can win up to $50K from home via Skype, is celebrating its first marriage proposal. Boston Campaign Manager, David Luea, became the first “Let’s Ask America” contestant to take home the full $50K prize, when his episode aired in late November. This March, Luea made another “Let’s Ask America” first, becoming the first contestant to use his winnings to propose to his longtime girlfriend, Lisa Frausto.

Before his big milestone November win, Luea said that the first thing he would do with $50K would be getting something really special for his girlfriend, helping to pay for a ring and a wedding. Luea then went all in to answer this foreshadowing final question: “Which bachelor habit did engaged women say they most want their fiancé to give up?” – A. Video Game Marathons B. Belching C. 5-Second Rule D. Drink Milk From Carton

Luea answered Video Game Marathons correctly, playing the first perfect game, taking home the full $50,000. And Luea madetrue on his promise this March, when he proposed to his longtime girl friend Lisa, shocking her with his romantic surprise at a downtown Boston hotel, and she accepted!

Hosted by Kevin Pereira, to be a contestant on “Let’s Ask America,” all you have to do is go to the show website and sign up. Every day, four contestants will be chosen to play the game and win up to $50,000 cash via Skype from their home. The game is simple; “Let’s Ask America” polls America about fun and irreverent topics to find out what people are thinking. Then, all the contestants have to do is correctly predict the answer. The prize money increases with each question. There are three rounds and at the end of each round, the contestant with the lowest cash total is eliminated from the game.

When contestants are tied, they take part in a physical challenge – called “Dash for Cash” – as a tie-breaker. In the final round, the last remaining contestant can wager all or part of their winnings on the “final question of the day.” Players who choose to wager all of their money can win up to five times the amount of his or her earnings, for a possible $50,000.

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