THE CELEBRITY APPRENTICE: Niki Taylor Calls-Out Dionne, Tonight’s Episode!

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March 23, 2011
March 29, 2011
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THE CELEBRITY APPRENTICE: Niki Taylor Calls-Out Dionne, Tonight’s Episode!

Viewers who watched last week’s episode of “The Celebrity Apprentice” got a big surprise. A lack of an intense “throwing under the bus” attack session in the board room when Donald Trump fired project manager Niki Taylor on spot.

Although having multiple run-ins with team members Dionne Warwick and Star Jones, Taylor declined to bring them or any other fellow team members back to the board room to be put onto the chopping block for Trump’s firing. Instead, she took full responsibility for her team’s losing the “Outdoor World” camping challenge to the men’s team, loosely run by project manager Gary Busey. This in turn resulted in a direct firing by Trump.

Taylor talks of Warwick and Star!

A conference call was recently held by NBC publicity to give Taylor a chance to talk to media outlets regarding the unexpected outcome. When asked about the way things played out on the show, she said, “there was really no one that I could bring back to the board room”. She also said “I think it was the right decision. Each girl worked their butts off and did what they were asked to do”.
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Taylor stated that “what you see on TV is how they edit it. I am the project manager and you can’t tell the CEO to choose this one. Yeah, I could fight a 7-year old woman (in reference to Warwick), but would that look good? No.”

When asked to choose the harder of the two – being on “The Celebrity Apprentice” or being a model- with twenty years of modeling experience, Taylor responded “definitely The Celebrity Apprentice. I did it because it was scary. It got me to get out of my comfort zone”.

The one thing that made “The Celebrity Apprentice” the most fun for Taylor is the experience of brining her husband and daughter along with her who stayed at the Trump hotel. She said that she got to come home to them every night.

In considering who the strongest remaining players are, Taylor listed: Ne Ne Leakes, Marlee Matlin, John Rich, and Meatloaf.

Taylor also listed Star Jones as a “bully”. “She definitely pushes you and there’s a lot of that you didn’t see… her talking back to me.”

Taylor also hints to reporters with a bit of her own teaser when she stated that in tonight’s episode, viewers will see how Dionne Warwick handles herself even more. Taylor said that the show is edited in such a way that it appears to give “bullies” the upperhand. As for Star and Dionne, Taylor stated that they show their true colors and “that’s truly how they are in life and as people. It’s unfortunate. I feel really bad for them.”

Taylor pins the loss on the fact that the men’s team had an original jingle by John Rich along with astro-truff and shrubs that they put in front of their RV. “I think we beat the boys… I didn’t have a guitar and I can’t sing”.

Taylor stands-by her decesion in how she played the game. “I don’t think I gave-up. I think I did my best. I did get to win money ($35,000 in the first episode) for my charity. I think I won here”.

Watch “The Celebrity Apprentice” tonight on NBC 9/8c.



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