THE X FACTOR USA: Backstage Passes to Meet Rachel Crow!

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THE X FACTOR USA: Backstage Passes to Meet Rachel Crow!

Rachel Crow performs on "The X Factor USA"

EXCLUSIVE! On-set report!
THE RACHEL FACTOR, By: Jules Sanchez
In March of 2011 at the Los Angeles open call audition for “The X Factor USA”, Jules Sanchez tried-out for the show. He made it through the first three rounds to where he ultimately auditioned for Executive Producer Rob Wade. He was not selected to move-on. Read Sanchez’s first-hand account on how he came to meet Simon Cowell’s star contestant Rachel Crow below:

First Encounter:
In June of 2011, I was sent on assignment to cover the “X Factor USA” LIVE Auditions at the USC Galen Center for With a chip the size of a boulder on my shoulder, I reluctantly went. I was ready to tear apart any contestant that hit the stage. For much of the day my predictions had been right. Most of the contestant singers were mediocre at best. That is until Lil Miss Rachel Crow hit that stage. On the televised episode, it appeared that Rachel was the first contestant. However, during the actual filming of the show, her audition came midway through the day on the first day of the “live” auditions. In actuality, the audience had suffered through the “OMB” (Oh My Bad!!!).

The moment that Rachel Crow took that X Factor stage a star was born. The energy of the 2,000 people that were there shifted from grumpy, tired and uninspired to elation. So much that the audience was moved to provide the show’s first standing ovation. That angry, bitter chip on my shoulder the size of Boulder, Colorado melted away like snow in rays of sunshine.

Truly Gifted:
Rachel Crow has the ability to take any song from any genre and “RACHEL-FY” it to fit her perfectly. The 13 year-old sensation has the poise, grace and elegance of an aged soul while retaining the spirit of her joyful youthfulness. She’s a wonderful hybrid of sweet and sassy who is able to go from bubblegum to diva with the ease of a veteran performer.

I have had the privilege to to get to know The Crow Family a little better and was recently invited by Rachel Crow herself to join her family at Thursday night’s results show. The whole Crow crew have that real deal family star quality!

At "The X Factor USA" with Crow-Shubert family!

In-Person at the Results Show:
I arrived to CBS Television City 2 hours before the show went live on the East coast and was greeted by Rachel’s Dad, Kelly Crow, a really cool and down-to-earth proud Poppa of both of his little girls Rachel and Hannah, Rachel’s little sister who is ten-years-old. Hannah is destined to be a star in her own right. She Loves the lights and was ready for her spotlight which I have no doubt she will find. But more than the lights and camera, Hannah LOVES her big sister Rachel. While in the audience Hannah was standing atop a row of chairs screaming her lungs out as we all were rooting for Rachel.

Jules Sanchez, (left) with Crow-Shubert family at "The X Factor USA".

Both of their Grandmothers were in attendance and they were beaming with pride for their Granddaughter. In tears as soon as Rachel’s presence was made known, these Grandmas were hooting and hollering with the best of them. On the edge of our seats, we had to sit through a few contestants who were voted as “safe” until we heard that magical name “RACHEL CROW” also placed in the “safe” category. Woohooo! Rachel made it through to next week’s show. The Crow section went CRAZY! We were jumping up and down joyfully celebrating another step closer to seeing Rachel fulfilling her dream and destiny.

After the show, we were escorted backstage to meet-up and celebrate with Rachel and her Mom, Barb, who up until then I had yet to meet Rachel or her Mom. We had been communicating through our social media network. Once we finally met it was like reuniting with long-lost family. Rachel and Barb were everything I knew they would be and I am very proud to say I am a friend and a fan of the Crows who are a very special family on a very special journey.

Don’t forget to watch “The X Factor USA” on FOX Wednesdays and Thursdays at 8/7 c. Be the wind beneath the Crows wings and vote, vote, vote for Rachel Crow.



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