SPARKLE: AMERICAN IDOL Jordin Sparks On Whitney Houston Surprise!

Posted on August 04 2012 by Editor

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SPARKLE: AMERICAN IDOL Jordin Sparks On Whitney Houston Surprise!

Former “American Idol” contestant Jordin Sparks is making her film acting debut in “Sparkle” which also stars the late and icon pop star singer Whitney Houston.

Jordin Sparks as “Sparkle”.

In a recent interview, Sparks stated that it was a surprise when she found out that Houston would be playing the role of her mother in “Sparkle”. “I already know that Whitney Houston was going to be executive producing and thought it would be so great to see her from time to time when she comes to visit. Then it came up that she was going to be playing the mom and I kind of stopped in my tracks because this is going to be bigger for me than I imagined, ” said Sparks.

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Sparks didn’t exactly get from Houston what she was expecting. Sparks explained what it was like working with Houston. “She was very motherly towards me. She was very nurturing. Which I wasn’t expecting at all. I was expecting her to be this super nova pop star to do her scenes, say hello and just go and do her schedule. I mean it’s Whitney Houston I’m sure the lady is very busy. And she wasn’t like that. She would come in and ask how we were doing, and if we needed anything and how we were feeling.”

(L-R) Carmen Ejogo, Tika Sumpter, Jordin Sparks play sisters is “Sparkle”.

Sparks stated that she shared a special connection with Houston in “Sparkle” being her first film role. “For me it was my first time on the movie. Everyone has a first time. For her [Houston] it was “The Bodyguard” for me it’s “Sparkle”. So it was almost like we had that instant kinship because she knew what I was going through being that I was a singer first and trying to break into this role,” said Sparks.

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“Sparkle” is a story about how three sister rise to fame by forming an all-girl group in the 1960s. Sparks elaborated, “it’s about family and what you go through there and discovering who’s really there for you and who’s really not. Choices- what consequences your choices can make, and about finding your voice.”

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Sparks explains her character, “Sparkle is the youngest of the three sisters. In the beginning she’s a little bit naive, a little bit shy and soft-spoken. She really has this rambunctious attitude but she’s also really brave and wants to take these big steps. She finds her voice. She goes through a huge change in the movie- a huge emotional roller-coaster. She’s the one that connives her way in there to get her sisters to be a part of the group because that’s all she want’s to do is sing.”

“Sparkle” opens in movie theaters Friday, August 17, 2012.


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