We Have Been Waiting For You! THE X FACTOR USA – Premiere Week

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September 12, 2013
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We Have Been Waiting For You! THE X FACTOR USA – Premiere Week

This season of THE X FACTOR USA has returned with two old pros, and freshly added two new mentors. The audition tours in night two of Premiere Week lands the mentors in the two cities of Denver, and Long Island. The categories that the mentors will divide contestants into this season are: Boys, Girls, Groups, Over 25s. Mario Lopez returns as the show’s main host.

A variety of talent came out of the working dens of everyday jobs such as: restaurant host, subway singer, stock trader, bartender and even an ice cream truck man! They sang their hearts out for the mentors. Sometimes it proved to be worth it, and sometimes not so much.



Jeff Brinkman – (Yes vote)

Labeled as ‘Brilliant’

The 36-year-old owner of a doggie daycare from Denver, Colorado  attended THE X FACTOR audition just weeks after his newborn had been born prematurely  He said she was six weeks early and it was like she was giving him the thumbs up to go to the auditions.  He sang “You Are so Beautiful” by Joe Cocker

Kelly said “I love how sincere you are and you mean every word.” Like the song, she said,”That’s just so beautiful.” Paulina “loved” his raspy voice and told him he was “fresh and original.” She finished with, “I just enjoyed your performance tonight.”

Memorable X FACTOR Moment – Kelly reacting to Jeff saying he owns a doggie daycare.

Demi said, “I think you have a beautiful recording voice.” She told him that she believes that he is someone who will sell a lot of records.

The biggest compliment of the night came from Simon of all people who called Jeff “brilliant!” Simon said, “That was brilliant. Brilliant vocal.   You have a naturally great voice. I thought that was a fantastic audition.  I really like you Jeffery.”



Jocelyn Hinton   (No vote)

Unstoppable Fireworks

Jocelyn sang “Firework” by Katy Perry to not an receptive audience. Simon told her, “The best part is when you actually forgot the words.”

Memorable X FACTOR Moment – Simon walks Jocelyn off of the stage when she won’t stop singing.

Perplexed, Jocelyn went into the X Factor box to continue to sing in order to prove her talent and said “They didn’t hear any of that. How could you not hear that?”



Rachel Potter  (Yes vote)

Called ‘A Beast’

Rachel is a 29-year-old bartender from Nashville, TN. She sang a country version of “Somebody to Love” by Queen.

Memorable X FACTOR Moment- The mentors give Rachel a standing ovation.

The mentors loved it! Paulina said, “Amazing, powerful future!” Kelly was equally impressed and said, “You just a beast! You are the beast!” Simon reacted with “you proved your point.” Demi said, “You have the look, you have the best voice that I’ve heard. This industry is ready for you.”

Rachel reacted to the comments with “Those four people just made me feel like it was all worth it.”



Russell Pouliot – (No vote)

If He Was British!

Russell, or Russ is a 50-year-old stock trader who decided to chase a dream and take vocal lessons. He said he’s been singing since 1999. “I am a crooner. I’m going to bring back the love songs.” Russ said he studied four years with a voice coach.

Memorable X FACTOR Moment: Simon does his best Russ Pouliot impression.

He sang “Can’t Help Falling in Love With You” by Elvis Presley. After his song finally ended – with much persistence from Simon, Kelly said, “Did you have fun? That’s all that matters.”

Paulina said, “I feel a lot of ahh, ahh. Less is more in that.” Simon said, “I liked you. But when you did that you sounded like you were drowning.” Simon said that’s what someone would sound like if they were singing while drowning. “You’re a trier. but not what we are really looking for,” he finished.

Demi saw some humor in Russ’s Elvis rendition. She said, “Had you have a British accent, you’d sound like what Simon would sound like if he sang.” That was a challenge that Kelly wanted Simon to fullfill. She asked for a sample. The song started to play again. Russ started singing again. Kelly took the microphone from Russ and gave it to Simon. Then Simon did his best Russ imitation.



Roxxy Montana – (Yes vote)

Roxxy Montana Has a Secret Weapon

They are three sisters from Detroit, MI ages 21, 22, 20. Their parents think they’re in New York. They said “this is our last straw.” They probably meant “last chance”. They sang “One Night Only” from Dreamgirls performed by Jennifer Hudson.

Simon spotted the strongest singer in the group right away and addressed her, “Temptress for me, your voice is so much better than the other two.”

Memorable X FACTOR Moment – When Roxxy Montana got an acapella second chance and scored!

Kelly wanted to give them another chance. They agreed to sing in A Capella. Kelly then said, “These girls are singing their faces off. It’s been a long time since we’ve had girls singing their faces off. When ya’ll come together it’s something so special.” Paulina commented, “You guys are family for sure.”

Simon was impressed, “You’re really, really good together. But, you’ve got a secret weapon here with this one (pointing to Temptress) on the right. And that’s what every band needs. You have to work it out. It’s about sounding amazing. This is potentially the best group that we’ve had on the X Factor.” Simon immediately owned the Group category after Demi said she hopes she gets it.




Simon was getting the feeling of being smothered by estrogen by being the only male mentor on the panel this season. He commented, “It’s like girls are taking over the world right now.”


Jorge Pena – (Yes Vote)

Ice Cream Man for the Ladies!

Jorge is a cocky 22-year-old ice cream truck man. He was the first and only Spanish singer of the night. All of the ladies were immediately turned-off by his over-confident attitude, but loved his talent.

Memorable X FACTOR Moment – When Paulina told-off Jorge in Spanish!

After Jorge addressed Demi as “woman”, Demi told him “Don’t EVER call me woman. What’s really sexy is humility. That’s something you lack.”

Simon said, “He’s lactose intolerant.” Kelly said, “I do think humility is sexy just as much as singing in a native language.” Demi also addressed his talent “I think there’s something there.” Jorge’s mistake is when he replied to Demi with, “I like what I hear!” Demi gave him the evil eye.”

Simon warned him, “seriously for the next two minutes zip it.” Paulina attempted to give Jorge an attitude adjustment in Spanish by telling him to change his attitude and come down from the stars because he’s not a star yet. She voted “yes”. Kelly said “Everything that she said…Se.” Simon put-in a raspberry ice cream order and voted “yes”.



Simone Torres –  (Yes Vote)

No Longer a Dream

Simone is a young 19-year-old student from Port Jefferson station on Long Island. The crowd cheered in support.

During a behind-the-scenes interview, Simone said, “I like to speed rap. That’s one of my favorite things on stage.” However, she surprised everyone when she started to sing.

Simone sang oldie song, “Mustang Sally” by Wilson Pickett. The response from the audience and judges overwhelmed Simone who got emotional.

Paulina reacted, “You are so fresh. I thought sweet girl. I didn’t expect you to sing that well.” Demi said, “Your eyes sparkle from the second you walked out here. We all just want to hug you.”

Memorable X FACTOR Moment – Simone gets emotional and Simon calls her the “best audition.”

Kelly responded to the performance, “I think this is one of the best auditions that we had all day today.” Simon paused for a minute before he gave his reaction. Then said, “I disagree. I do. It’s not a question if i think this is the best audition. This IS the best audition. You came right out on stage and I wasn’t really paying any attention. The minute you started singing I thought where the hell did that come from? I think you are really, really special…4,204 yes’s.”

Simone said that her pursuing singing as a career is no longer a dream but something that is now tangible.


Al Calderon – (Yes vote)

If Al Calderon Had a Time Machine

Al is a 19-year-old restaurant host and happy birthday singer. He sang “Sarah Smile” by Hall and Oates.

Kelly immediately began to flirt with Al as soon as he came onto the stage by first saying, “Wow, your eyes are beautiful!” After he sang, she said, “I would want you to take me out.” Simon quickly swooped-in to remind her of the age difference, “We don’t have a time machine!” Demi told Simon that time machines don’t travel back far enough for him.

Memorable X FACTOR Moment – When Kelly told Al she’d like him to take her out on a date.

Demi reassured Al, “I don’t think you’ll be singing at the restaurant for much longer.” Kelly continued, “I really think you do have the X Factor.” Simon said, “There were some tuning issues on that song but I’m going to put that down to inexperience and nerves. I believe the music business is waiting for someone like you right now.”

Al reacted to the mentors’ comments with, “I’m done, no more happy birthday for me.”



Denise Weeks –  (Yes Vote)

Just Singing in the Subway!

The most touching performance of the night came from 41-year-old New York subway singer Denise Weeks.

She sings in New York subways for tips. “I had to put my pride to the side because I need to provide for my kids,” Denise said.

She also explained, “Winning this competition would mean everything to me. It would mean that I would never have to sing in the subway again.” Denise sang, “The Greatest Love of All” by Whitney Houston.

Memorable X FACTOR Moment – After singing without a track, Simon tells Denise The X Factor has been waiting for her.

Simon told Denise “you’re rushing it and therefore we’re not hearing any emotion. I’m going to ask you to sing that song without a track.” Her performance was greatly improved, and the mentors were beside themselves by her talent.

Simon asked Denise, “No one has come up to you and said you should come out of the subways for something bigger?” She answered “I’ve been waiting for The X Factor.” Simon said The X Factor has been waring for you.

Demi encouraged Denise by saying, “I have a friend that used to live in Grand Central Station and she’s become something so incredible. I think you are going to be singing in front of a lots and lots of people. Paulina said “hell yeah you were waiting for this night to happen.” Kelly confirmed it, “We’ve been waiting on you period!”



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