Two Coaches May Be Out Next Week- THE VOICE Season 4 Top 8 Recap!

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Best to Strip Her Down – DANCING WITH THE STARS Season 16 Winner!
May 22, 2013
Shakira’s Signature Hair Makes Comeback! THE VOICE Season 4
May 25, 2013
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Two Coaches May Be Out Next Week- THE VOICE Season 4 Top 8 Recap!

THE VOICE Recap: Season 4, Episode 15a (Monday, May 20,2013) and Episode 15b (Tuesday, May 21,2013).

Monday night’s “The Voice” started with a “Maroon 5” performance and ten contestants who took to the stage to try and win America’s votes. A welcome-back visit was made from original Voice mentor Cee Lo Green who took over Team Shakira’s adviser spot from Joel Madden who couldn’t break from another Voice show – “The Voice Australia”.

At the show’s introduction, host Carson Daly asked how it was going with the mentors this week. Shakira said of Cee Lo, “He helped me come up with a Bruno Mars approach.” Usher stated, “I like to look at the glass half full. It’s like a guerrilla warfare right now. I’m focused.” Blake was more concerned with friends and family who were in the middle of a tornado disaster in Oklahoma. He said his family was okay. However, it was hard to sit there during the live show when his thoughts were back at home. The first performance of the night was by his team with Holly Tucker.

Holly Tucker said of her heart-felt dedication performance to Oklahoma on Monday night’s show , “Being able to show America who I really am ant the supports been amazing that I got so far. People on Twitter said I touched them by what I was singing. If I’ve done that, I’ve done my job.”

Tuesday’s “The Voice” show opened with a tribute to the Oklahoma victims, and Shakira also opened as the first team of the night to perform with “I’ll Stand By You” with Kris Thomas and Sasha Allen.

Later in the show, Vin Diesal and Michelle Rodriguez stopped by the studio to promote their movie “The Fast and Furious 6” and invited the whole audience to the premiere that night at Universal Studios. Usher’s song “The Rest of My Life” is featured in the movie.

By the end of Tuesday night after America’s votes were revealed, it left two coaches with only one singer each. According to traditional “The Voice” guidelines, that would mean if both of these coaches do not get enough votes next week after the top six are revealed, then they could both be out of the game.

The results of Tuesday’s show in this order:

1 – Team Blake – Danielle Bradbery saved

2 – Team Adam – Judith Hill saved

3 – Team Usher – Michelle Chamuel saved

4 – Team Shakira – Sasha Allen saved

5 – Team Adam – Sarah Simmons saved

6 – Team Blake – Holly Tucker saved

7 – Team Adam – Amber Carrington saved

8 – Team Blake – Sown Brothers saved

Kris Thomas and Josiah Hawley were sent home with the least amount of votes.


HOLLY TUCKER – TEAM BLAKE (Adviser – Cheryl Crow)
Singing “How Great Thou Art” by Crystal Lewis

See Holly Tucker’s performance photos here

Usher reacted to Tucker’s performance with “What an incredible statement to make. There is no bad way to perform a religious or gospel record in some way.” Shakira said, “That was heavenly. You look like an angel..You are an incredible talent. You just did an amazing, beautiful heart-warm performance. I hope you feel like you are worthy of the attention you are getting.” Adam said, “Pristine, beautiful quality of your voice is just what this show is all about.” Coach Blake reacted with, “Strangely appropriately that that song is about strength, faith and hope. What Usher is talking about is you turned it up just a notch. That was the most important performance you’ve had on THE VOICE so far.”

Watch Holly Tucker sing “How Great Thou Art” here

Holly Tucker was saved by America’s vote!


JUDITH HILL  – TEAM ADAM (Adviser – Hilary Scott from “Lady Antebellum” )
Singing “The Way You Make Me Feel” by Michael Jackson

See Judith Hill’s performance photos here

After her performance, Daly said, “That was equal part to you paying homage to someone who was a big part of you life and you being you.” Blake reacted, “You picked it up with an up-tempo. It was a good plan and it worked.” Usher said of the Jackson homage, “I miss him. I miss him so much.”
Coach Adams said, “I told you that if you did this you’d understand when people accepted it, that you were celebrating someone that was close to you.
Audience was so receptive to what you did.” Adam’s advice to Judith was, “She just needs to come out and have fun.” Adam chose the Michael Jackson song because it was something beautiful that she was lucky to be a part of and it’s a celebration. Adam said people are envious that Judith got to work with Jackson.

imageWatch Judith Hill sing “The Way You Make Me Feel” here

Judith was voted by America to continue on in the competition!


THE SWON BROTHERS – TEAM BLAKE (Adviser – Cheryl Crow)
Singing “How Country Feels” by Randy Houser

See The Swon Brothers’ performance photos here

The Swon Brothers who are from Oklahoma said, “Were praying for you and its hard to enjoy a night like this. Our hearts go out for you.” Shakira said, “You guys make me feel good every time you hit that stage. You lighten my mood.” Adam stated, “That was a lot of fun.” Coach Blake said, “I’m so happy. You guys have a thing going now. They’re goofy, they’re crazy but they’re great singers. You guys are going to be stars. I slap them around at times but they can take it!”

Watch The Swon Brothers sing “How Country Feels” here

“The Swon Brothers” will stay as the votes revealed.


AMBER CARRINGTON – TEAM ADAM (Adviser – Hilary Scott from “Lady Antebellum”)
Singing “Breakaway” by Kelly Clarkson

See Amber Carrington’s performance photos here

Adam described Amber as “A confident 18 year old.” He also said, “She can do country music, she can do pop music. She can bridge the gap.” After her performance, Blake said, “That was a good call with Kelly Clarkson song. She’s one of those artist that walk the country/pop line.” Usher’s reaction was, “The theatrics had nothing to do with an incredible talent. I loved it!” Shakira said it was a “perfect mix of country and pop. You were great as always.” Coach Adam said, “The fact that the Kelly Clarkson is in your wheelhouse means you have an amazing voice. You are a Cameleon. You did Rianna last week, this week, Kelly Clarkson…That was an incredible job and I freakin love you.”

Watch Amber Carrington sing “Breakaway” here

America voted to keep Amber Carrington.


SASHA ALLEN – TEAM SHAKIRA (Adviser – Cee Lo Green)
Singing “Next to Me” by Emeli Sande

See Sasha Allen’s performance photos here

Shakira reacted, “I think she could easily release an album in this genre.” Blake said, “I’m so happy to see you do a song like this. To see you do a song interpreted in your own way. It was time for you to come out and be up-tempo, and rock out. Your coach was having some kind of fit. It was a great performance!” Coach Shakira who couldn’t contain her excitement said, “I’m so happy because first of all you look fabulous. I’m so proud as a coach you are able to show you’re versatility. Today you completely rocked this song! To take a radio song and make it yours especially because it’s alive in so many people’s minds right now. You did soo good!!”

Watch Sasha Allen sing “Next To Me” here

Sasha Allen is staying in “The Voice” competition for yet another week.


JOSIAH HAWLEY – TEAM USHER (Adviser – Pharrell Williams)
Singing “Clocks” by Cold Play

See Josiah Hawley’s performance photos here

Shakira was not thrilled with Hawley’s performance and she let him know. “You did a great job. This is a toughy one for me because when it comes to Cold Play they have such a distinguishing sound…It’s always like mission impossible. You did a great attempt. You have a lot of charisma.” Adam said of Josiah’s performance, “I tend to agree a little bit with Shakira. That song is hard. There were moments when I thought you weren’t comfortable and there were moments when I thought you were your most comfortable. You really did a good job today.” Blake reacted, “Last week you set the bar really high for your self. This particular song – I like to hear a song that people can really dig into. This song has a lot of holes in it. A lot of ‘oohs and ahhs’.” Coach Usher stated, “I can’t agree with everything they are saying. It is good to take self constructive criticism. I felt like your personality is continuing to grow. The girls wouldn’t even let you talk. I’m going to continue to nurture that voice.”

Watch Josiah Hawley sing “Clocks” here

It looks like maybe this song choice in deed hurt Josiah Hawley who did not garner enough of America’s votes to continue.


Singing “Heads Carolina, Tails California” by Jo Dee Messina

See Danielle Bradbery’s performance photos here

Blake told Cheryl Crow that Danielle sold in one week 50,000 singles! Crow said, “Can I be on The Voice?” Crow also said of Danielle’s voice, “If I close my eyes I can’t believe you’re sixteen.” Blake looked at Danielle in all seriousness and said, “you’re my retirement. So I really need you to do good.” Danielle laughed.

After he performance on “The Voice” stage, Daly said, “You look like summer in California where we are.” Usher reacted with, “That was great. 100 percent incredible performance you came out here and made country cool again. I can see why he’s won. He’s an incredible coach and puts a lot into his artists.” Adam said, “You know how I know she is such a super-star because she said so casually – It was great to see Cheryl Crow again. like so no non-nonchalant. You have an heir about you at such a young age.” Coach Blake said, “I could go on and on about Danielle. Look at her. She’s amazing. About the performance – one of the things I love about it. It was care-free. There’s no need with Danielle at this point to hit people over the head with large notes. It’s good to see you get up there and perform something that people can relate to. When you see those big numbers downloaded on iTunes it’s because they believe you.”

Watch Danielle Bradbery sing “Heads Carolina, Tails California” here

Danielle Bradbery will remain in the game.


KRIS THOMAS – TEAM SHAKIRA (Adviser – Cee Lo Green)
Singing “Adorn” by Miguel

See Kris Thomas’ performance photos here

The reaction from the mentors started with Adam first who said, “That was great. You know what was so funny> You have a fantastic voice. The only spots that seemed a little dodgy. I wanted to feel your thinking less. As great as that was, I want to see you open up more and get more comfortable.” Usher agreed and said, “You were thinking a lot. Your voice is incredible. You can do anything. You could have chosen a better song.. Prior weeks, it was always a classic record. This week it was fun. But you are thinking too much.” Shakira swoop-in to the criticisms of her singer with, “I think that song was perfect for him. Yeah he may have been a little nervous but give him a break. We are always covering the music here in America. He was unbelievable!” Usher tried to cut-in by saying “I didn’t say he was nervous.” Shakira went on to say, “He – Kris, you have a sound that sets you apart from everyone in this competition. You are showing me and America how great you can be.”

Shakria said she picked this song for Kris because “It will let us see your sexy side. I wanted something upbeat for him. I don’t want to see the fragile side that we’ve seen from him so far.” Cee Lo said he really needs some swag to set him apart.

Watch Kris Thomas sing “Adorn” here

Blake and Usher may have known what they were talking about. Because on Tuesday night’s results show, Kris Thomas was sent home.

Before he left, Kris Thomas said, “I feel blessed to be on a coaches team that not only believes in me but fights for me .”


SARAH SIMMONS – TEAM ADAM (Adviser – Hilary Scott)
Singing “Mamma Knows Best” by Jessie J

See Sarah Simmons’ performance photos here

Blake reactions to Sarah’s performance was, “Oh my gosh. That is just rock! I don’t know what to say. You just radiated sexy tonight. I think you turned a corner too. I hear all these things about your voice that are different. You are a rocker. You can’t fake what you did.” Usher said, “If you got it, you got it. I really needed to hear Adam praise you because you really deserve it.” Coach Adam said, as he fanned himself, “You are so awesome. I love hearing Blake ‘Sexy.’ I love hearing Blake wet his pants over you. You totally flipped it. This was the performance of the night.”

“Sarah’s biggest chance for growth. She needs to show that sassy side of her.”- Adam

Watch Sarah Simmons sing “Mamma Knows Best” here

Sarah Simmons gained enough of America’s votes to continue to next week’s show.


MICHELLE CHAMUEL – TEAM USHER (Adviser – Pharrell Williams)
Singing “Just Give a Reason” by Pink

See Michelle Chamuel’s performance photos here

Michelle said, “This is a chance to establish myself.” Advisor Williams said the song was picked to give Michelle emotion and to show her range. “You relate to the song. Make us feel that,” said Williams. He also said to Michelle, “I know genius singers that are going to have long careers (while pointing at Usher). You are one of the ones.”

Adam reaction after Michelle sang was, “I’m a fan of yours Michelle. I’m just so happy and proud every time. You take the competition away from us. We are all really proud and love you.” Blake said,”I love how dramatic you are. Your performance is amazing.” He made reference to her move when she knelt down and pelted-out a huge note. Blake said, “The sounds that would come out of my mouth if I squatted.” Coach Usher said, “I’ll say THAT was the performance of the night! I’m going to tell you why – It’s just you. You are the theatrics, you are the vocals. There’s nothing on the stage but you!”

Watch Michelle Chamuel sing “Just Give Me a Reason” here

The votes resulted in Michelle’s favor to continue to move-on in the competition!


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