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“America’s Got Talent” new spin-off Winter edition “America’s Got Talent: The Champions” is a kind of homage to both previous contestants and hard-core fans of the reality talent competition show. Hosted by comedic actor Terry Crews (Brooklyn Nine-Nine), it’s best of the best contestants from all of the shows’ franchises from all over the world. These previous contestants comeback to compete for the AGT Champions title. It’s the “super-fans” that get to vote on the continuing acts each week.

AGT Champions 2019, Terry Crews

Pictured: Terry Crews — Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC

Real fans of “America’s Got Talent” make-up the voters who are secluded in a separate room away from the live studio audience. These voting fans are selected from various states which they represent. After all of the acts have performed at the end of each episode, the fans vote for their favorite.

There’s fifty acts total with ten to twelve acts performing each week. At the end of every episode, the top three acts are revealed. Then, those acts are narrowed-down to third place, second place, then finally – first place which is the act (along with a Golden Buzzer act) that moves-on to compete further in the Champions competition. That’s a lot of talented acts going home each week!

AGT Champions 2019, Howie Mandel, Mel B., Terry Crews, Heidi Klum, Simon Cowell

Pictured: (l-r) Howie Mandel, Mel B, Terry Crews, Heidi Klum, Simon Cowell — Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC

By around the third episode in, Simon Cowell said the show realized that they had lost too many “good people.” So, “we decided to bring in two Wild Cards.”

Viewers will see repeat acts who are brought-back via the Wild Card. This version of “America’s Got Talent” also includes the Golden Buzzer that allows judges to put a favorite act straight through to the final round. SPOILER ALERT! – One of the below ten acts got a Golden Buzzer again!

Hollywood Junket got a sneak-preview while visiting the set early in the season. It’s surprising to see how many of the show’s extremely talented and successful acts came back for a chance to claim the title of “AGT Champion.” Some of the acts were from just this past season 13. Most recognizable contestant Susan Boyle from Britain’s Got Talent also returned for her shot, along with AGT winner from season one, Bianca Ryan who was only eleven-years-old at the time. Preview a list of some of the returning acts’ preformances on “America’s Got Talent: The Champions” with throwback videos below:


DJ ARCH JR. (South Africa’s Got Talent 2015)

D.J. Arch won South Africa’s Got Talent. At the time he won in 2015, he was just three years old, officially the world’s younges D.J. Now six years old, his performance on AGT: Champions was impressive. Even Simon tried to swoop-in on this young talent. Simon asked Arch if he wants to save lives or make millions. Then followed-up by also asking Arch if he has a record deal. Arch answered “yes.” Simon said they’ll have to talk.

DARCY OAKE (Britain’s Got Talent 2014)

Darcy Oake from “Britain’s Got Talent” competed with a few tricks up his sleeves. But he wasn’t the only magician vying for the Champions title. Keep reading to find out who!


Angelica is a child singer who is incredibly talented with a big, booming voice that fills-up an auditorium. She was runner-up on season 12 of “America’s Got Talent” and belive it or not has gotten even MORE talented which she’ll showcase on ‘Champions show.


Stand-up comedian from “America’s Got Talent” season 7, Tom Cotter returned to the competition. Cotter defined his moment on AGT as being beaten by a dog act. The winner that season was the Olate Dogs.


Oprea singer Prince Poppycock originally competed on AGT season 5. The song that Prince Poppycock chose to sing for his AGT: Champions performance was one that Simon said he expcted him to sing. Simon told Poppycock that he wished he had picked a different song and does think America will vote him through. Howie said it’s super-fans who are voting and Prince Poppycock may go through based on being a fan favorite.


Billy and Emily England who had just competed on “America’s Got Talent” this past season 13 returned to compete for the Champions title. They are a brother and sister extreme rollerblade act. Simon said they’re the definition of Champions. Howie said they make it look effortless. But, voters need to realize it’s difficult. Simon aksed them why America should vote for them. Emily told her story about her Spice Girl rewards. They said they train everyday and don’t go out.


John Dorenbos is a magician who competed on AGT in 2016. He was in the NFL and was traded to the New York Saints from the Philidelphia Eagles. John told a personal story of how the Saints really saved his life because in order to be traded, he had to go through a physical. During the physical the doctor found a blood clot near a heart artery which was life-threatening. It was so serious that John had to have open-heart surgery immediatley within 24 hours. In John’s magic act, the AGT judges selected key words – courage, hard work, and heart. SPOILER ALERT – These words will come into play later in the Champions season. So, stay tuned! Simon stated that John’s talent is better by a mile and predicted that John will win the whole thing.


Samuel J. Comroe is a comedian with tourette syndrome who competed this past season of “America’s Got Talent” in 2018. Simon said Sam is booked-out two years and still came back to AGT. He said Sam is the definition of a Champion. Mel said Sam is husband material because he understands women inside out. Howie sarcastically stated to Mel B. (who is recently divorced) if anyone knows husband material it’s her!


Ryan Stock and Amberlynn are a danger act duo who are well-known for their cringe-worthy acts. However, during one such stunt where Amberlynn had to shoot a fire-arrow into Ryan’s mouth it infamously went wrong during one an AGT live show where Amberlynn missed the mark, landing the firery arrow onto Ryan’s neck. Ryan survived the incident unharmed. The couple stated that they’d attempt the act again. During their appearance on AGT: Champions, Ryan and Amberlynn said they got a Vegas show by the time their AGT season ended. Simon was laughing through their whole ‘Champions stunt.

PAUL POTTS (Britain’s Got Talent 2007)

The ten acts were rounded-off by Britain’s Got Talent Paul Potts. For those that missed Potts first stint on the show, he is an unexpecting, tremdously talented Opera singer who literaly brought the house down during his “AGT: The Champions” performance. In a career update, Paul said he’s done 1100 shows in 11 years.

Creator, and current judge, of both “Britain’s Got Talent” and “America’s Got Talent” Simon Cowell gave the studio audience an interesting and little known tidbit about the show and Potts. Cowell stated that the day before Potts auditioned, the show had been cancelled. But, when Potts busted onto the scene, the network literally changed its mind and brought the show back!


AGT Champions 2019, The Clairvoyants

Pictured: The Clairvoyants — Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC

More AGT acts that fans can expect to see competiting on ‘Champions include: Preacher Lawson, Vicki Barbolak, Piff the Magic Dragon, Taylor Williamson, Darci Lynne, Kechi, Tape Face, Brian Justin Crum, Sal Valentinetti, The Clairvoyants, Attraction, Jackie Evancho, Sons of Serendip, Deadly Games, among more!

AGT Champions 2019, Deadly Games act

Pictured: Deadly Games — Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC

“America’s Got Talent: The Champions” premieres Monday, January 7th 8/7 c on NBC.



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