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Top 10 Dancers Revealed on SYTYCD Season 16 Academy Week 4 Recap

Posted on August 06 2019 by Editor

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Top 10 Dancers Revealed on SYTYCD Season 16 Academy Week 4 Recap

The Top Five girls were revealed on last week’s “So You Think You Can Dance” FOX show.  This week was the boys chance to make the Top 10.  The Final Cut auditions took place for the guys vying for a spot.  

Each dancer was paired with a previous season All-Star and a world-renowned choreographer.  The All-Stars for the guys included: Comfort Fedoke, Jasmine Harper, Koine, Lauren Froderman, Lindsay Arnold, and Melanie Moore. 

Like the girls, the guys also had to dance outside their own style.  At the end of this episode, the judges cut five guys, leaving the five best guys to move on to join the five girls for the Top 10 dancers.

BAILEY “Bailrok” MUNOZ (B-Boy)

Pictured (l-r): Lauren Froderman, Bailey Munoz / Photo: FOX copyright.

B-Boy Bailey Munoz was first-up who went to the Academy with limited Contemporary experience.  His final cut performance was danced with All-Star Lauren Froderman and choreographer Jaci Royal in a Contemporary number.  Laurieann said she’s never been speechless.  Nigel said it’s shocking how good Bailey’s become in just a few days at the Academyt.  Mary stated that Bailey laid his soul out on the dance floor.   Dtrix reacted that it was the “best B-Boy Contemporary I have are powerful and that’s what the show’s about.”  Nigel noted to the other judges that Bailey took control of All-Star Lauren which is a strong sign.

EZRA SOSA (Latin Ballroom)

Pictured (l-r): Ezra Sosa, Comfort Fedoke / Photo: FOX copyright.

If Ballroom dancer Ezra makes it, he’ll join his sister Stephanie Sosa in the Top 10. Ezra said the pressure at the Academy was that he was challenged to be on his own and not in his sister’s shadow.  He had to dance Hip-Hop with All-Star Comfort and choreographer Luther Brown.  Laurieann’s reaction is that it was “stinky, it stunk” in a good way.  She said his transitions are well-done.  Nigel said everyone can pick-up steps, but to pick up style is very difficult.  But Ezra did it.  Mary said he may be the younger brother, but he brought it!  Dtrix said he was “blown-away.”


Vlad stated that he’s not trained in any other styles of dance besides Ballroom.  The All-Star he danced with was Melanie Moore in Contemporary choreographed by Mandy Moore.  Mary said he made her “feel something and it was beautiful.”  Dtrix said he loved how “simple” everything looked.  Laurieann stated that Vlad has a natural physique and he doesn’t need to “over-extend.”  Nigel said he was good with his partner, but there was not a strong connection with her.


Aleksandr is a Ukrainian tap dancer.  He worked with choreographer Sharna Burgess and All-Star Lindsay Arnold on a Cha Cha routine.  At the Academy, Nigel advised Aleksandr to shave, which he did for his final cut performance.  Nigel said Alexsandr looks “so much younger” without the beard.  Overall, he said the style is totally different for Alexandr and it was “a good effort for a tap dancer.”  Mary said he was missing the chemistry and the last lift looked labor.  Dtrix said he loved the charisma he brought to it  Laurieann said she was “sold” and well-done.

BENJAMIN CASTRO (Contemporary)

Pictured (l-r): Koine Iwasaki, Benjamin Castro / Photo: FOX copyright.

Benjamin said going into the Academy, it was difficult because only the best of the best make it. Oksana Platero choreographed his Salsa routine with All-Star Koine Iwasaki.  The routine is “very fast” and not easy tricks stated Oksana.   Mary said he just put the season in on “season 16.”  She noted that it was a tough routine and it was awesome.  Dtrix said it was his best audition and commended him.  “Way to represent Miami.”   Laurieann said she could feel his pain power, and joy. It’s part of being a great dancer, she told him.  Nigel said it was a bit “too forceful”  But “pretty good job all around.”


Bryan said in season 12, he basically got that far.  His All-Star was Jasmine Harper with choreographer Spencer Liff for a Jazz routine.  Mary called it “pretty amazing” and she was “blown-away.”  Dtrix was laughing at his leaps because they were bad.  But, compared it to his leaps which were also bad when he was in the SYTYCD compeition.  Laurieann said she expected a little bit more.  Nigel said he didn’t see the work such as pointing his toes and the jumps.


Brandon auditioned with a partner in Ballet style.  He called the Academy “terrifying” with different styles such as Hip Hip and his partner was cut.  His All-Star was Lindsay Arnold with choreographers Emma Slater & Sasha Farber.  Emma said Lindsay is “fierce” and that’s what they want from Brandon.  Nigel said Brandon did a lot of it with his feet turned out.  Both Nigel and Dtrix said there was no chemistry with his partner.  Mary said she loved the ending.  Laurieann said he’s just beginning to see what he’s capable of as a dancer and it will only get better from there, 


Hip Hop dancer Nathan danced Contemporary with Melanie Moore and choreographer Talia Favia.  Dtrix said he hadn’t been  strong believer in him until that performance which blew him away.  Laurieann said it was “so good” and he was dancing “in the empty.” Nigel called it an “incredible job” and he’s on his radar now  Mary said it was intriguing with “light and shade” and “different layers.”  


Pictured (l-r): Gino Cosculluela, Lauren Froderman / Photo: FOX copyright.

Gino said Academy week has been more harder than expected.  His All-Star was Lauren with Choreographed by Ray Leeper for a Jazz duet.  Leeper said he’s looking more for a connection.  Lauren said it needs to be sexy and dynamic.  Dtrix said he was “blown-away” and he had composure, control and maturity.  Lau – said he’s technical and astounding.  But, she wants more from him.  “You’re so close.”  Nigel said he’s the best tech dancer this year, but needs to find that extra something.  “Find the light inside and let it shine out.”  Mary said when they see an artist that’s emerging, it’s so exciting for them.


Pictured (l-r): Eddie Hoyt, Comfort Fedoke / Photo: FOX copyright.

Eddie is a tap dancer who got All-Star Comfort in a Hip Hop routine choreographed by Randi & Hef.  Hef said it’s all about the rhythm. Since Eddie’s a tap dancer it should be easy for him.  Dtrix said it’s one of the best tap to Hip-Hop routines he’s seen.  Laurieann stated that not only was he in the pocket he was “the sauce in the pocket “and he “smashed” that.  Mary said they should sell that sauce.  Nigel called it the best performance he’s seen Eddie give on the show.

Nigel said the hardest job is to choose only five out of the ten.  Then he called the group of ten boys out onto the stage.  Mary said it was one of the most interesting and exciting group of boys in the history of SYTYCD.  Laurieann stated not matter what happen, they must “never give-up on your dream.” 

Dtrix called Clocks out first to deliver the news.  He said he’s one of the most creative dancers.  But, he didn’t move-on and sent home.  Clocks said it was disappointing to make it to the same place four years ago

Next, Ezra was called forward.  Mary started to say that his time at the Academy “is over.”  Then Ezra started to talk, and Mary continued that his “journey” is continuing into the Top 5.  Gino was next who was told he set the bar very high.   Laurieann gave him the good news he was moving-on.  Mary called Alexsandr that he had “highs and lows” but it’s a “no.”  Laurieann told Brandon that his inconsistency was the reason he didn’t make the Top 5,  but with confidence, the consistency will come.   Benjamin was delivered great news from Mary that the honesty and style got him to the Top 5 guys. 

Next, Eddie was called  Nigel told him he always worried about his strength and inconsistency.  But, they like that he left his home to find himself and make himself happier,  They believed that strength will aide him in the Top 10.   Next was Vlad.  Dtrix said they see his heart on the stage.  But, wanted to seem more smoothness and he was sent home. Vlad said he’ll come back and try again.

Pictured (l-r): Nathan Cherry, Bailey Munoz / Photo: FOX copyright.

The last two were Hip Hop dancer Nathan and B-Boy Bailey.  Nigel told Nathan that he has to bring emotional connection with his dancing.  Nigel told Bailey that the strength it took him to start dancing after time in the hospital is the strength he’ll need to perform in the Top 10.  

SYTYCD Top 5 Boys: Bailey, Benjamin, Ezra, Gino, Eddie
SYTYCD Top 5 Girls: Anna, Sophie, Madison, Stephanie, Mariah

NEXT WEEK: It’s the start of the Studio shows with a live audience where the Top 10 dancers will compete for America’s votes where at the end a “favorite dancer” will be the winner of season 16.  “So You Think You Can Dance” airs every Monday at 9 pm PT on FOX network.  


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