WE THE PEOPLE: Gloria Allred’s Reality! Spoiler Alert! SET NEWS!

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WE THE PEOPLE: Gloria Allred’s Reality! Spoiler Alert! SET NEWS!

We the People
Television 2011
Judge: Gloria Allred

Judge Allred

I recently attended a taping of a new pilot court/reality show featuring Gloria Allred as the judge, titled “We the People”. Executive Produced by Byron Allen who also produces “America’s Court” and “The Gossip Queens” among other shows, the cases for this show were completely re-enactments (as with “America’s Court” as stated in the show’s disclaimer). No real money exchanges hands, and non-union actors are hired to re-create real-life court cases. As I have also witnessed on “America’s Court”, and also now with “We The People”, one of the producers pulled an audience member to “cast” them on the spot as a litigant! Now that’s a low budget court show! “Judge Judy” would never do that.

One funny moment came in one of the court cases on “We The People” when, a “mom” forgot her “son’s” name… Executive Producer, Allen shouted “Mike, your son’s name is Mike!” Allred laughed, breaking from her overly stiff demeanor and actually admitted through her laughter that she knew it was all a game, knowing the cases are semi-scripted/semi-improvised.

Typical to her style, Allred occasionally took cheap shots at men, telling one poor male defendant of a study that found “It turns out men interrupt women way more than women interrupt men.” But for the most part, it seemed like Allred was “doing an impression of herself”, forcing her abrasive personality on the courtroom. In reality, her acting was worse than the litigants. In the later cases, Allred seemed to lose interest, rushing through cases, mostly due to the show being behind schedule.

Perhaps these new knockoff court shows are concerned about potential litigation or high costs. These shows will never hold a candle to the Judge Judy’s of the world if they continue to have fake or recreated cases and cut corners. Do we really need ANOTHER mediocre court show?…

Reported and Written by: John Perry




  1. Morgan says:

    Now all of the clients she has exploited, misused, and then dumped get to see her self serving face on Daytime Television. Yes, I was at one time one of her clients and she used me to try and push an agenda with one of her celebrity friends. Prior to knowing her I was in awe of her.

    The good thing is I am sure this will be short lived. I am definately NOT a Gloria Allred Fan.

  2. Frank says:

    Amazing. What a stupid show. Today’s premier show had a case where someone was suing over not being provided caffeinated coffee. Now after reading this article it seems the whole thing is low budget and staged with fake litigants.
    Don’t bother watching this waste of a show, or maybe just once to convince yourself that no courtroom show matches The People’s Court.

  3. James Masters says:

    This is the WORST COURT SHOW I have ever seen. GLORIA ALLRED is a JOKE from the JUMP, but even more so on this Lame example of a Court Show. If it were that Litigants could Appeal her decisions, i would bet as much as anyone would care to that all of them would be overturned. Just as in her normal Practice she is a Joke. One thing she did for me, was weaned me off of Court Shows. I always thought that she was absolutely unfair with her Lawsuits, but she is even worse on this Show. Unless you enjoy SCREAMING at the Television, do not ever watch this Incredible Failure as a COURT SHOW!!!!

  4. Alex says:

    I googled to find out if the people on this show were actors, and so glad I found this article. The one I’m watching now is so ridiculous. Especially the one where she ruled for the guy who fell in the pool (was” pushed”) for $10k for his suit and shoes, and also “damages.” This show is awful, why would she even do it?

  5. Marilyn says:

    We The People and America’s Court is FAKE!!!

    I came to the conclusion when a bad actress in her late 60s or 70s was portraying a grandmother who had ate some cookies made by her grand daughter; that were baked with Marijuana which made her sick. The grand daughter also claimed that grandma smoked with her also. My light bulb was lit and I did some research. Judge Ross show is crap. As i’m watching Gloria Allred, I see a terrible actress complaining about a gym membership. Obviously it’s fake.

  6. Tom says:

    I like court shows but won’t watch a minute of this mess. Gloria Allred is nothing but a punchline. A fame-whore joke that has made a mockery of both the court system and victim’s rights. I despise her and won’t watch anything she is involved in.

  7. yuk says:

    Omg she’s a lawyer not a judge! This woman is crazy thinking she can solve and make courts orders. Get her off tv!

  8. Meg Etheridge Torrie says:

    Yes! Finally! I can’t even believe she got a time slot near Judge Judy!!! Completely undeserving!!! I knew it was scripted within 90 seconds! None of the characters speak naturally!!! It’s all too fast and forced! Lame! I hope it gets cancelled ASAP! It’s a real POS show!!!

  9. Alex Gonzalez says:

    This “judge” is a total idiot and doesn’t know what she is talking about. I just witnessed her rule against a lesbian couple for not being married while they won a raffle from a church just because they don’t recognize or allow gay couples in their church. Nowhere in the raffle rules said it had to be between a man and a woman.

  10. John Perry says:

    Hi all, I did the initial report about this show, and wanted to followup. I heard Tim Conway Jr. talking about “We The People” tonight on KFI 640 in Los Angeles, and he made a great point. To paraphrase: Gloria Allred always implies that she is for the people, but is working on a show that uses non-union actors (to play plaintiffs and defendants), while these actors could be making a lot of money if they were paid union rates. I have nothing against non-union actors, but I must question when shows like this cut corners to save a dollar or two. Lets face it, the producers of this show want us all to believe these are real cases (instead of re-encactments) being tried by Allred with real money being exchanged. Great, there is probably some disclaimer that flashes through the credits faster than a speeding bullet, but that’s not good enough for me. Maybe Ms. Allred, since she is so concerned with honesty, could answer a question or two about her “court” show. Since my first report, I have seen more paid audience members pulled out and talked into being a plaintiff or defendant for 50 dollars. Since Gloria seems to love attention, maybe she will have a press conference about her court room drama, but I doubt it. P.S. I tried to call into KFI, but the lines were busy. I hope people keep commenting!

  11. Fake Hater says:

    “Any resemblance to persons living or dead is purely coincidental” is the last lone on both shows in the credits – apparently they’re both as fake as their lame shows…

  12. Mike says:

    I’m just curious Gloria, seen the episode where an animal funeral parlor buried the wrong animal (dog instead of a cat) YOU awarded the plaintiff emotional damages! WHY? A household animal, no matter how special to it’s owner is STILL under LAW considered PROPERTY! That decision was no difference than giving an emotional award to someone that felt hurt that their stove, television, etc. was sold/stolen whatever. BIG TIME ERROR on that decision!! Get a refresher course in property law.

  13. Kellzone says:

    What a horrible show. I’m not a big fan of court shows, though Judge Judy is occasionally entertaining to stop on while flipping through the channels. I made the mistake of stopping on We The People a while back. Won’t be making that mistake again. I wasn’t even surprised when I read in this article that the whole thing is fake.

  14. Jontue says:

    I am so glad I found this site. I have been on maternity leave for a week now and I’ve been etching this horrible show Abd saying to myself there is no way this crap is real. I finally got so upset etching it that I decided to google to see of it ws in fact fake and it is!! I won’t be watching it anymore. Terrible actors, stupid and rediculous cases, and unbelievable verdicts. What a piece of crap! Hopefully it will be pulled off the air soon!

  15. Danielle says:

    Who wants to watch actors – especially BAD actors reinact cases. I had the show on and IMMEDIATELY knew it was fake/actors because it was so obvious. Didn’t resemble even decent acting!

  16. stu says:

    Boston already canceled this train wreck. Byron always produces crap! Don’t know y his “Entertainment” show (interviewing actors pushing their borrrring movies)is still on the air. But it is on @ 2 am in Boston.
    Y do we need a “fake” court show when we have 9 real ones?
    Whats next…fake talk, news shows?
    PS: i didn’t know this show was fake til i saw this article. But now that i think bout it…all the “litigants” did seem staged.

  17. stu says:

    Is Maury Povich fake too?

  18. Kim says:

    I hate the show! I can’t stand it when Gloria asks if the plaintiff wants evidence to be submitted! NO! I Don’t want it submitted to prove my case! How f—–ing stupid! It is so fake and has absolutely no entertainment value whatsoever! Please get rid of this show!,,, FAKE! FAKE! FAKE! we are not idiots but this show and the continuation of it says that we are!

  19. Jerry says:

    I was also an audience member on this terrible show, and it’s true that ALL THE LITIGANTS are paid actors. They get $50.00 per appearance. Why anyone would watch this show at home is beyond me. FAKE, FAKE and FAKE.

  20. Rancidcrat says:


  21. Wonder Boy says:

    Does anyone know the actress name who played Vanessa Duna on one of the episodes? She was being sued for leaving a stain on the car seat… she is so hot!

  22. mark says:

    she is so gender biased im surprised they still have her on air,she needs to be dumped

  23. John Perry says:

    Sadly they are now casting for another season. The fact that Byron Allen’s production company proudly gives a “whopping” 50 dollars for lead acting on a nationally syndicated show sickens me. Pathetic, Byron. This is why IMDB credits are not automatically looked upon with as much respect as they were in the past. Fellow actors, good luck putting this garbage on a demo reel. It will not impress any agent or casting director or legit director. In fact, it could do more harm than good for a career if people see it on your reel. I still have yet to find one person that enjoys this show. Who is watching this junk?

  24. Daytime TV is a joke says:

    Now I can safely say daytime TV has nothing real to offer. I thought I was going to learn a thing or two about our legal system or at least how our judges rule and instead I got sketch comedy. Shouldn’t they have a disclaimer saying what will follow is a skit? The Peoples Court, on the other hand is not scripted but that isn’t on. They should seriously cancel this junk but if they replaced it with good programming no one would go to work. I get it now.

  25. Lorre Johnson says:

    I think it’s hysterical that I was fooled for so long. I was finally tipped off when I saw a case of three roommates (a man and two women) who were suing their landlady. She was evicting them because she found out that the male roommate was not gay as they had originally told her so that she would give them all permission to live together. When the judge asked the name of one of the female roommates, she said her name was Janet Snow. Janet Snow? Does that name sound familiar? Of course! Janet was the first name of one of the girls on the sitcom with the same premise, Three’s Company back in the 70’s, and Snow was the last name of the second. Yeah, I felt pretty stupid.

  26. Bo Ridley says:

    I KNEW it! Those cases ALWAYS seemed riduculous and fake! The people always seem to be trying to feel angry or outraged and they all roll their eyes inappropriately and their dialog always appeared forced. And they all are too polished to be real litigants. And they would drop in information that had no connection with the question posed. am relieved to know that my instincts were dead on!

    I think that the cases on Judge Judy and Marilyn Milian of the People’s court show real litigants. Watch those shows and you can see the difference. I just wont watch Judge Judy because she is unprofessional and hateful. (Of course, its what people want to see…she makes $250 million for being abrasive!) But for real cases and not this re-enacted bull, try those and learn a little about the law! (This is not a paid endorsement! ha)

  27. kent says:

    Sorry to say this but your judgement on the Copyrights issue was wrong. She needs to know that copyrights are a Federal Case. The instant a photographer takes a picture it is copyrighted, And then to give the judgment to the person that did the copyright infringement. That was wrong. The copyright owner should have been given the damages for copyrights, and for pirating of the photographers work.. she needs to read up on the Federal copyright Laws. http://www.ppa.com/findaphotographer/copyright.php

  28. Jeffrey Bohemier says:

    This is absolutely the worst court show I think I’ve ever seen. First, if this was a real judge and handled a case for me, I think I would have brought a law suit against her. Her bias against men is outrageous. On the show I witnessed, she asked what was supposed to be a divorced father of a daughter how someone can raise a daughter on $300 per month in child support. I guess she forgot that the $300 was supposed to be only half the amount of support for the child, as the mother was responsible to provide the rest of the support, which should have totaled $600 per month. Now, I find it hard to believe that a kid can go through $300 a month, much less twice that, as the parent is not having to pay more for a roof over her head for her child to live there. When I was married to a woman with three kids, their father contributed only $150 a month for all three kids, which didn’t even pay enough for their school lunches, yet my ex-wife absolutely refused to go after him for what he should have been paying. On the second case, a guy followed a girl to learn her habits so he could reposes her car that she was six month behind on. Anyhow, the judge thought that because he slept with the girl the night he met her, that he was automatically guilty. Bullshit!!! The girl admitted right from the start that she was the one who picked him up, not the other way around. I’ve met plenty of girls like that, and have found that most want to go to bed as fast as possible. This is either the world’s worst judge who is biased against men or she’s a horrible actor that does not deserve to be on TV. This show is crap and is not worth your time and effort to watch. Your time would better be served by taking a nap instead. How could any judge be that bad and still be on the bench? How is it that Judge Judy gets it right 95% of the time, Judge Joe Brown gets it right 99% of the time, and Judge Gloria Allred gets it wrong 99% of the time. I think she just makes up the law as she goes along. This show is fake, because if it were real, she would have been pulled from the bench long ago because of her bias against men, who have no chance in hell of winning their case on this show.

  29. alizabeth says:

    Maybe they should just kick Gloria off the show and have an audience member play her.
    It would probably make it a better show.

  30. John Perry says:

    By the way. I don’t know if I mentioned this. But Byron Allen, who produces some of the worst crap on tv, used to always come out and preach to the “We The People” audience (and his other fake court audiences) about DENZEL WASHINGTON! He would actually compare the audience “You guys know Denzel? He is always up for an Oscar. Why? Because he listens! If you want to be like Denzel, just listen! ….I am serious. Byron Allen would coach an audience on a fake court show where people are getting paid basically nothing to pretend to be like an Oscar award winner/nominee.

  31. John Perry says:

    Jeffrey Bohemier makes a good point…”IF” this were a real show, hateful Gloria Alred would be disbarred. But she is fake. It is amazing that this garbage is still on the air. They pay the fake litigants 50 bucks, Gloria gets it wrong. SRO/Byron Allen cast this show like they are casting a hit drama. Gloria…why do you not respect unions?

  32. Darlene says:

    Somene ought to tell Judge Allred that you don’t have to register anything at the copyright office to sue for damages and loss of income when someone steals your work. I just saw a show where she basically rewarded an art thief who admitted stealing someone’s art and used it to make money saying the guy didn’t copyright his work. WRONG! He can still sue for certain damages.

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