1 VS 100: GSN Brings Mob Back with DANCING WITH THE STARS Judge!

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1 VS 100: GSN Brings Mob Back with DANCING WITH THE STARS Judge!

Carrie Ann Inaba-new to hosting game show 1 VS 100

Not new to working with studio audiences. But, new to hosting a game show is exactly what “Dancing with the Stars” judge Carrie Ann Inaba will be doing at her new job for GSN as the network re-invents previous NBC game show “1 VS. 100” which was hosted by Bob Saget.

In the traditional game-play of NBC’s “1 VS. 100”, the multiple-choice trivia based game show has one player answering a series of multiple-choice questions against a mob of 100 players who must also answer the same questions correctly or else they are out of the game. If the contestant out-lasts the mob, the contestant takes home their accumulated winnings, a total of $50,000. If the contestant loses, the surviving mob players divide the contestant’s winnings leaving the contestant with zero. The new version by GSN has yet to be seen if any changes have been made once filming starts.

Carrie Ann Inaba with Mike Myers and Diane Mizota who hosts GSN's BINGO!

The only changes that were eluded to in the press release today by GSN were that, according to Rob Smith, Endemol USA’s SVP of Programming who is working with the network in the production of 1 VS 100, stated that “the producers have been extremely innovative in bringing back the game that viewers already know and love in a new and technologically advanced way”. My comment to that is, I’m just hoping for not another computer generated machine involved in the game play such as the one in “20Q”.

In addition to DANCING WITH THE STARS, new 1 VS 100 host, Carrie Ann Inaba’s past experience includes: IN LIVING COLOR (dancer), LIVE FROM THE RED CARPET (host), REGIS & KELLY (co-host), AMERICAN IDOL (Choreographer), SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE (Choreographer), among a list of other credits.

GSN’s SVP of Programming, Kelly Goode, commented in regards to choosing Inaba as host of the game show, “1 VS. 100 is a unique game format that has great energy and personality. Carrie Ann will capture the liveliness of this format: she’s warm, personable and full of energy. She really connects well with viewers and she’ll bring a lot of fun to the show.”

This sounds similar to what GSN stated about their reasoning for choosing their host of another resurrected game show, “The Newlywed Game”, Carnie Wilson. Here’s to hoping that Inaba will be a great host. AND – IF she is – to sticking around for more than three seasons!

1 VS 100 will air Mondays through Fridays at 7:00pm ET/PT premiering Monday, November 15th.




  1. tim snow says:

    carrie ann her voice is not strong on the show and i do not like the set up with the players it makes them look like there are handicap i liked the interactions of the mob high five next to them or there actions the new screen drivs me nuts will discontinue watching

  2. L. Evans says:

    What is with carrie ann and her protruding belly and wide behind. She does not need to wear the short dresses unless she puts on the proper undergarments to make her look better.

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