FEROCIOUS PLANET: Unsettling Land in a Parallel Universe!

Posted on April 08 2011 by Editor

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Syfy network will be premiering original film, “Ferocious Planet” this Saturday, April 9, at 9:00pm ET/PT, 8:00pm c. Star of the movie, Joe Flanigan (Stargate Atlantis) discussed the movie and his career during a recent conference call with our tech reporter.

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“Ferocious Planet” is about a device that is build by a government commissioned physicist to peek into alternate and parallel universes.

During its first presentation the machine malfunctions and transports a group of observers, Flanigan’s character is part of this group, into a nightmarish new dimension where they co-exist with man-eating creatures. They fight for their survival through the time duration it takes to repair the machine in order to attempt to return to their own dimension.

Flanigan - Ferocious Planet

Traveling to parallel universes seems to be a popular theme for both Syfy and theoretical physicists. We asked Flanigan if there were any physicists advisers accessible to him on the set of “Ferocious Planet”. His response was, “It would probably make my head explode, so they did not.” Flanigan also stated that one of his favorite episodes in “Stargate Atlantis” was the Vegas episode. “We just kind of tapped into that at the very end, like unfortunately too late. So it is kind of ironic that this movie is about parallel universes also”.

In “Stargate Atlantis”, Flanigan had to fight Aliens. In “Ferocious Planet” he is fighting dinosaurs among other creatures. Which does he prefer to fight? Flanigan stated, “I got to say I think aliens are a little sexier, you know. I could at least talk to some of the Wraith. There’s no common ground between me and dinosaurs. Couldn’t really start any negotiation there”. During filming, Flanigan had no idea what the dinosaurs would look like until after they shot it.

Flanigan stated that his success in acting was started with a lot of luck and was “by accident”. He said he was living in New York and had ran out of money after being fired from his previous job. He heard of acting via his neighbor who was a commercial actor and seemed to be making more money than him. When Flanigan asked him what he did, he said he didn’t understand what it meant to be an “actor”. “He put it in my head that maybe this is something I should try out, since I was in between jobs, and I did.”

Fans can watch Flanigan on Syfy original movie “Ferocious Planet” this Saturday, April 9th at 9:00 pm ET/PT.


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