What Viewers Didn’t See on THE GOLDEN BACHELOR: THE WOMEN TELL ALL Set News Recap

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November 5, 2023
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What Happens After Hometowns on THE GOLDEN BACHELOR Exclusive Sneak Peek!
November 5, 2023
Four Artists Will Comeback on THE VOICE 24 Knockouts Week 2 Recap!
November 14, 2023
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What Viewers Didn’t See on THE GOLDEN BACHELOR: THE WOMEN TELL ALL Set News Recap

Pictured: THE GOLDEN BACHELOR / Photo: Disney/John Fleenor

There was a lot from “The Women Tell All” that didn’t air.  Including April’s chicken dance that she taught to Jesse Palmer, Kathy’s drawn-out speeches, what Patty James said about being on the show, and why Sam and Aaron B. from “Bachelor in Paradise” were in the audience?  We still don’t know!  Also, it was the return of Barb!  But, TV home viewers didn’t see that either. 

During the bloopers portion of the show, surprisingly, there were a lot of the women who were miscalling Gerry (pronounced ‘Gary’) ‘Jerry’.  Those women are glad that that was also edited out. 

At the start of the show, a former Bachelor, Ben Higgins, escorted Gerry to a variety of Golden Bachelor viewing parties to surprise fans.  One such party was that of Barb!  Yes, Barb, who is Pilot Pete’s mom, has shown-up once again in the Bachelorsphere!   She made a joke about herself while repeating her famous words,  go get her.”

Pictured (l-r): Barb, Ben Higgins / ABC Copyright

It’s down to the remaining two women that Gerry will choose between after he brings them to his home to meet his family next week.  Those two women are Leslie, and Theresa. 
The women on the panel very much agreed with Gerry when he said they were all part of a historic event, being the firsts on the Golden Bachelor.  He said they should all put that they were part of the first Golden Bachelor on their tombstones!   Some of the women voiced  to hold-off, it’s too soon to be talking like that!

Pictured: JESSE PALMER, GERRY TURNER / Photo: Disney/John Fleenor

Katie Thurston Did it First!

Another bit of footage we noticed that did NOT make it to air was there was a bit that showed one of the women had brought along her vibrator.  Ever since Katie Thurston was transparent about bringing hers, during night one on Matt James’ season the show has been more open about the topic, also adding it into an episode of “Bachelor in Paradise.”  However, leaving it out on “The Women Tell All.”

Is Theresa Really a Mean Girl??

Kathy (“zip it”) said her experience on the show and the show’s underlying theme is to stay “hopeful.”  She said never give up hope.  Kathy displayed a more positive attitude while on Women Tell All, opposite from what audiences saw during her time in the mansion.  

For instance, Kathy’s spat with Theresa, and general dislike for her  was front and center.  One of the ladies called-out Teresa, stating that there was a lot of footage not shown on the episodes that showed what Theresa was doing that led up to the moment with Kathy and her!  Wow!  It sounds like there was some drama that wasn’t aired.  Jesse pushed the pause button on the topic, stating that Teresa was not there to defend herself.

Pictured: THERESA, GERRY TURNER / Photo: Disney/John Fleenor


Before that, Ellen was heartbroken by Gerry when he did not give her a rose.  She had told him that she was falling in love with him. Gerry said he had not had anyone look at him like that and feel that way about him since his wife. He was really shattered over it.  

Ellen also addressed her best friend Roberta who was the one that signed Ellen up for the show.  Ellen went into some detail about how Roberta, who was battling breast cancer, did not make it to see the premiere of the season.  Jesse couldn’t contain himself and even cried over this.  Roberta’s daughter was in the audience to comfort Ellen.


Pictured: FAITH, GERRY TURNER / Photo: Disney/John Fleenor

Faith was blindsided when it was down to her and Theresa at the Rose Ceremony after the hometown dates.  It was Theresa whom Gerry chose.  Faith said what made it the most difficult for her to cope with was when she looked up at Gerry and there was a complete disconnect.  Before that, Gerry told her that he loved her at the Hometown date, and that he would protect her heart.  She felt that maybe it was just her. 

At the Women Tell All, Gerry explained that he could not look at her when she got into the van to go home because he felt like he was a con after telling her those things.  He said, but that was indeed how he felt in that moment when he said he loved her. He said they are put into this artificial simulation (The Bachelor).

Faith was unbelievably understanding.  She said that she couldn’t believe that she fell so hard for Gerry in such a short amount of time.  Faith had trouble taking down her walls for a relationship and Gerry did that for her.

Still Hopeful for Gerry!

Joan had to self-eliminate earlier in the season when she was called upon for help from her daughter who had given birth 15 weeks prior.  Joan said it was a bad case of postpartum depression that her daughter was dealing with and she was going into a really dark place which was why she had to leave.  However, Joan did say that she had imagined that at some point during the hometown date she would find Gerry at her doorstep.  It seemed she had fallen so hard for him when they shared a deep connection, she had not given up on a possibility of a future with Gerry.


Kathy became a fan favorite with her “zip it” catchphrase.  She addressed the comparison of Katlyn Jenner to her likeness in social media by saying she’s honored by such a comparison.  There’s another Jenner comparison on the show this season and that’s Susan to Kris Jenner.  

Kris Jenner showed-up as a special guest to deliver a message (via Jesse Palmer’s smartphone) to Susan when she told her that the whole family is obsessed with the show, including Kim.  As far as Susan taking Kris’ signature hair cut, she told her that she “nailed it!”

Kathy also revealed during “Women Tell All” that her husband left her due to suicide.  With this horrific circumstance, it’s amazing that Kathy is able to keep an upbeat, and fighter attitude.  Joan made the comment that this group of women is on a second life.  They’ve all experienced losing their parents, a husband, and now have children, grandchildren.  She said they are increasingly not seen.   April also talked about this and how the rate of depression among people over age 60 is very high. 

Pictured: THE GOLDEN BACHELOR / Photo: Disney/John Fleenor

Joan said this group of women were instantly connected just based on those shared experiences alone.  She said all they had to do was sit together and say nothing,  She could feel the connection.   Joan also added that Gerry saw her, and cared about her life.  He was invested in her. She said it had been a while since she felt that. 

Upcoming Fantasy Suites:

Bachelor Nation has gotten to see a lot more of the Mansion this season than ever before.  For instance, scenes have taken place in the bedrooms of the ladies, showing off bunk beds while Gerry comforted Teresa.  We’ve seen kitchen scenes while the women debated if it was the meatballs, or Edith’s guacamole that caused Susan so much gas!  What else can we expect to see?  Well…
Jesse hints that we will finally find out what goes on in the Fantasy Suites this season!  Gerry said he likes “pillow talk.” 

Patty James, Matt James’ mom was there and Jesse said that so many were disappointed that she went home early. She said it was a wonderful experience and made many friends in the time that she was there.

Aaron B. and Sam were in the audience.  There was no mention of Sam’s “poop baby.”  Also, no mention of Aaron B’s cheating controversy which recently came up on “Bachelor in Paradise” this season during the episode when his ex Charity Lawson made a visit to Paradise. 

COMING UP: “The Golden Bachelor” Fantasy Suite dates, and Gerry will introduce his daughters to Thresea and Leslie.  The season finale episode will run along with a Live show of After the Final Rose on November 30th.  “The Golden Bachelor” airs on Thursdays at 8 pm ET on ABC network.



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