The Sloth in the Room THE BACHELOR Season 23 Premiere Recap

January 5, 2019
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January 14, 2019
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The Sloth in the Room THE BACHELOR Season 23 Premiere Recap

Updated January 7, 2019, 11:38 pm

“The Bachelor” 23rd season premiere celebrated by airing the episode simultaneously with multiple live viewing parties across the country hosted by various previous Bachelor show contestants.

By the end of the premiere episode, Bachelor Colton Underwood sent seven out of thirty women home, leaving twenty-three remaining ladies for him to continue a courtship with. The episode was wrapped-up with a preview of some of the drama to come.

Not quite the most controversal, but possibly the most questionable ‘Bachelor pick in the show’s history (yes, more so than Arie Luyendyk Jr.), ex-NFL football player Colton Underwood is also the show’s best choice. Keep reading.

Colton is an unexpected choice as “The Bachelor,” this is one reason why he is the best one for the job. Also, Colton genuinely fell in love with and got his heart broken by ‘Bachelorette Becca Kufrin. After Becca gave him the closure that he needed during “Bachelor in Paradise,” he was able to move-on and gave it the old college try with love interest Tia Booth which ultimately didn’t work-out.

Colton is honest, and genuine. However, he’s also the first ‘Bachelor virgin. In the premiere episode, Colton eluded to that it is most likely he will lose his virginity during his season as “The Bachelor,” and he’ll have plently of women to choose from! There weren’t many women who DIDN’T address the elephant in the room (or mansion). Here’s what else happened in the premiere episode of season 23 of “The Bachelor”…

The Bachelor 2019, Colton with thirty women

Pictured (center): Colton Underwood with thirty women/ Photo: Rick Rockwell/ABC


Cassie is 23-years-old from Huntington Beach, California. She “loves the beach” and being in the water. Similar to Colton, who has a foundation for children with cystic fibrosis, Cassie also works with childern as a speech pathologist. She hopes to “really click” with Colton and leave with him.

Hannah B. is Miss Alabama who says she’s “a total train wreck.” She hopes that Colton likes her “hot mess” and she’s NOT a virgin. “Sex is a big deal,” Hannah stated. But, thinks Colton being a virgin is “awesome.”

Katie is 26-years-old from the East Coast who moved to Los Angeles to pursue her dancing. She’s looking for stability and desires to imulate her parents who’ve been married for thirty years. Katie said Colton is her type and it’s a good chance she could be engaged at the end of the show.

Heather, 22 from Carlsbad, California, is a “beach girl” and is also a virgin. She’s never been kissed. She met Colton before at one of his charity events and took a photo with him. Heather said it’s possible that Colton will be her first kiss.

Onyekachukwu (“Onyeka” for short) Ehie is 24-years-old from Dallas, Texas. She’s Nigerian and grew-up in a strong, traditional Nigerian family. She’s definitely one to watch as far as having conflicts with girls in the house, Onyeka said she doesn’t care what people think about her and is “a lot to handle.” Fitting-in with the whirl-wind romance that “The Bachelor” show brings, her parents dated for two weeks before getting married. Onyeka said Colton has all the morals that she looks for in a guy.

Nicole is 25 from Miami and said it’s difficult being single in Miami because men are just looking to “hook-up.” She’s looking for a lasting relationship and excited to meet Colton and introduce him to her family. Her brother has autisim and said he’s “part of the package deal.”

Dental hygentist Kirpa from Whitter, Caifornia, said it would be a good experiene to clean Colton’s teeth and that’s as close as she can get right now (referring to his virgin status)! Kirpa said she’d like to be engaged at the end of the show.

Demi Burnett, 23-years-old, said she’s never had a serious relationship and lives with her Dad and Step-mom. Her mom is in Federal State prison for embelzelment. If Demi makes it to the hometowns, that would be the soonest she’ll see her mom who’ll be getting out of prison by that time. Demi describes herself as the “confetti cake.”

Many of these women were preplexed as to how Colton is still a virgin. How, How HOW? Well, a bit of background story on Colton below reveals that.

COLTON UNDERWOOD (26-years-old)

He said he knows not everyone is going to like him and he has “a lot of room to grow.” He said he “has an idea” of what he wants now. The first virgin Bachelor and calls this “an opportunity of a lifetime.” He said grade school Colton would be shy and timid. He grew-up in a conservative enviroment in a Christian shcool. He was chubby as a kid. He didn’t have a girlfriend and didn’t have confidence in himself until later in high school when he started playing football. He said football was the only thing he knew how to do well and made it to the NFL. “When things were good it was because of football,” stated Colton. “It was so special.” But, has missed-out on sharing the cool opportunities with someone. He fell in love with Bachelorette Becca. He called it “very eye-opening.” He said he was ready to lose his virginity to Becca. Colton was “devastated” when that relationship ended.

The host of “The Bachelor” Chris Harrison had a sit-down with Colton where he shared his intial reaction and current expectations of being the Bachelor. Colton is ready to fall in love. He called being the next “Bachelor” unexpected, but he’s grateful for it. Colton said he’s doing the show for him and understands the negative comments. “The stigma around being a virgin” Colton stated is that he won’t be romantic. “I’m not waiting for a ring” or to be married. Colton said he’s waiting “to be in love” and for it to feel right on losing his virginity. He said being back at the Bachelor mansion reminds him that “this works” and “this is real.” He said he’s hopeful and diving-in head first.


The Bachelor 2019 premiere, Demi, Tayshia, Heather

Pictured (l-r): Demi, Tayshia, Heather

Viewers got a peek at the women exiting their hotel and loading into the first series of limosines. This was a refreshing change of pace since the women normally are not shown until they exit the limos, and just in recent seasons, “The Bachelor” has been showing them in the limos en route to the mansion.

SEE ALL 30 Women in Order of Their Arrivals HERE!

Demi, a 23-year-old interior designer, was the first woman out of the limo and wearing a “banana yellow” dress. In her introduction Demi told Colton that she hasn’t dated a virgin since she was 12. But “excited to give it another shot.”

Heather, who has “never-been-kissed” at 22-years-old was also in the first batch of girls to meet Colton. Caelynn “Miss North Carolina” who wants to change her title to “Miss Underwood.” Then, 23-year-old Cassie brought Colton a box of fake butterfiles. Symbolic of them both being very nervous.

The show wouldn’t be “The Bachelor” if it didn’t play into whatever the it’s trying to capitalize on. For Becca, it was her very public break-up with Arie. For Colton, it’s his virginity. Thus, a lot of the women creatively stressed this fact.
Caitlin presented Colton with a red balloon, then stated after popping it, “now that we’ve popped your cherry, we don’t have to talk about your virginity any more!” Katie brought cards for Colton then took his “V” card.

The Bachelor 2019, Colton with red balloon/cherry

Pictured: Colton with red balloon, cherry. Photo: Rick Rockwell / ABC

Then….there was Alex D. who showed-up wearing a sloth costume and moved and spoke verrry slooowllyyy. “I heard you taakke things sloowlly,” she told Colton. Erika McNut. Brought a bag of nuts for Colton to remember her by. Friends call her “nut,” and “nutty.” But did it work?

Hannah B., who is 23-years-old, and “Miss Alabama” met fellow competitor Caelynn “Miss North Carolina” after going into the mansion. There was a sense of perhaps an upcoming fued and drama between these two rivals this season. Hannah B. complained to the confessional camera “Caelynn was first-runner-up in Miss U.S.A. She beat me!”

Next, the police showed-up. Not really, it was just wardrobe stylist, Tracy playing “fashion police.” She handed Colton some handcuffs that he might want to use later in the season in the Fantasy Suite. Alex B. was too sick and brought her own cards, cue card style to introduce herself to Colton. Bria (Brianna) pretends to be Austrialan to “Stand out.”

The Bachelor 2019, Tracy with cop car

Pictured: Tracy, Photo: ABC/Rick Rowell

Then there ws Hannah G! She brought Colton a box of underwear…NOT, it was empty because everyone knows that Colton doesn’t wear underwear! Catherine brought her 10-year-old dog to leave with Colton. Chris Harrison soon played dog sitter for the rest of the night.

Erin stole the show when she pulled-up in a horse and carriage with a blue gown just like Cinderella. She left Colton her slipper and told Colton to come find her before midnight. It was after midnight before Colton got to talk to her. Maybe because Catherine stole Colton away too many times at the Cocktail Party!

The Bachelor 2019, Erin as Cinderlla

Pictured: Erin as “Cinderella” arriving via horse and buggy


The Bachelor 2019, Colton Underwood, first cocktail party

Pictured: Bachelor Colton Underwood with thirty women/ Photo: ABC/Rick Rowell

Colton joined the women inside the house and announced, “any expectations I had, how that was going to go you guys blew that away!” He told them he fell in love with Becca. But grateful for that heart-break because it lead him to them on “The Bachelor”. He assured him that he “is so ready” and promised to stay true to himself and be “open and honest.” Colton stated the the ladies that’s all he asks for them in return is to be open and honest. He’s hopeful that his future wife is standing in the room.

Demi was first out of the limo and was first to wisk Colton out of the room for some private time. He remembered her name. “McNutty” Ericka used her time with Colton to find out whay he’s still a virgin. Her nuts didn’t work on him because he couldn’t remember her name. But, did tell her that his personal life took a backseat to his football. Now, he’s waiting for the right person.

It was evident that some women had an immediate connection with Colton. Those women were: Caelynn, Katie, Hannah G. Oh, boy did Hannah G. have some chemistry with Colton! Then Chris Harrison brought-in the First Impression Rose and dropped it off. This upped the anty of the women who felt the need to get more competitive.

The Bachelor 2019, Colton and Sydney dancing

Pictured: Colton dances with Sydney. Photo: Rick Rockwell/ ABC

The women got jealous over watching Sydney teach Colton private dance lessons to a live orchestra in the yard. After that, Colton helped the sloth, Alex D., out of her costume and they finally officially met.

The Bachelor 2019, Colton and "Sloth" Alex B.

Pictured: Colton with “sloth” Alex D. Photo: Rick Rockwell/ABC

No one was more competitive than Catherine who brought her dog for Colton to watch who ended-up passing the dog to host Chris Harrison. Catherine rubbed a lot of the women the wrong way on night one by continually grabbing Colton for alone time multiple times. At one point, Onyeka pulled Catherine to the side to tell her the women were getting upset at her, plus she looked “desperate.”

The Bachelor 2019, Colton with Catherine

Pictured (l-r): Colton with Catherine/ Photo: Rick Rockwell/ ABC

Ultimately, Colton gave his First Impression Rose to Hannah G. because she reminded him of home when they had their conversation. If viewers recall, this is the same thing that Becca said about Garrett who she gave her First Impression Rose too! Colton called Hannah G. owning-up to her nervousness “refreshing” and her energy instantly “lifts” him up. That was followed with some kissing.

With that, Harrison stole Colton away from the ladies to prepare him for the first Rose Ceremony. Some of the women who didn’t get time with Colton were extremely upset, and had a great amount of animosity towards Catherine who stole him away four times!


Before the Rose Ceremony got underway, Chris Harrison who was hosting from a live viewing party in Hollywood, Califorina welcomed Colton to react to his season so far. Harrison asked Colton what he though about Catherine. Colton responded “I appreciated her. She let me know that she was there for me and not afaid to get what she wants.” There was an earlier announcement made that if “The Bachelor” got 10,000 like on their Instagram photo, they’d “unlock” a special ‘Bachelor video. Well, the show surpassed it goal and it turned out that the video was a dedication to host Chris Harrison! The video was introduced by him mom, who didn’t look much older than Chris. That solves the mystery to why he doesn’t age.


Before Colton got down to business of choosing which women to keep and who to send home, he told Chris Harrison, “I wasn’t expecting to have feelings already…to have chemistry already.”

Women Who Got Roses: Caelynn, Katie, Alex B., Hannah B., Onyeka, Caitlin, Annie, Kirpa, Heather, Elyse, Tayshia, Courtney, Cassie, Demi, Nina, Erika, Sydney, Bri, Angelique, Tracy, Nicole, Catherine, Hannah G. already had the First Impression Rose.

Women Who Went Home: Jane, Devin, Tahzjuan, Laura, Erin, Alex D., and Revian. This party took all night because when the women exited the mansion, the sun was already up outside. Tahzjuan was upset and said she was taken out of this equation way too early. Erin came in horse and carriage as Cinderalla and said she didn’t get her fairy tale ending. Devin was dumbfounded because on her end there was a connnection and stated, in the end it wasn’t enough, “it’s hard to get rejected.”

Talk about bad timing – as Devin was crying about going home, the women staying in the mansion were celebrating behind her.

Season 23 Sneak-peek: “The Bachelor” showed some teasers to the rest of the season. This included some steamy moments between Colton and several of the women who included Demi, Cassie, and Nicole. Courtney is seen vocalizing a warning to Colton about Demi that she’s not the person she pretends to be around him. Hannah G. and Demi are both shown telling Colton that they are falling in love with him (though Hannah G. did seem more genuine than Demi). In another scene, Colton is seen being upset and saying “there are people here that are not ready.” He said he’s there to get married and doesn’t want to get to the end to be “blind-sided.”

Overall, there’s a whole lot of crying going on from a lot of the women and from Colton. A final tease shows Colton stating “I don’t know what the future holds for me. I’m f#@*!ng done.” Then he jumps over the fence as Hannah B. is watching and reacts with disbelief.



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