Road to Final Five on THE VOICE Season 18 Semi Finals Recap

At Home on THE VOICE Season 18 Live Playoffs Recap
May 4, 2020
Break Down of FOX’s ULTIMATE TAG Physical Show Exclusive Preview
May 14, 2020
At Home on THE VOICE Season 18 Live Playoffs Recap
May 4, 2020
Break Down of FOX’s ULTIMATE TAG Physical Show Exclusive Preview
May 14, 2020
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Road to Final Five on THE VOICE Season 18 Semi Finals Recap

“The Voice” opened week two of the Lives Stay at Home show in the Semi Finals with the coaches singing with their artists “Everyday People” song.  Footage of fans dancing  and verbal messages were intertwined along with “The Voice” backup singers.  Daly said it was a tribute to all the essential workers fighting the Covid-19 virus.

Pictured in Screen Shot – “The Voice” Top 9 artists perform with their coaches — Photo by: NBC

The coaches from home were Kelly Clarkson in Montana, Blake Shelton in Oklahoma, Nick Jonas, John Legend both in Los Angeles.  Tuesday’s show will reveal the Top 5 artists that will move-on to next week’s two-night finale.  It will be the first time in “The Voice” show history where five artists will advance to the finale.

James Taylor, Cane Brown and Doja Cat were the line-up of super star performances on Monday night’s show.  Wild Card Instant Save winner from last week Joanna Serenko performed first for “Fan Week.”


Joanna dedicated her song to her sister with “Lean on Me” by Bill Withers.  Joanna told her sister during a phone call, that her sister in Portland is the one that she leans on.  Blake called it “a good uplifting song” that everyone needs right now.  He told Joanna that when she goes back to her head voice, she “looses energy.”  Blake added that one of Nick Jonas’ all time “bone-head moves” was letting Joanna go. 

Blake said this performance for Joanna is the one that could move her to the finale show next week.  Her half sister introduced her performance from her home in Portland.   Joanna sang from a backyard setting. 

Nick called Joanna “incredible and admitted she was one of his greatest regrets. He told her she has a fan in him and proud that she’s still in the competition. He said he loves how much heart, energy and soul in her voice “especially in this song.”  Blake corrected Nick that it was one of his “all time bone head moves.”  Blake said America saved her because her voice floats like a butterfly and this performance is one of her best.   


From Atlanta, Georgia, Micah dedicated his fan week song to Kelly Clarkson.  The song is about trusting someone so much that you’d go as far as they would go, explained Micah.  Kelly advised Micah to “make every line count.”  Micah stated that quarantine has been good for him and he’s been writing a lot of songs.  He was born and raised in Japan, and said it’s cool to hear from friends from there who are cheering him on.  Kelly said Micah has a pop, Indy thing going on.  A fan from Singapore introduced Micah’s performance.

Pictured in this screen grab: Micah Iverson — Photo by: NBC

Nick said doing the show this way is the artists had to find more creative ways to do the performances.  He called Micah’s performance one that you’d see on an awards show.  Kelly agreed!  She was “so excited!” Kelly called Micah a very good student and they’re always learning.  She said he’s so good at it, and executed it.  “It’s insane,” she said and added that he’s and “enormously great artist.”  


Todd said he goes to his church to perform for his rehearsals because it’s too chaotic at his home.  He said it brings him a level of comfort because he grew-up singing in the church.  His kids were seen sitting behind him.  Todd said it’s symbolic because they always back him.  Blake told Todd that he’s doing “some really cool stuff to change it up.”  Blake said America is connecting with Todd because he has more energy than he knows what to do with and he’s just happy.  The Homer family from Alabaster, Alabama introduced Todd’s fan performance.  Todd performed with his children seated around him. 

Pictured in this screen grab: Todd Tilghman — Photo by: NBC

Kelly was moved.  She reacted that if she could sound like a man singing, she’d want Todd’s voice.  She said he has the perfect amount of story-telling in his voice.   Coach Blake said it was crazy to see this side of Todd as he performed with his children around him.  He said he’s glad to see this part of his personality and didn’t think he’d ever see Todd cry.  

Pictured in this screen grab: Kane Brown — Photo by: NBC

Country Star Kane Brown performed his new song “Cool Again”  while standing in front of a photography backdrop.  After his performance, Daly acknowledged a hit song that coach John Legend performed with Kane Brown called “Last Time I Say Sorry.”

ZAN FISKUM (Team Legend)

Zan talked to her coach John Legend from her parent’s living room.  John said he loves how all the artists have been making it work, and pointed-out how young artists have to try and stand-out and be creative.  Zan said she performed for the workers at the hospital one of her original songs.  On Monday’s fan week show, Zan chose Camila Cabello song “Never Be the Same.”  John said Zan is showing the world what a versatile artist she is by performing the Pop song with an Indy/Rock edge.   She dedicated the song to her brother who loves Pop.  Zan’s best friend Ana Katherine from Washington introduced Zan’s performance.

Pictured in this screen grab: Zan Fiskum — Photo by: NBC

Nick agreed with host Daly that, that song is not an easy song to sing.  He told her well-done and complimented her arrangement.  He said she makes every song her own.  Coach John reacted that Zan is so involved in how these songs are arranged.  She “crafts it” on how to make it her own.  John said very few singers can accomplish what she’s doing.


Nick told Thunderstorm that he killed it last week.  Thunderstorm said he’s dedicating his performance to his new wife Faith Artis.  They got married on Good Friday.  They played their first show together in Australia.  He said when they had to spend a month a part, “all these things didn’t really seem to matter.”  Nick said that person that you’re connected to, that’s what’s really rewarding.  Nick told him to lean into his purity.   Nick said how is Thunderstorm not on the radio and thinks that he’ll have a place in Pop Culture after the show.  A very young fan introduced Thunderstorm’s performance. 

Blake said he was “zoned-in” on what Thunderstorm was doing and the stuff on his guitar.  He said he made the melody his own and said “great job.”  Nick reacted that it was so good, that his wife danced to it.  He said from day one, Thunderstorm has made everything his own and has cleared a path to his way to the finale.  


Megan Danielle, 18-year old singer from Georgia.   Megan talked to Kelly from her basement for rehearsal.  Megan said it’s been one of the coolest experiences, being in quarantine and being able to communicate with Kelly.  Megan dedicated her song, “What Hurts the Most” to her siblings.  When she grew-up, her dad left and that’s when she got into music.   Megan said she loves Kelly who’s like her mom and has helped her break-down the darkness and from her shell.   Kelly said she doesn’t see a world without Megan Danielle in the finale.  Fan Naveen from Austin, Texas introduced Megan’s performance.

Pictured in this screen grab: Megan Danielle — Photo by: NBC

Kelly said her tone is so distinct and “no one on the planet sounds like you.”  She described Megan’s voice as sounding “so beautifully broken.”  Kelly thanked Megan for reminding her why she loves to sing.

 Pictured in this screen grab: Doja Cat — Photo by: NBC

Next, new sensational artist Doja Cat performed her latest single “Say So.”  


Allegra, from Florida, dedicated her song to a family member who inspires her.  She chose to sing “Over Joyed” by Stevie Wonder.  Allegra dedicated her song to her 92 year-old grandma with dementia who happens to remember songs from fifty years ago.  Nick said it’s one of his favorite songs and as long as Allegra has fun with it, she’ll capture the heart of the country.  Fan Aseda from Turlock, California introduced Allegra’s performance. 

John reacted that she “sang that song!  But the “keys move around a lot” and it’s not an easy song.  He noted that it showed much maturity, and she was “very, very strong.”  Nick loved that Allegra “came out swinging,” he added which is important with the finale coming-up.   He said every performance has been incredible and thought that she gave one of her best performances.  

Pictured in this screen grab: James Taylor with son Henry — Photo by: NBC

Mega Mentor this season, James Taylor performed on his guitar with his son Henry, also playing guitar,  “Moon River” song from Taylor’s new album.  


Blake told Toneisha that he feels that he’s learning more about his artists this season, seeing them in their “natural habitat.”  Toneisha gave a huge thank you and shout-out to all the care givers, and hospital staff and acknowledged them for when her son was in the hospital with cancer.   She dedicated her song “Because You Loved Me” to her number one fan, her husband who always loves her and has her back at all times.  They celebrated their anniversary in quarantine. 

Blake called Toneisha a “phenomenal vocalist”  He added, “I mean world-class.” He advised her that if she keeps doing what she’s doing, she’ll make it to the finale.  Blake called Toneisha “believable,” and has a connection to the lyrics.  Blake said every time she’s on stage, it’s explosive. Hope from Orlando, Florida introduced Toneisha’s performance.

Kelly reacted that she’s not even on her Team, and she’s keeping it real.  The power that, that song takes and invited Toneisha on stage in Vegas so people can feel how big she got in the song.  Toneisha accepted her invite to Vegas in 2021.  Blake said it was an “awesome thing” for Kelly to offer her and she can come sing with him too.  He called her “so special” to him and everyone who watches the show, and works on the show.  “My God, you deserve to be in the finale,” stated Blake.  

CAMMWESS (Team Legend)

John also noted how it’s more intimate to be connected with CammWess in his personal space.  CammWess’ bowling alley celebrated him, along with the local media.  CammWess chose “Rainbow” by Kacey Musgraves.   He dedicated the song to his little cousin who’s five years old who has a condition.  He said she has a rainbow over her head, like in the song.  John advised CammWess to sing in a different key and to make the song “an Arthea song…to make it more urgent…put some stank on it,” stated John.  John said CammWess has the attention and care that will make him successful beyond the show which will make him a great artist.  Brian from North Pennsylvania introduced CammWess.

Pictured in this screen grab: CammWess — Photo by: NBC

Coach John Legend reacted to CammWess’ performance as “stunning, emotional, and you took us on a journey.”  John called Camm’s voice “honey butter” and urged viewers to “vote for this man!”


Host Carson Daly welcomed back the coaches on Tuesday night’s Results show.  Blake’s sound slightly cut-out while speaking to Daly.  But, everyone heard it when he said Joe Jonas is his favorite.   Blake also said the thing that he noticed the most was depending on what kind of vocalists the artists are, is how they perform…they have to fill-up a room, versus a large stage.

John Legend said he told his Team that they have to impress America, “put everything on the line and give America the best tonight.”  Kelly said there’s pros and cons to this season because you meet the artists’ families, you’re in their house  “you never get that, that’s cool.  She said the disadvantage is when you’re a big vocalist, singing in a small room. “That can be a little hard to pull that off.”  She said the winner is the one that “has their stuff together.”

Nick Jonas said his Team crushed it in Monday’s show.  Nick teased that Blake is Joe’s favorite coach as well as his grandmothers too.   
Daly announced that the top votes will advance first.  The last Instant Save Spot goes to the fifth artist of the night, rounding out the ‘Voice’s first ever Top 5.  

Team Kelly was up first.  Megan Danielle and Micah Iverson.  Megan said Kelly taught her to believe in herself.  Micah dedicated his song to Kelly on Monday  He told her whatever happens tonight, it’s been cool to have her as a coach.  The first artist announced as advancing was Micah Iverson.  Megan was up for her Instant Save performance later.

Pictured in this screen grab: Micah Iverson — Photo by: NBC

Team Nick was next.   Allegra and Thunderstorm were up.  Daly asked what does his wife’s support mean to him, he said it means everything and he thanked Nick for giving him the opportunity.  Team Nick’s finalist was Thunderstorm Artis.  That meant Allergra had an Instant Save performance.

The third finalist announced was from Team Legend which is made up of CammWess and Zan Fiskum.  CammWess said his bond with John Legend is a bond and the chance to work with him, he’s “just grateful” and “grateful for this moment as a whole.”  Zan said she hopes her little brother learns to pursue whatever he wants “to just go after it.”  The most votes went to CammWess.  

John Legend performed his new single “Bigger Love” from his upcoming album.

Then it was time to see who the fourth finalist was from Team Blake’s Joanna Serenko, Todd Tilghman, and Toneisha Harris.  Joanna said her sister is “the best” and has supported her whole musical journey her whole life and she’s thankful for her.  Daly asked Todd what he wants his kids to learn from this. He answered to “take a risk” and to do things outside your comfort zone that’s “super scary.”   The finalist from Team Blake was Todd Tilghman.  

Pictured in this screen grab: Todd Tilghman — Photo by: NBC

Megan Danielle performed her Instant Save song.  Kelly told Megan that she’s “so Rock-and-Roll” and everything she does “is so remarkable.”  Kelly told her she’ll help her any way she can.  “You’re believe-ability is off the charts” Kelly told her.  

Allegra Miles (Team Nick) sang “In My Blood” by Shawn Mendes.  Nick reacted that he was “wowed and blown-away” by her in the Blinds.  But, she just kept getting better and better.  With her song “Overjoyed” Monday night, she brought the world so much joy.  Nick added that Allegra knocked her Instant Save performance out of the park.  Nick finished that she should be so proud of herself.  

Zan Fiskum (Team Legend) sang a Lady Gaga song.  John reacted that Zan consistently stood out to him, and “so many great things” about her throughout the show.  “You’ve shown us your ability to master so many things,” stated John Legend.

Joanna Serenko (Team Blake) performed next.  Blake told Joanna that she’s had “a hell of a journey” and there’s a reason for that.  Each time that it seemed she was going home, the coaches wouldn’t let it happen because they know she’s special.  He said America knew it last week too when she won the Wild Card Instant Save Vote.  He said he wouldn’t be surprised if she wins the Instant Save again because she’s “so talented.”

Toneisha Harris (Team Blake) was the last one to perform.  Toneisha sang “Lovin’ You.”  After her performance, Toneisha said it was great to see the coaches reaction.  Blake said it was like she was watching the birds and thought “I can hit higher than that.”  Blake was shocked because he didn’t know that she could do that!  He said what viewers don’t know is that Toneisha gets in her head and  thinks very much about what her next move is on the show.

Pictured in this screen grab: Toneisha Harris — Photo by: NBC


Before the Instant Save winner was revealed, the coaches had some last words for their artists. Kelly told Megan that she’ll do everything in her power to help her and she’s “gifted.”  Kelly also told Megan that she feels more connected to her than a lot of other artists.  Nick told Allegra that he’s “so enjoyed” coaching her.  He said she’s stepped-up and rallied the family around her which is a beautiful thing.  Nick also added that the “sky’s the limit” and told her he’d be of any assistance that he can be and watch her shine.  John told Zan that he loves her entrepreneurial spirit.  John also explained that Zan is “self contained” as an artist, working on her own arrangements as well as picking challenging songs.  He told her that drive will take her far.  Blake told Joanna he forgot to mention that he hit his button originally, and it took a minute for her to end-up on his Team.   He pointed-out that It’s a shorter season, which means people haven’t seen how multi-talented she is.

America Instantly Saved Toneisha Harris (Team Blake)!

TOP 5 Artists:

Pictured (l-r): Micah Iverson (Team Kelly), Thunderstorm Artis (Team Nick), CammWess (Team Legnd), Todd Tilghmand (Team Blake), Toneisha Harris (Team Blake). Photos by: Trae Patton/NBC



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