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The Duet Zone on AMERICAN IDOL TOP 14 Revealed

Posted on February 19 2016 by Editor

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The Duet Zone on AMERICAN IDOL TOP 14 Revealed

In the “American Idol” Star Duets Round, past successful winners and contestants from “American Idol” return to mentor the contestants this season to perform a duet. At the end of the duets, the judges decide which five contestants to send home.

Last week twelve contestants of the Top 24 performed and the seven that made it through were: La’Porsha Renae, Avalon Young, Gianna Isbella, Jeneve Mitchell, Mackenzie Bourg, Sonika Vaid, and Thomas Stringfellow.

Twelve more from the Top 24 performed this week and another five sent home. The All-Star Idols that mentored them this week were: Chris Daughtery (season 5), Jordan Sparks (season 6), David Cook (season 7), Constantine Mouralis (season 4), Kellie Pickler (season 5), Haley Reinhart (season 10).

Harry said last night was an “off” night and sometimes the show has a “Twilight Zone night” where everybody was off. Jennifer said when singing a duet, it’s about chemistry and not forgetting that you are singing with someone else and need to compliment them.

Amelia Eisenhauer & Kellie Pickler

Ten years ago, southern Kellie Pickler sang “Suds in the Bucket” by Sara Evans on “American Idol.” Amelia Eisenhauer and her sang it for their duet. Harry said it’s one of his favorite things is to see young is an up-and-coming talent (like Kellie) to try and school a youngster and she (Amelia) came out fighting. “It was terrific”. Keith said she stepped-up to the plate. Jennifer said Kellie was the perfect mentor for Amelia.

Kory Wheeler & Haley Reinhart

They sang Elton John’s “Bennie and the Jets”. She sang it on American Idol, and Kory sang it during his A.I. audition. Keith said it was a good song for the two of them and complimented Kory for “matching up” to Haley. Jennifer said Haley is a phenomenal vocalist and that Kory did very well, and “it was a really nice pairing.” Harry also agreed and he had nothing negative to say.

Lee Jean & Chris Daughtry

They sang one of Daughtry’s songs called “Home”. Daughtry said he “wanted him (Lee Jean) to do him.” He said he wrote the song for one thing and wanted him to do what meant something for him. Jennifer said the duets tonight have been amazing and it’s one of the best that’s come out of idol. The two of them together made her “speechless.” Harry said it’s captivating the amount of fun that he has on stage. He said Lee’s control was hard to do and was very proud of him. Keith said Lee brought the story-teller quality to that song.

CJ Johnson & David Cook

They sang “The World I Know” by Collective Soul. It was the last song that Cook performed on “American Idol”. “Your voices sounded really good together” Harry said and it was obvious that C.J. plays gigs all the time. Keith said he held his own really well and did as good as anybody could with that song because it’s an “odd” song. Jennifer said that song felt mellow in comparison with the other songs performed before it. (the audience booed her comment).

Manny Torres & Jordin Sparks

They sang “No Air” by Chris Brown and Jordin Sparks. Keith said it was like a real moment of “power house time”. Jennifer stated, “It couldn’t have been more perfect and was the perfect marriage of you two.” Harry said he’s got a lot of charisma on stage and they did a great duet together.

Jenn Bosil & Constantine Maroulis

They sang “My Funny Valentine” by Frank Sinatra. “It was the embodiment of the perfect duet and being so different than anybody else in the competition,” said Jennifer. She also said it was like they were in their own world. Harry commented that the song didn’t need energy and felt like it turned into “a shouting match” which was not appropriate. Keith, on the other hand, loved it! He said “it was fantastic.”

Tristan McIntosh & Kellie Pickler

They sang a Pickler song “Best Days of Your Life”. Harry called it “pretty darn good” and advised Tristan NOT to rush. Keith called it “shaky” pitch wise and it was like an “unbridled horse”. Jennifer complimented her amazing voice and when they see her next to an experienced performer, it shows her “youth”, and her lack of experience.

“American Idol”‘s in-house mentor Scott Borchetta (CEO of Big Machine Records) gave his opinion after the commercial break about the performances tonight compared to last night. He said the contestants are giving some “top-notch” performances tonight from the All-Star Idols coming in and “settling” the contestants down.

Olivia Rox & David Cook

Olivia was nine years old when Cook won “American Idol” and she’s been a fan ever since. They sang one of his songs “Light On.” Keith gave his praises that Olivia Rox “rocks”. Jennifer called her voice phenomenal and if she can find her groove and the right songs, she’ll be around for a long time. Harry said Idol is lucky to have her and is excited to see her for the rest of the season.

Adam Lasher & Haley Reinhart

They sang Elvis song “Can’t Help Falling in Love.” Jennifer said the performance was strong and liked that Adam stayed his course. Harry was captivated by them and thought it was “very sweet.” Keith said it highlighted Adam to “equally loosen up” and felt he was “stiff”…followed by audience boos.

Dalton Rapattoni & Chris Daughtry

They sang “Higher Ground” by Stevie Wonder, a song Daughtry performed on ‘Idol and said he always felt like he could do that song better. On stage, Daughtry was presented with a large plague with his four number one selling albums. Harry said he is glad to be part of ‘Idols success stories. As for Dalton, he gave the credit to the band that Ryan Seacrest could have sounded good on that one. Keith said that Dalton and Chris came at the song differently and thought it was incredible. Jennifer called Dalton a dark-horse and that Chris and Dalton had two different dynamics that worked.

After Dalton left the stage, Seacrest gave the audience and judges a little bit of his own performance by rapping and doing some butt wiggling on stage.

Trent Harmon & Jordin Sparks

american idol-duets-week 2-trent-harmon-445

They sang “To Love Somebody” by the Bee Gees. Keith said Jordin and the song pulled things out of Trent stylistically that they haven’t heard, Jennifer agreed that there were things in Trent that they hadn’t seen before. Harry said he was pulling for a great performance and thought that Jordin should do it as a single, then heard Trent and thought he should do it as a single.

Shelbie Z and Constantine Maroulis

They sang Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody”, a song that Maroulis performed on the ‘Idol stage. Jennifer thought the song lost Shelbie because the song didn’t fit her. Harry said he wasn’t sure what perspective Shelbie was coming from and had no point of view. Keith agreed and said it’s not meant to be a duet. “It didn’t pull me in”. The judges all got rounds of boos from the audience after their comments.

The first person announced by Jennifer to be safe was Lee Jean. Harry revealed that Olivia Rox was also safe, then Keith selected Jenn Bosil. Next, was Dalton Rapattoni …Manny Torres, Tristan McIntosh. The final person announced as going through was Trent Harmon.

Eliminated: Amelia Eisenhauer, Shelbie Z, Kory Wheeler, CJ Johnson, and Adam Lasher.

The contestants that went through last week were: La’Porsha Renae, Avalon Young, Gianna Isbella, Jeneve Mitchell, Mackenzie Bourg, Sonika Vaid, and Thomas Stringfellow.


American Idol season 15 Top 14

NEXT WEEK – The live shows start and fans will vote. Also, Kelly Clarkson will return to perform her latest single.


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