Where The Cowboys Are THE BACHELOR Episode 6

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Where The Cowboys Are THE BACHELOR Episode 6

Week six of ABC’s “The Bachelor” continues from last week’s episode in a continuation where Kelsey was seen having a panic attack and 911 was called to the scene while the other remaining ten ladies looked-on. The Bachelor, Chris Soules had foregone with the Cocktail party, moving straight into the rose ceremony, telling host Chris Harrison that he had made-up his mind.

The Bachelor episode 6, Chris Soules, Becca

Pictured: Chris Soules, Becca

In it’s sixth week, “The Bachelor” picks-up where Kelsey is in the middle of her “panic attack” on the floor while the other ladies look-on. When she tells the medic that she’d better get a rose, then calls for Chris to come, it really seems that she is faking the whole event for the benefit of a rose.

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The Bachelor episode 6, South Dakota

Pictured (l-r): Kaitlyn, Britt, Whitney, Jade, Megan, Carly

Chris didn’t make it better when he comes to Kelsey’s aid and tells her how beautiful she looks and is genuinely concerned for her. After that, during an interview Kelsey said she feels in her heart that Chris is going to fall in love with her. “Today is the day that signifies that,” she said. Ashley I., who gets threatened by every little thing blowing in the wind, said she thought she would be the one going home because Chris would feel too guilty to eliminate Kelsey now. Of course, in typical Ashley style, that statement was followed by tears. Full Episode 6 Recap Here!

The Bachelor episode 6, Carly, Chris Soules

Pictured: Carly, Chris Soules.

The Bachelor episode 6, Big & Rich

Pictured: Big & Rich



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