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THE MONEY LIST: Pop Culture Trivia Meets Gambling!

Posted on June 06 2009 by Editor

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New, original GSN (Game Show Network) game show, “The Money List”, premieres Saturday, June 13th at 8pm. It is hosted by local Los Angeles sports anchor (KCAL 9), Fred Rogan, who also hosts “GSN Live”.

A game show that earns people money for their talent of trivia knowledge of pop-culture topics such as films, songs, and celebrities, along with their ability to gamble and hold their best “poker face”.

Rogan’s hosting technique is anticipation, and suspense building. His style is one in which somewhat teases players with what correct answers may be by stating contents of list that contestants did not name.

“The Money List” pits two teams of two total strangers who wager against each teams’ knowledge and ability of completing answers on lists from categories given to them by Rogan. Teams are placed in individual, sound-proof “pods” across from each other where they can not hear each others discussions, strategies, and wagers, but they can see each other. That is where the “poker face” comes in handy. Host, Rogan communicates to each team what their wagers are against each other.

Categories include: “characters from Harry Potter”, “Meryl Streep Films”, “Mariah Carey songs”. Teams can bet on the amount of answers that they can give on a list. For example. One team can put in a wager, or “bid” that they can list five of the “100 Most Popular Stand-up Comics”. The other team bids ten. Then the opposing team can put-in another “bid” of a higher amount, or choose to make the other team complete the list of ten in hopes that they will get it wrong, or not be able to complete the list at all.

The two teams bet against each other for the duration of two money lists. After the second one, the winner goes on to the final round to complete a final list for $50,000.

“The Money Lists” gets their information for lists from the following sources: IMDB, Billboard, film credits, etc.

In the final round, the winning team must complete all fifteen list contents in order to win the grand prize of $50,000. The list is in increments of $5,000 , $10,00 $15,000 $25,000 and $50,000 in three answer increments.

If the winning team wins the final round, then they go-on to play a new team of two players to compete for more money.

“The Money List” is addicting, and allows viewers to play along by testing their own knowledge of what they think is on the lists. It’s a fun show, and hope to see it on GSN for a while.


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    How do I apply to be on this show? I am very interested.

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