At Home on THE VOICE Season 18 Live Playoffs Recap

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May 3, 2020
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Bad Guy Alternate ending, DEAD TO ME Season 2 on Netflix
May 3, 2020
Road to Final Five on THE VOICE Season 18 Semi Finals Recap
May 11, 2020
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At Home on THE VOICE Season 18 Live Playoffs Recap

After all the pre-taped footage has now played-out and caught-up to what’s been going on in the world, “The Voice” got relevant to the times on Monday night’s show with its first  mock “Live” Playoff episode.  Better described by ‘Voice host Carson Daly as “Remote Playoffs.” He also informed viewers at home that the artists’ performances of the night had all be pre-taped. Visually, it looked as if filters and virtual backgrounds aided in a music video like quality.

Daly announced his presence at “The Voice” sound stage at Universal Studios while the at home coaches and artists were joining him and the at home viewers virtually from the workings of Microsoft Teams.  “The Voice” was equipped with it’s own live audience in attendance in the world wide web via Zoom digital platform. 

According to a Deadline article, it was stated that the studio portion was done with the “best-practice safety protocols to allow some staff to return to the studio.”  The staff consisted of 30 people, versus their usual full staff of 450.  Artists and coaches were also in charge of setting-up their own equipment to tape themselves for the show.  READ MORE HERE:

The opening of “The Voice” on Monday night’s episode, however, was perhaps one of its best ever.  It featured this season’s Mega Mentor James Taylor singing “Shower the People” as the Top 20 artists all sang along with him from their shelter in place locations, most in an outside setting.  Images and footage from the pandemic were sprinkled in.

Pictured: The Voice Top 17 Performances with James Taylor / Photo by: NBC

The coaches were present doing what they do best, adding helpful feedback, only this time from the comfort of their own homes.  Kelly Clarkson was joining from her hometown of Montana; Nick Jonas, and John Legend from Los Angeles, California; and Blake Shelton from Oklahoma.  

Pictured in this screen grab: (top row l-r) Blake Shelton, John Legend; (bottom row l-r) Kelly Clarkson, Nick Jonas — Photo by: NBC

Daly asked the coaches how they were doing during their quarantine time.  Blake showed-off his new hair cut that Gwen Stefani gave him.  John said he can’t wait to go out on a date to an Italian restaurant and drink wine.  Kelly said she’s been busy with “three children running around” and it’s been “challenging.”  Nick Jonas said the quarantine time has been “bizarre.”  He’s glad to be at home helping others.

Tuesday’s Results show has 17 talented artist down to only nine who’ll remain in the competition.  A Wild Card Instant Save will also be part of Tuesday’s Results show.


Next, Carson Daly announced the ever much anticipated winner of the Four-Way-Knockout.  The winner was Michael Williams from Team Nick.  The remaining artists pre-recorded their performances at home to give them all “a fair shot” said Daly.  

Pictured in this screen grab: (l-r) Michael Williams, Carson Daly — Photo by: NBC


Daly reminded viewers that Tuesday’s Results show will turn 17 artists into only nine left.    First up was Team Nick which consists of: Arei Moon, Roderick Chambers, Allegra Miles, Thunderstorm Artis, Michael Williams.

Nick said Thunderstorm sets the record so high.  “Michael is on the most “naturally gifted vocalists I’ve ever heard,” stated Jonas.   First-up was Thunderstorm Artis performing from Portland. Legend said it was “a very beautiful performance and complimented his whistling skills.  Jonas said it was the perfect way to kick-off the Live Playoffs and called it “joyful.”  He also liked is whistling, stating he can’t whistle.  

 Pictured in this screen grab: Allegra Miles — Photo by: NBC

Allegra Miles sang “New York State of Mind.”  Blake reacted the fact that they’re at home performing, it couldn’t be any better.  Nick stated that Allegra has been a “force in the competition since day one.”  He said she owned it and brought it  He called it her best performance, not letting the distractions of being at home get in the way.

Arei Moon took it back to old-school by performing “Finesse” song by Bruno Mars, featuring Cardi B.  Kelly Clarkson loved her 90’s vibes and the special effects thrown-in was great.  Nick gave her props for adding creativity to the performance and she “killed it.”  

Pictured in this screen grab: Arei Moon — Photo by: NBC

Roderick Chambers sang “Lost Without You.”   Jonas reacted that the falsetto of the performance was great and he “absolutely nailed it.”  He added that he’s excited to see how fans will react.  The last member of Team Nick just won the Four-Way-Knockout was Michael Williams.  

Michael Williams performed “Sign of the Times.”  Kelly called him “so Rock’n’Roll” and loved his look.  She loved what he did with the tail-end of the song and how he made the song his own.  Kelly called him the real Rock’n’Roll prize of the show.   Jonas said he’s proud of his performance and set the bar high.  Next up was Team Legend.


On Team Legend are: Zan Fiskum, Mandi Castillo, Cammwess, Mike Jerel. John talked about the advantages of his Team members, stating that his favorite part about Mani Castillo’s voice is her bravado.  Cammwess, John said is most similar to than any other artist on The Voice so far.  Mike is rare because of the power in his voice.  

First-up to perform from Maple Valley, Washington was Zan Fiskum.   John reacted that she took them all on such a journey, and it was so intentional.  He called it a “beautiful performance.”   

 Pictured in this screen grab: Mike Jerel — Photo by: NBC

Mike Jerel performed “All My Life.”  John said he loved Mike’s creativity and his arrangement of the song.  He stated that when Mike goes for those big chords it’s so powerful and electric. 

From Carlsbad, California, Mandi Castillo performed.   Blake reacted “obviously I had no idea what you were singing about”  but he imagined she was singing about him and she had him in the palm of her hand.  Legend said she executes everything with so much passion and power.  

Cammwess performed “Ain’t No Sunshine” while playing his guitar.    Kelly stated that she did not want to let him go and complimented all the “cool tricks” he did with the song to make it his own.  John said him taking-on this song was such a challenge but he knocked it out to the park.  John added that Cammwess’ voice was so “buttery!”  


Team Kelly’s artists are: Megan Danielle, Micah Iverson, Mandi Thomas and Cedrice. Kelly pegged Megan as her dark horse because she thrives under pressure.  Blake considers her a threat.  Micah’s range will help him to do well in the Lives, stated Kelly.  Kelly said she had been waiting for someone to do Opera such as Mandi Thomas since she got on “The Voice.”  Cedrice” was an amazing Steal and there’s something about her that the coaches can’t shake, stated Kelly.  This is why Cedrice has been on three Teams.

Pictured in this screen grab: Megan Danielle — Photo by: NBC

From Winston, Georgia, Megan Danielle sang “Anyone” by Demi Lovato.    Nick reacted, first showing-off his fancy chair as he spun around in his red chair with “Nick” sign on the back.  He called her “so talented.”  Coach Kelly said she loved her since the Blinds and she’s so special.  How she can float to different genres and would be shocked if she’s not in the finale.  

Mandi Thomas sang “I Hope You Dance” by Lee Ann Womack.   Kelly said the whole set-up was cool, how Mandi was looking into a mirror and she “can sing anything.”  Kelly told her she’s so proud of her.  

Pictured in this screen grab: Mandi Thomas — Photo by: NBC

Micah Iverson sang “Your Song” by Elton John.   Blake told Micah that the way he hits these big notes, he never seems to run out of breath.  Doesn’t know how he does it and “great job.”  Kelly was excited about this performance as she yelled-out in excitement. “This was a big song” and the way it wasn’t a big deal for him, Kelly stated, he’s “incredible” and happy he’s on her Team.

Pictured in this screen grab: Micah Iverson — Photo by: NBC

Kelly stole Cedrice from Team Blake.  Cedrice sang “Everything I Wanted” by Billie Eilish.   Kelly called Cedrice so crazy cool and she doesn’t need to be on “The Voice,” she is her own show.  

Pictured in this screen grab: Cedrice — Photo by: NBC


On Team Blake is:  Todd Tilghman, Joei Fulco, Joanna Serenko, and Toneisha Harris.  Blake called his Team the most “random and eclectic” groups he’s ever had.  He love the “bundle of energy” behind Todd’s voice. Joei is his Country Rocker.  You can hear Cher and Tanya Tucker when she sings Blake observed.  Joanna is the kind of artist, Blake stated that he’s had a lot of luck with on the show.   He called Toneisha a “once in a life time” vocalist.  Nick called Toneisha a “real threat.”

Performing from Rosewell, Georgia was Toneisha Harris who sang “Stronger (What Doesn’t Kill You)” by Kelly Clarkson. Toneisha’s performance was equipped with a couple of ‘Voice backup singers, and the band joining her virtually.   John reacted that it’s always a bold move to sing a Kelly Clarkson song and everything she performed proves that he thinks she’ll be in the finale.  Blake was over the moon excited and called it the “best vocal performance of the night so far.  She owned the story and has the vocal chops for it, he finished.  

Joei Fulco sang Bonnie Raitt’s version of “Runaway.”   Nick called her voice “so fun to listen to” and it was a unique performance with a chance to be in her own world, “well done.”  Blake said her voice is infectious and when she hits big notes, and shreds,  it’s so unique to listen to with her gravel.  

Joanna Serenko performed “Rich Girl” from her home in St. Louis.  Kelly called her “fabulous and fun.”  She said Joanna has a captivating spirit about her.  Coach Blake was “beaming” and told Joanna that she didn’t change-up the song. But, it literally became her song just based on how she performed it. 

Todd Tilghman performed “Glory of Love” by Peter Cetera.   Blake called him “literally the Karate Kid” and one of his favorite artists he’s worked with and Todd “deserves to go the way.”  Blake encouraged viewers to vote.  


At the top of Tuesday’s “The Voice” episode, host Carson Daly labeled the night their first ever “Remote Eliminations” show.

Daly gave a little bit of perspective into how “The Voice” is able to continue their broadcast during these times.  He stated that the crew navigated over 21 live video feeds across the country in order to make sure viewers could vote in real time.

The coaches were back, each from their residences.  Kelly Clarkson joined-in from Montana; Nick Jonas from Los Angeles John Legend also teleworking from Los Angeles; and Blake Shelton in Oklahoma.
Daly asked Blake Shelton how did he prepare his Team.  Blake said he enjoyed it – seeing his artists at home.  “It’s interesting and I’ve been able to meet a lot more of my artists family” because of every thing going on.

Legend said that from last night’s show, he was impressed by their professionalism for not playing for a live audience.  He added, “they brought it.”


Daly said they’ve never done an elimination just like this where “The Voice” goes from 17 artists  to nine.  He asked Kelly Clarkson, who’s a crier,  how she’s doing.  She answered that what people don’t see is how much she works with the artists afterwards and said she had  a good time working with her Team during this time.  

What did Nick say to his Team, with it being his first time as a coach?  He answered that he’s been really grateful that they’ve been patient with him navigating being a new coach.

The artists with the most votes will automatically  advance.  The coaches will be able to save only one.  Then one artist from each Team will have the chance to advance during their Save Songs.  Viewers were able to vote on “The Voice” official app.

Before Daly announced the first artist moving-on from Team Blake, he asked Joei Fulco about Blake.  She said it’s meant so much to her to have Blake supporting her.  Then, Daly announced that America Saved – Todd Tilghman who moved on to the Top 9.  

Joanna, Joei and Toneisha were left for Blake to choose which one to keep to move on to next week’s Semi Finals.  Blake told them that he was so proud of all three of them.  Blake said “the show must always go on” and told them to promise him that they will continue with their music after the show. Blake chose Toneisha Harris.  Toneisha thanked Blake.    The remaining two – Joanna and Joei were up for the Wild Card spot.

Pictured in this screen grab: Toneisha Harris — Photo by: NBC

Team John Legend was next.  Daly revealed that Cammwess was moving-on!  Cammwess thanked America.  Then, John Legend had to save one of his remaining artists from Mandi Castillo, Mike Jerel, and Zan Fiskum.  He chose Zan Fiskum.  She thanked Legend, stating “I love having you as a coach.”  Mike Jerel and Mandi Castillo were up for the Wild Card spot.

Next was Team Kelly.  The artists were: Cedrice, Megan Danielle, Micah Iverson, and Mandi Thomas.  The votes went to Micah Iverson chosen by America.  He thanked Kelly for being an awesome coach.  Kelly had to choose her pick, which was Megan Danielle.  Megan was overcome with emotion while giving her thanks to Kelly Clarkson.  That left Cedric and Mandi Thomas who were up for the Wild Card spot.

Pictured in this screen grab: Megan Danielle — Photo by: NBC

The next Team to learn their fate was Team Nick.  They were: Allegra Miles, Thunderstorm Artis, Roderick Chambers, Arei Moon, and Michael Williams.  The Save vote went to Thunderstorm Artis.  He reacted that he’s feels “good” and “blessed.”  

It was Nick Jonas’ turn to choose one artist to move-on to the Semi-Finals.  He looked to be struggling with the action and told them “just know that I fully believe in each and every one of you.  Because of the format of the show, I can only pick one..its so sad that I have to make this really tough choice.”  That choice was Allegra Miles.  She thanked him and told him she was “so grateful.” The remaining three artists up for the Wild Card were Arei Moon,  Michael Williams, and Roderick Chambers.

Daly played a montage video of how the coaches and artists handled setting-up the production equipment that was sent to them from the show in order to stream video and do their performances. 


Pictured in this screen grab: (top row l-r) Joanna Serenko, Mandi Thomas; (bottom row l-r) Cedrice, Michael Williams; (right) Carson Daly — Photo by: NBC

The artists with the most votes will have a chance to sing for the Wild Card Instant Save.  From Team Blake, the artist with the most votes was Joanna Serenko.  From Team Legend, it was Mandi Castillo.  Team Kelly’s artist with the most votes was Cedrice who was to also perform.  Team Nick’s artist with the most votes was Michael Williams.  

Only one Wild Card Instant Save vote was up for the East Coast viewers to chose from Joanna Serenko (Team Blake), Mandi Castillo (Team Legend), Cedrice (Team Kelly), and Michael Williams (Team Nick).  Joanna was the first to perform.  Blake reacted that she’s such an amazing singer and so accurate.  He begged America to vote.  

Mandi Castillo performed “True Colors” next.  John told Mandi that it was “perfectly executed “and called it “a gorgeous, gorgeous performance.”   The next Wild Card performance of the night was Cedric from Team Kelly.

Cedrice performed her Wild Card Save song.  Kelly reacted that she loves Cedrice and told her “you are such a star, and I can not wait to buy your record on day.”  The most uplifting message of all that Kelly left Cedrice with was, “you are bigger than this moment.  Remember that.”

The last Wild Card performance of the night came from Team Nick’s Michael Williams who was the Four-Way-Knockout winner on Monday night’s show.  Coach Nick wrote on a board (reminiscent to his first week on “The Voice” when he wrote the same note in his notebook) “Wow! Star!”  He told Michael that he deserves to be in the Top 9.  Voting started after that for the four artists.   


Blake told Joanna that he wold put her tone and instinct not jut up against any artist on the show but any artist in the world  He said the more relaxed she it, the stronger he voice is,  “It’s just so fun to hear.  I’m a super fan.”

John told Mandi that he was so grateful for her working with her.  He added,  “every time you come out onto the show, you have a beautiful performance.” John also stated that she gave a gorgeous  interpretation of her Wild Card Save and that she deserves the Instant Save vote.  Kelly told Cedrice that there’s a reason she’s been on three Teams.  It’s because she’s “so magical.”  It’s about who you are innately that makes people want to buy records and go to concerts.  “You have that.”  Kelly reiterated “this is just one moment. It’s not everything.”

Nick told all of the artists that they should be so proud.  He said to Michael for representing his Team, “thank you” and being such a joy to everyone you come into contact with.  “If it doesn’t happen, know I support you and believe in you every step of the way,” Nick finished.

JOANNA SERENKO (Team Blake) finished-off the Top 9 as the winner of the Wild Card Instant Save Vote!

Pictured in this screen grab: (l-r) Joanna Serenko, Blake Shelton — Photo by: NBC

The artists that we had to say goodbye to tonight were: Mandi Thomas,  Mike Jerel,  Arei Moon, Joei Fulco, Roderick Chambers, Cedrice, Mandi Castillo, and Michael Williams. 

“The Voice” is gearing-up for another season and advertised that they will be accepting “virtual auditions” for season 19!



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