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Top 12 Incredible Rebound on THE VOICE Season 13 Live Shows Week 1 Recap

Posted on November 21 2017 by Editor

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Top 12 Incredible Rebound on THE VOICE Season 13 Live Shows Week 1 Recap

NBC’s “The Voice” opened it’s first season 13 live show with clips of this season’s Top 12 aritsts stating their diversity. At 41 years of age, Team Blake’s artist Red Marlow gave this sentiment – “I sing for everyone who thought their age has passed them by.”

Being that it’s the week of Thanksgiving, The Top 12 got to dedicate their performances to the people that are speical in their lives. Some of which went to a couple of “The Voice” coaches.

During the live performances, some of the artists showcased some nerves, while others came forth with the best performances “The Voice” has ever seen! Stand-out artists included: Janice Freeman, Brooke Simpson, Noah Mac, Red Marlow, Ashland Craft, and Keisha Renee all left us with memorable performances


Miley reacted with “J Hud just took the words out of my mouth. You’re what the show is all about. The coaches are the ones to fuel your soul and spirit and give you the platform to show what you’re all about. You stole the show.”


Red was up first for Team Blake. He sang “The Church on Cumberland Road”, by Shenandoah. Blake stated that “Country music has evolved in the last 10 years or so. Red can showcase the classic Country and bring it to The Voice”. Red said him and his dad always played Blue Grass music like this song, and dedicated the song to him.

Red’s parents were in the audience. Adam said “that was awesome” and “authenticity is number one for me – if it feels real. You don’t need Blake Shelton to know that felt real.” Blake said it was the first time he’s seen the entertainer side to Red. He added, Red “can move and it was sexy!” You made so many country music fans happy by singing Shenandoah.

Adam and Blake had a running bet on whose album would chart higher over the other. The results showed that Blake landed #4 on the top 200 Billboard. Adam’s “Maroon 5” album came in at #2. Adam winning this bet meant that Blake had to call him “the greatest there ever was” for the rest of the show.


ShiAnn sang “Vision of Love” by Mariah Carey. Jennifer said the song is perfect to showcase her voice and told ShiAnn to use her “whistle tone”. ShiAnn dedicated this song to Jennifer who’s been with her since the Blinds. Jennifer said because the song is a classic, people will want to see it done that way.

ShiAnn’s mom, dad, and brother were all in the audience. Blake asked if ShiAnn was always on Team J Hud because he was amazed at how she glided by him. That’s when Jennifer reminded Blake that she was the only one that turned for ShiAnn. Blake said he is super-jealous. “You picked the perfect time to beome the highlight of this show.” Jennifer said her voice touches her heart. “It’s business. You sing like Aretha, and with a purpose.”


Jon sang MAJOR’S “Why I Love You” and dedicated it to his hometwon and church. Adam said “Jon is doing the song in a way that sounds like it’s his own. Adam said it’s the perfect choice.

Miley reacted that she agreed with Adam that it was the perfect song for him. She exclaimed that with that performance, he succeeded in creating such a fan base and stepped-up the game for the competition. She added that he had it perfected and felt him emotionally when he teared-up. Jennifer held her shoe in hand which said it all! Adam said Jon is so special because he’s not just a technically amazing singer. But, what he does modernizes it so much. Doing something that’s for tomorrow. Adam was so blown away and called it “unbelieveable”.


From last week, singer Gretchen Wilson Tweeted Ashland after her last performance that it was good to hear it “grittier”. Miley said she wants to make sure that she does Ashland “very proud” with the Country song choice “Delta Dawn”. Ashland dedicated the song to her parents.

Jennifer said she’s happy just owning the stage and believing in herself and rebounded her confidence. Miley said J Hud is her second biggest fan (Miley’s her first). Miley told Ashland that she showed her star power. “That lane that you can fill. Totally out of your shell, totally confident.”


Adam is coach Adam Levine’s Country singer. For his song choice, Adam told him “imagine Chris Stapleton singing ‘Against All Odds’ by Phil Collins.” Adam was apprehensive. Levine told him he wants to do things that “rattle people’s cages.” Adam chose this song because Adam isn’t “a straight ahead country singer.” But, also rock-and-roll. Adam said if Adam C. plays his cards right, there’ll be so many people wanting him in their lives (thus voting for him).

Former coach Blake said it’s a “hell of a recovery” from his mistake in the beginning of the performance of the song, and delivered a hell of a performance. Then he passed it over to “the greatest there ever was.” Adam said “it’s not about the mistake, it’s about the recovery” and said the audience got on board with him.


The Voice 13 Live Shows week 1, Chloe Kohanski

Pictured: Chloe Kohanski — (Photo by: Tyler Golden/NBC)

She has the highest charting song on iTunes in the history of “The Voice”. Chloe got a matching tattoo of Blake’s. She sang “Thank You” by Dido which she dedicated to her photographer boyfriend. “It’s not a very glamorous love song.” The line ‘then you call and it’s not so bad,’ Chloe said it just feels so right.

Miley said she misses her on her team and thinks Chloe is “a total Super-Star.” Miley hopes that Chloe takes a second to be fully present because no one else can do this. Blake said in all the years he’s been sitting in that chair, “I have never heard a more well-rounded voice. I’ll be damned if you are not a Star. I am SO excited about this.”


Davon sang “Love on Top” by Beyonce. Davon said he talkes to kids about following their dreams. Jennifer told him to find his version and make it work in his way. She added that Davon is capable of doing it. “Remember, this is your dream….you say when it’s over,” said Hudson. She called him a true artist and singing “Love on Top” can be a true game changer.

Adam said “what the hell was that!?” He complimented Davon by telling him doing that performance has to be exhausting. But, he doesn’t even look tired. Adam was stumped. If it were him, Adam said he’d have to prepare for that song for months. Then would faint while tryig to sing it. He threw his shoe! J Hud said “Beyonce is precious to us.” She continued that Davon represented his own artistry, made it his own and entertained the crowd. Jennifer threw her shoe too. But, Adam lost his very expensive shoe between the stage!


Addison is a teenager. She had a concert at her dad’s record shop during her break. Addison’s Live Show song was “She Used to Be Mine.” The lyrics is about a woman who plans her life, then gets twisted. She dedicated the song to her mom, who’s a worship leader. “She’s always managed to work through things” Addison said.

Miley said she enjoyed having her on her team and thinks that they have the most in common. But, she didn’t have the stillness and calmness that Addison has at that age “You’re so focused and confident It’s amazing.” Adam said how incredible her voice is. He expressed to her, the opprotunity you have, you can be an inspiration for so many woman and so many young people can identify with and be inspired by.


Keisha sang “Midnight Train to Georgia.” She got on the train to Lousiana, GA to help prepare for the song. Keisha’s been receiving positive reviews from the Country music world. One of which came directly from Lee Ann Womack in a Tweet praising Keisha for her performance of her song last week. This week, Keisha dedicated her song to her mom. Blake said this performance is coming together in a way that he can’t imagine and said all the Country music fans are going to embrace her.

Jennifer said “Keisha, I don’t think you can make a wrong note. Your voice is like silk.” She said they all felt that – the people she’s singing for and predicted that Keisha is headed for the top. Blake said if you didn’t experience how beautiful that performance was, there’s something wrong with you and called it one of his all time favorite performances. Blake added that he is prepared to take Keisha to Nashville.


The Voice 13 Live Shows week 1, Noah Mac

Pictured: Noah Mac — (Photo by: Tyler Golden/NBC)

His local ice cream shop made an ice cream after him, “The Noah Mac and Cheese” (which has pasta in it)! Noah said he tries to show a different side of him as an artist every time he gets on stage. Noah arranged and produced the background track of his rendition of “Speed of Sound” by Coldplay. J Hud said Noah is soulful with an alternative rock side. He dedicated the song to all of the aspiring singers reaching for their dreams.

Adam said it seems like you’re from the ’50s and looks like you’re trapped in the present. Adam called it a weird combination of the 50’s and right now. “It freaks me out a little bit,” said Adam. J Hud said Noah is a Star. You’re so unique. You’re ready to go. She told Noah “you are IT”.


The Voice 13 Live Shows week 1, Janice Freeman

Pictured: Janice Freeman — (Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC)

Miley described Janice as “If the Foo Fighters singer was Mary J Blige. ” Janice said the song is perfect for both genres. She sang “The Story” by Brandi Carlile.
“I want to do some soul and alternative I want to bridge that gap,” stated Janice. She dedicated the song to her husband because “he deserves another song.”

All the coaches were on their feet for a standing ovation. Her performance was so good that Blake threw his boot at Janice. Blake said Brandi Carlie is somewhere going “what in the world.” He added that he hasn’t taken his boot off in years. Miley said she delivered and told the story. “The story is yours.” Miley called Janice’s performance her favorite tonight.




During the second night of the first week of live performances from “The Voice” Top 12 artists, Adam Levine’s band Maroon 5 performed, “Pitch Perfect” movie premiered its music video that included the Top 12 edited in. And, all of the coaches performed with their Teams. Of course, the night ended with an Instant Save vote from East Coast viewers in America (a point that Adam Levine brought-up at the end of the show).

The Voice 13 Live Shows week 1 Results, Team J Hud

Pictured: (l-r) Davon Fleming, Noah Mac, ShiAnn Jones — (Photo by: Tyler Golden/NBC)

The night began with host Carson Daly bringing out the Top 12 for the first round of results. Daly asked Davon about his dedication to his city of Baltimore in Monday’s live shows. Davon said it’s a city on the rise and he wants to be the spokesperson for the positives of the city.

The first save went to Addison Agen (Team Adam). Then, saved from Team J Hud was Noah Mac. America also saved Chloe Kohanski.

Jennifer performed Beatles song “Let it Be”.

Saved from Team Miley was Brooke Simpson. Next, announced as saved was Team Blake’s Keisha Renee! No one is surprised about that. Keisha did a phenomenal job on Monday’s Live Show.

Maroon 5 sang “What Lover’s Do”

Pitch Perfect music video with “The Voice” Top 12 video premiered. Introduced by “Pitch Perfect” star and producer Elizabeth Banks. They sang a mash-up of “Cups (Pitch Perfect’s When I’m Gone)” song by Anna Kendrick and “Freedom” by George Michael.

The Voice 13 Live Shows Results, Elizabeth Banks

Pictured: Elizabeth Banks from Pitch Perfect 3 — (Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC)

The remaining seven artists returned to “The Voice” stage. Daly asked Red Marlow what’s the biggest change he’s experienced since being on the show. He answered it is stepping out of his box. He prefers to stand still, but sometimes its okay to “shake a leg”.

America saved 15-year-old ShiAnn Jones from Team J Hud. Next, America’s votes also went to save Team Miley’s Janice Freeman!

Sharday won “The Voice” Snapchat audition.

Team Blake performed “If It Will, It Will” by Hank Williams Jr

Before Daly announced who was safe next, Ashland said she’s thankful for Miley taking her out of her comfort zone. The next round of saved artists were: Davon Fleming from Team Jennifer. With that, ALL of Team J Hud is moving on to the Live Shows next week. Also saved was Ashland Craft from Team Miley. Next, Red Marlow was saved as well from Team Blake.

THE BOTTOM TWO: Adam Cunningham, Jon Mero

The Voice 13 Live Shows week 1 Results, Adam Cunningham

Pictured: Adam Cunningham — (Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC)

Adam Cunningham performed Creedence Clearwater Revival’s “Fortunate Son.” Adam called Adam a “Badass” and stated that none of the two deserve to be in the bottom.

Next, Jon Mero performed Jackon Five’s “Give Me One More Chance”.

Adam said “I don’t think anybody in the room thinks you should be going anyway. And stated the irony that they’re dependant on the people NOT in the room. Adam said he’s not going to choose favorites. “You both did great and you both have a lot to be proud of.”

The two artists were up for the “Instant Save”. Emotional, Adam Cunningham said he had a great time with Adam and thanked all of the other coaches. Jon thanked Adam for believeing in him since the beginning.

Before the “Instant Save” vote was announced, Adam Levine stated, “I don’t deal in competition, I deal in music,” and he called this situation “difficult,” as well as “bittersweet.” He also reassured them that there’s nothing that they could have done better.

America’s Instant Save vote went to Adam Cunningham.


The Voice 13 Top 11

Pictured: (l-r) Red Marlow, Davon Fleming, Brooke Simpson, Janice Freeman, Addison Agen, Noah Mac, Ashland Craft, Keisha Renee, Chloe Kohanski, Adam Cunningham, ShiAnn Jones — (Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC)


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