THE NEWLYWED GAME: A Meeting of Game Show Hosts Legends!

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THE NEWLYWED GAME: A Meeting of Game Show Hosts Legends!

The Game show Network (GSN) will air a special episode of “The Newlywed Game” later today that is a must see for all game show lovers! You don’t want to miss this revisit down vintage game show lane when original host, Bob Eubanks returns to take the podium in front of special celebrity guests!

Those guests are other game show host legends, Monty Hall (LET’S MAKE A DEAL), Wink Martindale (TIC-TAC-DOUGH) and Peter Marshall (HOLLYWOOD SQUARES) sit in the “newlywed” hot seats with their mates. Far from newlyweds these couples have been married 63 years, 34 years, and 20 years in respective order.

Eubanks’ return reminds viewers of his great instigating skills by playfully pitting couples against each other. More funny moments on this episode consist of some of the guests struggling to remember specific situations, or merely trying to understand some of the questions. One such question was when Eubanks asked the husbands to estimate how many ounces would fill their wives bra cups.

Each celebrity couple played for a charity. The winning pair receive $10,000 for their cause. The other two couples earn $2,500 for their charities. With returning appearance to “The Newlywed Game”, Eubanks is the first game show host in television history to host the same show in five different decades.

One of the most entertaining episodes of the season, watch it tonight on GSN at 6:00 pm (ET/PT) and an encore presentation at 9:00 pm (ET/PT)



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