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Blindsided in Warsaw on THE BACHELOR Week 7 Recap

Posted on February 16 2016 by Editor

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Blindsided in Warsaw on THE BACHELOR Week 7 Recap

The Bachelor 20 week 7, Indiana Pacers

This week, the remaining women – Lauren B., Jojo, Emily, Becca, Caila, and Amanda all went to Ben’s hometown of Indiana. Lauren B. got the first date. Ben took her to the youth center where he used to volunteer when he was a teenager. The kids there were thrilled when along with Ben and Lauren B., also came celebrity guests Paul George and George Hill from the Indiana Pacers.


The Bachelor 20, week 7, Ben Higgins, Jojo

Next, Ben took Jojo to Chicago, home of his favorite team the Chicago Cubs. JoJo was still struggling not to “hold back” during their one-on-one date during dinner at Wrigley Field. Ben said he questioned to what extant that Jojo’s feeling are there. After their long talk, JoJo said when she’s with Ben, she feels herself falling in love with him.


Amanda, Becca and Caila went on the group date. Ben called it the most important rose so far. The rose on this date represents the woman that would automatically get the hometown date with Ben, and spend the rest of the date alone with him. The other two women would end the date there and go back to the house. During the date, Ben spent some one-on-one time with each woman. Becca was stressed over not getting any signs from Ben that he feels stronger for her than the other women there and asked him NOT to “blindside” her. Caila said she is “adaptable” to either moving around a lot or staying planted in one place.

Ben gave the rose to the woman that he said he wants them to feel confident and “excited” to meet their family. Amanda ended-up getting the rose. Becca and Caila sat in silence for awhile feeling very sad and perplexed after Ben and Amanda left for their date.


Amanda and Ben’s date started with a date at McDonalds’ with a blatant advertisement for the fast food chain’s breakfast menu. That was followed by some time spent at the local carnival where Amanda got to see how good Ben is with kids.


Ben took Emily to his parent’s house to meet them. His mom pulled Emily to the side to talk in private. “Does she even really know who she is” Ben’s mom questioned. Unfortunately, Emily’s youth and time needed to grow more evidently proved why she wasn’t the right girl for Ben. Emily took a lot of time with Ben’s mom talking about her own dreams (including being a cheerleader with the Denver Broncos) which made Ben and his mom question if she’s ready to be his wife.

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