According To Reality – AMERICA’S GOT TALENT Judgement Week Day 2

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July 27, 2014
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According To Reality – AMERICA’S GOT TALENT Judgement Week Day 2

The “America’s Got Talent” judges have seen all of the acts, and it’s now time to re-evaluate the ones who have been moved through to this round called “Judgement Week.” During this time, judges Howie Mandel, Howard Stern, Heidi Klum and Mel B will determine who they think will be good enough to perform during the live shows at Radio City Music Hall.


 Adrian Romoff

The kids acts were the first to re-audition for the judges for their spot at Radio City Music Hall. Child prodigy piano-playing Adrian Romoff was up first. Adrian who is so smart he is five grades ahead in school, said going to Radio City Music Hall is one of his dreams. During his first audition when Heidi asked him if he is really that smart, he answered “according to reality, yes!” After Adrian’s second audition, Howie said “just a kid prodigy playing piano at Radio City Music Hall, is it enough?” Howard said he loves Adrian.

Byamba's Contortion Girls

Byamba’s Contortion Girls are four girls ages seven to eleven. The girls contorted themselves together again for their second audition. Howard said it was amazing what they do, “But they did have issues”. “It was flat” said Mel B.



Kaycee and Gabe

Kaycee and Gabe are eleven and thirteen years old. They danced around and did fake “selfies” to a song by the same name. Howie thought Gabe was better than Kaycee.

Carter and Anika

The next dancing duo was Carter and Anika who are twelve and thirteen years old. They said they’ve been practicing for six hours every day since their first audition on AGT. They finished their routine AFTER the JLo music that they were performing to stopped. So, their timing was way off. The judges said it looked “clumsy and sloppy.”

Howard said he hoped that the kid acts would take it up a notch. But it went down-hill.



The Willis Clan

The Willis Clan is a family band ages three to twenty-two. They were the first to show their vocal and instrumental talents to the judges in the Music Group category. Their second audition was as fantastic as the first. Howard said, “You can’t help but smile.” Hedi said “I like them too. but vocally I don’t think they are strong enough.”

Beach Avenue

Beach Avenue are a crew of three buddies, said they’d rather be playing together than working their day jobs. They auditioned with an original song, and decided to go up again in front of the judges with a another original song. Howie warned them, “you are pushing your luck.” Howie said he didn’t like the song. Howard pushed for them and said “If there was a crowd right now, they’d be on their feet for that song.”

Makepeace Band

Kieran and Finian Makepeace are two young men on guitars, drums and vocals. They chose to sing a cover song for their first audition. This second time around, they decided to perform an original song . Howard said it was “risky.” Howie asked them if they think that the song stood out more than the competition. Heidi said it’s amazing what they do with two people. Mel B also liked them. Howie said “we have a big debate.” Howard agreed.

Jonah Smith

Jonah Smith sells insurance for a living. His dream is to be making a living singing with his band. He said when he got married, that’s when he got a day job. He played an original song at his first audition with a full band and the judges called him “fantastic”. This time around, his drummer decided not to show-up. The production delayed their second audition. Jonas got a drummer at the last minute. The end result? Howard said he came off “50 billion times better” than his first audition.

Sons Of Serendip

Sons of Serendip are made-up of a teacher, lawyer, student, grocery store worker. They sang and played a beautiful harmonious tune once again for the judges. While one of them sang, each member was on separate instruments that were: cello, piano, and harp. Howie commented “This instrumentation and his voice – it stands out!”

Livy, Matt, & Sammy

Livy, Matt & Sammy this time, they sang a hip-hop song acoustically. Howie asked them, “do you think you’re unique?” Livy responded by describing their sound as “acoustic Indy”. Howard said “it was another strong audition” and that “this is a tough year.”

Howard they had so many good bands, “they were all strong” this season. Howie said he hated the original songs . Howard said “you could look past that and tell they were good.”



Dustin’s Dojo

Dustin’s Dojo was the first act up. Howard gave them his Golden Buzzer during their first audition. Their goal is to spread the work of protecting victims from. The first thing that they did for their second audition was “hit fruit hanging from poles because they swing much like attackers move!” Dustin then attacked his partner Terry with nun-chucks and he said Terry would defend himself with his “instinct”. Terry fell down and was dragged off of the stage by Dustin. Heidi Howard if he was embarrassed that he used his Golden Buzzer on them. Howard said ‘no.’ Heidi said, “that was horrible.” Howie said Howard’s Golden Buzzer was “well used.”

Bob Markworth and Mayana

Bob Markworth & Mayana (agess 77 and 51) Bob shot arrows at targets such as a balloon, and a playing card. He was unsuccessful. He missed a balloon, then he ripped the card with his arrow rather than taring it apart. Mel B said “both the tricks went wrong.”

Next, Mudslinger was up again in “Top Hogs” act. Heidi said she wasn’t going to kiss the pig again. “Once was enough!” Mudslinger did some basic math. Howard said “This act actually went downhill”.

The Hudson Brothers returned this time as “church folks” showing how “hypocritical” they are. Howie used his Golden Buzzer on them during their first audition. Howie was disappointed after their second audition. Howard said “it’s a shame.”

Flight Crew Jump Rope said their act is very “precise” and if one thing goes wrong, it throws everything off. Howard said he enjoyed it “I saw moves that we have never seen on America’s Got Talent”.

Voting closes on July 29th for the last of the 48 acts to be picked out of the three finalists that were chosen on the TODAY show.



Frank Dimitri is a seventy-four year old retired bartender chasing his dream of singing, overcoming his stuttering. He impressed the judges during his fist audition while singing a Frank Sinatra tune. He said it’s a big thrill in his life being on AGT. He returned and sang Frank Sinatra song “I’ve Got You Under My Skin.” Heidi said “he has a wonderful quality to his voice.” Howard said if you close your eyes, he sounds younger.

Jacob Curlee was abandoned by his parents. He said the first audition made him feel love and compassion from complete strangers. He is back again with his mom who adopted him and his sister when he was eight years old. He dedicated tonight’s audition to his mother and sang Tom Petty song “Free Fallin'”. Mel B said he “has a distinctive sound.” Howard said it didn’t go well and he thinks Jacob was “really, really nervous.”

Justin Rhodes is twenty-three and his parents didn’t want music to be his career. His dad watched him perform for the first time during his first AGT audition. His dad kept in contact with him since that show to form a stronger bond. The judges were not impressed this time around. Howie said maybe they should take their first audition into consideration.

Sal Gonzalez is a Marine Corp wounded veteran. His second audition was not as good as his first one. He said not having the crowd this time made him a little nervous. Heidi said she didn’t love it. Mel B said the male singers are “crumbling a little bit.”

The judges wondered if it was the room that was sabotaging the male singers with nerves, because every one of them had major nerves that interfered with their auditions. Howard said they were all strong the fist time, and now it’s a disappointment. Mel B said “the last three have not been good.”

Miguel Dakota is the oldest child in his family and dropped-out of college to work in construction to help support his family. He sang another song similar to the one during his first audition. Miguel proved once again that he has that “it factor”. Mel B said his voice is “powerful.” Howie said he thinks Miguel has something that he didn’t show them.

Paul Ieti is a soldier in the Army. Even though he was “terrified” during his first audition, he was so good, he go a standing ovation from the judges. Paul sat down and sang a little tune during his second audition. The judges all agreed that he was very good. Heidi said “it is so easy for him to sing.” The judges all agreed on their decision for Paul, so they called him back out to the stage to tell him he was going to the live shows at Radio City Music Hall.



Bad Boys of Ballet is a group of young men lead by one girl, Adrian who “cracks the whip” on them. Howie said he liked them. Howard didn’t.

Baila Conmigo

Salsa dance group called Baila Conmigo is a large dance group made up of dancers ages five to thirty-one. One of the young dancers was dropped during their second audition. It was less than perfect contrary to their first audition. After some time, the judges called them back out to tell them they are being sent through to the live shows.

Tic & Tac Entertainment They’ve been dancing on the streets since age six. Their goal is to take their act “from the streets to the balcony seats.” Mel B. said “it felt like a street performance.”

Jasmine Flowers dance act heavily depends on precision and no one can be off in their timing. They impressed again with their second audition. Mel B. said “It makes you smile.” Howard pointed-out “is every time they come out is going to be the fan dance?”



AcroArmy are a seventeen people acrobat group with ages ranging from eleven to twenty-seven. Their choreographer was on the fist season of AGT. After they amazed the judges with their second audition, Howie asked them if the judges have seen the most dangerous and the most advanced. They said no, but they just saw a routine of a “very high caliber.”

XPogo Stunt Team are four guys ages 17-21 who do extreme stunts on pogo-sticks. They attempted to take their act to a more dangerous level by using fire. Soon after adding fire to the pogo stick, the flame went out. Heidi said she still likes them.

Richard and Ashlee – Classical ballet dancers turned contemporary circus artists. They are engaged to be married in three years. Ashlee balanced on top of Richard’s head, and he almost dropped her. Heidi said they have to take that in to consideration. Mel B commented that “It wasn’t as sleek as it should have been.”

Circus performer and hand-balancer Christian Stoinev is a fifth generation Circus performer. He’s been performing since the age of five. During his first audition, Howard told Christian that he is “making the Circus legit!” He brought a surprise for this audition, a Chihuahua dog named Scooby who he balanced on himself as he performed. Howard asked if he used the dog because he was running out of hand balancing tricks, Christian said “no.” Howard said “he did it! He went and did something completely unexpected!”



Howard said any other season, all of these guys would go through. Heidi said “It’s a good problem to have.” Howie said “it’s the best year for kids.” Howard said about being a judge on AGT is something that feels phenomenal is to look at someone in the eye whose been working for years, and tell them that “their dream is about to come true.”

GOING TO RADIO CITY MUSIC HALL: Out of the many acts that the judges had to make excruciating decisions this seasons on putting through to the live shows, some of the ones that made it were singers Miguel Dakota, Anna Clendening, comedian Darik Santos, stuntmen Loop Rawlins, JD Anderson, dance acts Sean & Luke, Bad Boys of Ballet. MORE!

Performing Live next week: Miguel Dakota, Flight Crew Jump Rope, Julia Goodwin, Jasmine Flowers, Emily West, Dan Naturman, The Willis Clan, Sean & Luke, Baila Conmigo, JD Anderson, Valo & Bobby, David & Leeman.



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