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Top Six Acts Announced! THE X FACTOR USA

Posted on November 29 2012 by Editor

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Top Six Acts Announced! THE X FACTOR USA

“The X Factor” top eight acts that performed last night will learn their fate tonight. Their fate rests in the hands of America who cast their votes for their favorites. Voters are allowed to vote as many times as they like. Last night, host Khloe Kardashian learned that one fan voted for Tate Stevens last week 150 times!

The remaining team members were brought out onto the stage and introduced with their mentors: Britney with “Teens” Carly Rose Sonenclar, and Diamond White; LA Reid with “Over 25” Tate Stevens and Vino Alan; Demi Lovato with her only remaining contestant “Young Adult” Ce Ce Frey; and Simon Cowell with “Groups” Fifth Harmony and Emblem3.

Hosts Mario Lopez and Khloe Kardashian reminded them that five acts will go straight through to be part of the top six, and the remaining two will have to sing for survival.

The first two announced that were saved for America’s votes were: Fifth Harmony, and CeCe Frey. Also earning enough votes to return next week are: Emblem3, and Carly Rose Sonenclar. That left Tate Stevens, Vino Alan and Diamond White. Then it was revealed that the last act going straight through to the top six is Tate Stevens!

The bottom two this week were Diamond White and Vino Alan. They both had to complete what Mario Lopez said is “one of the toughest challenges on The X Factor”. When Simon was asked what he thought he said, “If I’m being honest, I’m not surprised about Vino because I didn’t like that performance last night. But I am surprised about Diamond.” It was up to the judges to decide which act will be going home.

Britney introduced her act as “A girl with a huge and amazing and special voice – Diamond White.” LA Reid introduced his act by stating, “A guy who’s always been an underdog and he’ll know how to handle this better than anybody- Vino Alan.”

In the event of a tie, they will dead lock. LA Reid voted first. He said, “There are no two other acts in this competition that I would like to vote between than these two. I don’t even like my decision in this one. But I have to send home the beautiful Diamond White.”

Britney – always a mentor of so very few words, said only “Both acts did an amazing job but the act that I’m sending home is Vino.” Then it was Demi’s turn. She said, “Honestly I don’t want to send either of you home because you are both unbelievably talented and you both deserve to be here. The act that I’m sending home is Vino..I’m sorry.”

It was up to Simon to decide if the acts would be in a deadlock or if Vino would go home. Simon’s decision was, “I feel exactly the same way as LA. I really really do like both of these singers….crap..@$%!..and both you really sang well in that sing-off. I’m going to send home Vino.”

Vino’s reaction was a look like he wanted to get off the stage and hit LA Reid. Vino said to what appeared to be Simon, “America didn’t get even here with what I have. Because last week, you were right, yesterday I mean. But, I’m really shocked about this.” He finished with “Stay inspired, keep in touch. Unfortunately, I can’t stop making music. I’m going to keep making music.” LA Reid’s parting words to Vino in this game was, “I’m really proud of Vino. He’s come a long way. Every moment in the competition I’ve been proud of you. I’m really happy to call you family at this point in my life.”

SIX ACTS Ranked: 6- Diamond White, 5- CeCe Frey, 4- Fifth Harmony, 3- Emblem3, 2- Tate Stevens, 1 – Carly Rose Sonenclar who is the winner again this week! Mario stated that only one percent of America’s vote separated the top three contestants. In response to his acts places on the Leaderboard, Simon said, “We’re moving on up.” Britney said to Carly, “I’m so proud of you , I couldn’t be any happier.”

Mario Lopez said congrats CeCe, you’re up four spots! But, wait, didn’t two people just get eliminated? Doesn’t that mean CeCe is still in the bottom two?

“The X Factor” top six acts will return to perform on Monday, December 3rd on FOX!


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