Teams to Beat on THE VOICE Season 17 Live Playoffs Week 1 Recap

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November 4, 2019
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Teams to Beat on THE VOICE Season 17 Live Playoffs Week 1 Recap

“The Voice” host Carson Daly announced on Monday night’s first live show of season 17 that Tuesday’s Results show will have the first ever Wild Card Instant Save. Monday’s show showcased live performances from all twenty artitsts – five on each Team.

Team Blake went first, followed by Team Gwen, then Team Kelly, topping-of a nice ending of the night with Team Legend who showed-off his top artists Will Breman and finally powerhouse Katie Kadan.

Tuesday’s Results show leaves 13 artists from the twenty, revealing America’s votes. Two artists are selected by America, the third by their coaches and then a “Wild Card,” making it 13. Season 15 was the other season where we saw a Top 13 artists where Team Kelly got a fourth one.


Pictured: (l-r) Ricky Braddy, Gracee Shriver, Blake Shelton, Kat Hammock, Ricky Duran, Cali Wilson — Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC

Team Blake includes Pop Singer Cali Wilson, whom Blake thinks her style will make her a threat; Ricky Duran; Kat Hammock who could be the “deadliest” said Blake, adding  “I guaranteed you people are going to love her voice.” Ricky Braddy – every time he gets on stage does something unexpected. Gracee Shriver can pick songs to fit her tone and style. “This is going to be a deadly combination,” said Blake. “Everyone on my Team has the chance to make it to the finale.” – Blake Shelton.

RICKY DURAN – He performed first.   Gwen told him he looked amazing with the  band and has been all of the coaches favorite…has everything going for it. She said he looked like a star  Blake said Ricky is the singer on the show you can’t really define.  He said he’s the guy they want to see make it and will always make an “incredible performance.”

CALI WILSON – Cali is a Pop singer. John said he would have never predicted this performance from her (after last week’s show) which was “unexpected.”  Blake said her ride on the show is consistently “coming up a level” and wanted to do this jazzy song which separates her from the pack.

Carson Daly congratulated Blake on his People’s Choice Awards win on Sunday night. Gracee Shriver performed next. 

GRACEE SHRIVER – Kelly let America know that something happened to her guitar during the live performance not seen by television viewers. Gracee changed her performance because of it.  Kelly reacted Gracee having a stellar voice and handled the mishap like a professional. Blake said the guitar thing would have freaked him out.  And America doesn’t know how far she’s come from the rehearsal. He couldn’t be more proud.

KAT HAMMOCK – Blake said if America doesn’t vote her through, they need their heads examined because she’s one of the most unique human beings he’s ever worked with.

RICKY BRADDY – Ricky sang “Roll with It” song.  Blake told him every time he gets on the stage he brings so much energy and power.  Blake also reminded everyone that Ricky Knocked-out one of his favorite Country singers on the show (Zach Bridges). That’s how much he believes in him. Next up was Team Gwen.


Pictured: (l-r) Rose Short, Jake HaldenVang, Kyndal Inskeep, Gwen Stefani, Joana Martinez, Myracle Holloway — Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC

Gwen’s Team includes Rose Short who wowed this week with an 80s classic in a strong Team lead-in performance. Gwen said Joana Martinez is her talented 15-year-old that she stole from Blake. Myracle Holloway is the most seasoned artist on Team Gwen that connects with their feelings and opens-up.  Kyndal Inskep, Gwen said she has an original sound with “so much style.”  Gwen said her Team is the Team to watch-out for.

ROSE SHORT – Rose sang Janet Jackson song, “What Have You Done For Me Lately.”   Kelly said she couldn’t even sit down and “it was one hell of a performance!”  She said Janet Jackson is at home saying ‘don’t sing my song!’  Gwen told Rose that she’s so proud of her and proud to know her. Gwen called it “risky” and it was so beautiful.

KYNDAL INSKEP – John said he loved her voice and has a beautiful tone, a “golden tone” bravado that sounds distinct.  Gwen told her she’s so unique and there’s nobody that sounds like Kyndal and she’s proud of her.  

JOANA MARTINEZ – Joana sang “You Can’t Stop the Girl.” Her former coach Blake said he’s happy that she’s made him regret letting her go and told her “incredible performance.”  Gwen called her amazing and glad she picked that song which showed how spectacular of a singer she is. 

MYRACLE HOLLOWAY – John told her she loves her stage presence and the liberties she took with the song to make it her own. Gwen agreed that her presence was great and she made it her own.

JAKE HALDENVANG – Kelly said she’s been a fan of his the whole time and his voice can do anything including Country.  She said she loves his voice, and “rad song” to pick.  Gwen agreed that his voice “does everything” and thinks he showed that off tonight.


Pictured: (l-r) Jake Hoot, Max Boyle, Damali, Kelly Clarkson, Hello Sunday, Shane Q — Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC

Team Kelly’s “power house duo” is Hello Sunday.   Jake Hoot is one of the best Country singers that’s been on the show.  She called him traditional Country in a timeless sense.  Matt Boyle, she said, has a different type of falsetto like Justin Timberlake, and calls him Superman.  Damali is the “dark horse” on her Team.  Shane Q is one of the singers that’s undeniable and can sing anything you want.  She predicted he will be in the finale.  She called them “the Team to beat.”

SHANE Q – Shane sang classic song “Can’t Take My Eyes Off of You.”   Blake told Shane he’s going to be around on the show for a while because he’s so talented and incredible.  He’s one of the artists that can do classic songs like that, and do them justice and knock them out of the park.  Kelly said she loves artists who love all of the music and he’s that guy.  

HELLO SUNDAY – They’re the youngest duo ever!  They sang “Hello” by Adele.  Nerves got to them a little bit in Monday’s live performance as they started with shaky vocals. Gwen said all she can think about is her son singing Green Day in the shower, and can’t believe they’re 14 and so mesmerized.  Kelly said she did this (singing competition) at 19 and can’t imagine doing this show at their age.  She loves their energy and although they shake, they get to “this beautiful place.”  

DAMALI – John said she tells the story not only with her voice but also with her body and she’s really telling the story.  Her voice sounds well.  Kelly said she’s almost like an actor performing the song.  Kelly added that Damali has no idea how capable she is and told her to believe in herself because she is incredibly gifted.  

MAX BOYLE – Kelly said she never recorded a rehearsal on “The Voice” but recorded his because he’s “so talented” and told him there’s no way he’s NOT going all the way (on The Voice)!

JAKE HOOT – Blake told Jake that, that was one of his all-time favorite Country songs and it was a tall order, big shoes to fill and Jake knocked it out of the park. Kelly told Jake he has such a killer range and not every male singer can do what he does. “From a man’s perspective, it’s such a classic song” stated Kelly.


Pictured: (l-r) Katie Kadan, Alex Guthrie, Marybeth Byrd, John Legend, Khalea Lynee, Will Breman — Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC

John Legend said he has a good combination of artists.  John sang with Will Breman during the Blinds.  Will said John is one of his biggest musical artists.  Marybeth Byrd – is one of the youngest artist he has.  John said she’s so poised and controlled she can go soulful and Country.  John said he wants to unlock that for the Live Shows.   Alex Guthrie has a voice that’s flexible. Khalea Lynee is a full-time mom and hearing her sing you hear what the world is missing out on.  He called her voice a “honey tone.” Katie Kadan is one of the best performers in this competition, One of the distinct voices on the show.  Katie said she was body-shamed when she first started-out in music.  John said he wants to win and is going for two wins in a row.

KHALEA LYNEE – Gwen told Khalea she’s jealous of her outfit and loved the old-school song.  She called her “very cool.”  John told Khalea that she has a soulful voice and is a “gifted, gifted performer.”

ALEX GUTHRIE – Kelly reacted that he’s “so good!”  And stated he’s going to go the finale.  John told Alex he loved his baritone range which was “rich and soulful…welcome to Team Legend.” 

MARYBETH BYRD – Marybeth is an 18-year-old Pop singer.  She sang “Love Me Like You Do” by Ellie Goulding.   Blake said he mic wasn’t turned-on at the beginning.  That performance erased anything because her voice soared and called it one of the best performances of the night.  John said tonight was “head and shoulder” above anything else she’s done.  The power she showed – beautiful and controlled. 

WILL BREMAN – Will won over the crowd with a stunning performance with his twist on Taylor Swift’s song “Style.”  Kelly exclaimed to Will, “you just won “The Voice!” She stated “you just won it all!”  John said Will has so much charisma calling him a true artist.  He said it’s a joy watching Will.  

KATIE KADAN – Katie was the best one to follow the uproar from the crowd that Will’s performance caused.  She sang while playing the keyboard.  John reacted that Katie has so much soul in her voice and “oozes so much power.”  He continued that no one has seen her tender moments until tonight and was so “beautiful tonight.”  John called her performance “stunning.” 


On “The Voice” Tuesday’s Results Show, season 17’s Top 13 artists was revealed early in the first half of the live show.  Host Carson Daly brought artists out by Teams, revealing which two artists from each Team were Saved by America’s votes from Monday’s live show. Then, immediately on the spot, each coach had to select which one of the three artists left they wanted to keep on their Teams.

The two remaining artists from each Team had to go head-to-head with each other and the one who got the most votes from Monday’s show went on to perform a Wild Card Instant Save song.  
One artist from each Team performed for a first ever Wild Card Instant Save that viewers at home voted on.

First-up on the chopping block was TEAM BLAKE.  Host Carson had questions from some of the contestants throughout the reveal process.  He asked  Cali what she hopes America learned about her.  She replied that she hoped America saw her versatility and she’s willing to make a song an original.  Daly revealed that America saved Ricky Duran!   Next, Kat Hammock was also announced as Saved.  That left Cali Wilson, Gracee Shriver, and Ricky Braddy.  Blake had to chose only one artist to put through out of the three.   Blake said “thank God for this new Save we have this season. That means maybe we can get two of you moving-on to the Lives.”  He kept Cali Wilson.

Team Blake –  Ricky Duran, Kat Hammock, Cali Wilson

TEAM GWEN stepped out onto the stage next.  Daly asked Rose Short what’s the most important thing she’s learned from Gwen.  Short answered is that she has and who she is, “is enough,” and she’s never felt more fearless and beautiful in her life.  One of her members had the most votes from America.  Daly revealed, it was Rose Short.  Next saved was Joana Martinez.  The last three left were Jake, Myracle Holloway, Kyndal Inskep.  Gwen said it’s been amazing for them to find their gifts and share.  She said they are all so unique and each on different journey and places in place.  Gwen ultimately decided to keep Myracle Holloway.

Team Gwen –  Rose Short, Joana Martinez, Myracle Holloway.

When TEAM KELLY arrived to “The Voice” stage, Daly asked Jake what it means to be in the live shows.  He answered that he’s watched people become his family and thanked Kelly for giving him the opportunity.  Daly announced that America Saved Max Boyle.   America also Saved Jake Hoot!  The remaining three artists were Hello Sunday, Damali, and Shane Q.   It was now Kelly’s decision.  She told them they are so talented and ended up with a versatile Team.  When she got to Shane, she told him she can give him anything and in any genre.  Thus, Kelly kept Shane Q.  

Team Kelly –  Max Boyle, Jake Hoot, Shane Q, Hello Sunday (Wild Card).

After commercial break, Blake Shelton reminded everyone that in 2017, he was People Magazine’s “Sexiest Man Alive.”  He revealed that this year’s “Sexiest Man Alive” is fellow ‘Voice coach John Legend.   Blake said John already had an EGOT.  Then won the voice and made it a VEGOT.  John thanked People magazine.  Then, thanked Blake for the “sexy” man mentorship.  He joked that some of it “rubbed-off” on him.  Daly said “it’s a good thing that the sexy spilled-over!”  John said his wife Chrissy Teigen is proud of him.

TEAM LEGEND was next to hear their results.  Katie Kadan was announced as the first Save by America.   The next Save was Marybeth Byrd.  That left Alex Breman, Alex Guthrie, and Khalea   John said you really never know who America’s going to pick. He told them all that they’re musically gifted. “I respect your artistry so much.”  John told them he was honored they were on his Team.. Charisma and electricity of his performance he went with Will Breman.

Team Legend – Katie Kadan, Marybeth Byrd, Will Breman.

NEXT –  It was time to find out which artists would be performing for the Wild Card spot.  The one with the most votes from last night would be the one going-on to perform for the Wild Card Instant Save spot.

Gracee vs. Ricky Braddy (Team Blake).  The one who got the most votes was Gracee Shriver.   Gracee performed “Landslide.”  Blake reacted to Gracee’s performance was that he knew if she ended-up in the Final Four, that she would have a serious chance of winning the Wild Card spot and he believes in her. 

Jake vs. Kyndal (Team Gwen).   Jake Haldenvang got more votes.  Jake sang Shawn Mendes song “There’s Nothing Holdin’ Me Back.”  Gwen reacted to his performance by telling America that Jake is so incredible, gifted and he’s the one she wants to make a record with.  She added that Jake’s been in a band with his dad since age eleven.  

Damali vs.  Hello Sunday (Team Kelly)  Hello Sunday had the most votes. Hello Sunday sang a version of “All By Myself.” Kelly was stunned and shocked that “not even singers on the radio can hit that note!!” She said they are 14-years-old and are incredible. She said people in this competition can not do what they just did.

Alex vs. Khalea (Team Legend).  Alex Guthrie was the artist with more votes.   Alex sang “Stay” by Rihanna. His coach John Legend reacted that he loves that song and loved his performance. John said Alex has so much soul and called his talent “a tour de force” performance. He said Alex is an “immense talent” and it was an honor to work with him. John said Alex deserves to stay on “The Voice.”

Before the Wild Card Instant Save vote was revealed, each artist got to say their potential final words to their coaches. Gracee thanked Blake for Stealing her in the Knockouts and working with a fellow “Oakie.” Alex told John Legend it’s always been a dream for him to work with John. He said John tore his song apart in the best ways and put it back together. Jake thanked Gwen for believing in him and getting him to believe in himself. He said he didn’t believe that he deserved to be there. Jake also thanked Gwen for being the first coach to turn for him and he adores her. Gwen teared-up. Hello Sunday thanked Kelly for supporting them. They also thanked Kelly for being the Mama Bear. Kelly said if they were 30-years-old and sang that song like that, they still did better than anyone. She said it’s a hard song to cover.

WILD CARD INSTANT SAVE: Hello Sunday (Team Kelly) won the vote.



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