Breakdown of ALL the Acts Going to AMERICA’S GOT TALENT: ALL-STARS Finals Recap

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Breakdown of ALL the Acts Going to AMERICA’S GOT TALENT: ALL-STARS Finals Recap

Pictured: (l-r) Aidan McCann, Heidi Klum, Terry Crews -- Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC

It’s almost the end of the first season of “America’s Got Talent: All-Stars.”  What an entertaining ride it’s been.  AGT fans will have quite a variety show of acts to see when the Finals air on Monday, February 20th on NBC.  Soon, a new All-Star winner will be crowned.  Executive Producer, Creator and judge Simon Cowell stated that the winner will have “bragging rights…knowing that you’ve beaten the best is really what the show is all about.” 


Pictured: Ana-Maria Margean — Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC

Here are the eleven acts who will be competing for that ultimate prize of winning AGT: All-Stars: Bello Sisters (Contortionists), Light Balance Kids (Dance Troupe), Detroit Youth Choir (Singers), Aidan Bryant (Aerialist), Avery Dixon (Saxophonist), Mike E. Winfield (Comedian), Aidan McCann (Magician), Power Duo (Aerialists), Tom Ball (Singer), Ana-Maria Margean (Ventriloquist), and Kodi Lee (Singer).

AGT: All-Stars host Terry Crews said, “It’s the who’s who of Got Talent.”  The Finals are less than one week away.  Some of them were voted by Super Fans, others got Golden Buzzers from the judges.  Simon Cowell stated that the idea of the ‘All Stars was to get everyone who has either won one of these shows, or could have won if they had made better decisions.

Cowell also said “we couldn’t make this show unless we  got some of the big, big names.”  That being said, viewers were treated to the return of the winner of “America’s Got Talent” season 2, ventriloquist Terry Fator.  Fator said “we have to keep inspiring people” was why he decided to come back.

The Biggest Upset of the Season!

The first big surprise/upset of the All-Stars season was when Bello Sisters beat out Terry Fator to advance to the Finals.  Then, there was Ana-Maria Margean, a young ventriloquist who also competed this season on All-Stars and said she was in fact inspired by Terry Fator!  She discovered him while in lock-down during 2020.  

Pictured: Bello Sisters — Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC

Ana-Maria’s original ventriloquism routine included her singing “You Don’t Own Me” with her dog puppet.  Howie called her an AGT All-Star.  Simon said it’s exciting when you see “the best of the best.”  While Terry Fator did not advance to the All-Star Finals, Ana-Maria did make it through, also beating out young singer Peter Rosalita by gaining the Super Fans votes.

Simon said “America’ has made some surprising decisions which kind of makes the Final more exciting.”  He said there’s people there who weren’t expecting to be there, and are now forced to “go up a level.”  Will Ana-Maria follow in Terry Fator’s footsteps and win the competition?  Others who competed included another young ventriloquist, Jamie Leahey who did not advance to the Final.

Howie said the fact that there are comedians there of high caliber, makes him “a proud papa.”  Comedy acts that competed this season included: Tone the Chief, Human Fountains, Yumbo Dump, along with stand-up comedians Josh Blue, Axel, Jackie Fabulous, and Mike E. Winfield.  No comedian has yet to ever win “America’s Got Talent.”

A lot of pressure is on Mike E. Winfield who is the only comedian in the AGT: All-Stars Finals after getting the Golden Buzzer from Simon Cowell.  Simon gave him the Golden Buzzer when he could see how much Mike wanted it.  Simon said a lot of comedians do put this invisible mask in front of them.  “You’re never quite sure who you’re seeing.”  Simon said when he saw Mike tearing-up, that was the real Mike. 

Pictured: Mike E. Winfield — Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC

Simon said he could see “this glow” around Mike and he predicts that Mike will have a “massive career” ahead of him.   The most viral act in AGT history returned, b-box champions called “Berywam” who performed a variety of familiar tunes by only using sounds from their mouths.  Other musicians included: Emil and Dariel, Divyansh & Manuraj, and Avery Dixon.

Avery Dixon wowed the judges on his improvement since his first time around last season on “America’s Got Talent” when he got Terry Crews’ Golden Buzzer. Dixon won over the Super Fans votes on All-Stars and is in the Finals. 

The magicians category was hefty with a lot of magical acts!  They included; Eric Chien, Mervant Vera, Lioz, and Aidan McCann is the only magician who made it to the Finals.  Heidi said she immediately fell in love with Aidan and gave him her Golden Buzzer.

Pictured: (l-r) Aidan McCann, Heidi Klum, Terry Crews — Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC

Aidan showed-up in the exact same suit as Terry Crews who was part of his superhero themed magic act.  His act required a successful prediction of what color the judges would color a drawing of his superhero costume along with the name “Titan” that Terry selected from a deck of cards. Heidi said “magicians, they just can do things that we all can’t do.”

Anyone of any age can compete on “America’s Got Talent: All-Stars.” 
There were a lot of young singers.  Some of those included Peter Rosalita, Sara James, and 5th finalist Detroit Youth Choir.  A young poet also competed this season, his name is  Aneeshwar Kunchala.   Howie said kids deliver in the talent department and in the inspiration department.  

Crews said the Detroit Youth Choir reminded him of himself so much.  After giving them his Golden Buzzer the first time around on AGT, and after their performance on All-Stars, Crews told them, “one Golden Buzzer is not enough” and gave them his Golden Buzzer again!  He siad he doesn’t take the Golden Buzzer lightly.  

Aerial acts were spellbinding and with “life or death moments” said Howie.  Some of those acts were: Alan Silva, Viviana Rossi, and self-taught Aidan Bryant. Bryant was the only aerialist voted into the Finals by the Super Fans. He performed with no safety nets or harness. 

Simon scored Adian’s act a “ten” and said he came back more talented, and more confident.  “It was about as close to perfection as I’ve ever seen,” said Simon.  

There’s the “variety” acts that include: Brett Loudermilk, Scared Riana, Dustin’s Dojo, Sethward.  And, failed danger act Captain Ruin whose act was ruined by himself and Simon’s “X” buzzer.  Peter Antonio returned for a drawn-out mind-reading act where he read the minds of Heidi, Terry and an audience member.  However, it bored Simon so much he pressed his “X” buzzer.  

After Light Balance Kids All-Stars performance, Simon reacted that if anything defines an All-Star act it was that one, said Simon.  Howie told Light Balance that they’ve always been one of his favorite acts.” He said “it sounded great, it looked great.  And then add the technology of having this light up in the dare and programmed and timed” is why he gave them the Golden Buzzer. 

There were some heavy hitter singers on All-Stars.  They were:  Robert Finley, Cristina Rae, Jimmie Herrod.  Tom Ball was the singer that made it to the Final via the Group Golden Buzzer.  The 25-year-old singer said he could never leave teaching and he wants to educate as much as he can.  Howie said he loved Tom Ball even more after hearing that.

Pictured: Tom Ball — Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC

After Tom Ball’s performance Crews said it was one of the best performances he’s seen in his life.  He said when he looked at the judges, he realized they were feeling the same way he was, and headed over to the judges’ panel to hit that Golden Buzzer for Tom Ball. 

Crews continued by stating that Tom is the epitome of what AGT is all about, which is “people who surprise you the most.  He could very well win this whole competition.” 

Acts from all over the world competed this season on All-Stars, coming from South Africa (Ndlovu choir), Argentina (Malevo), Ukraine (Light Balance Kids), Brazil (Vitoria Bueno), South Korea (World Taekwondo), and Belgium (Mini Droids). 

Power Duo won Philippine’s Got Talent and won the vote of the Super Fans in their All-Stars act.  Heidi said she feels that Power Duo were born to dance together.  All of the judges loved Power Duo.  Their main competition is Aidan Bryant.

Pictured: Power Duo — Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC

Vitoria Bueno was born without arms.  She danced beautifully as a ballerina.  Simon said he didn’t know how amazing the people would be on All-Stars.  Some of those people include Mandy Harvey who is a deaf singer, Archie Williams who was wrongly incarcerated for 37 years, and rap artist Flau’jae who was inspired by her late rapper father. 

Bello Sisters returned with a jaw dropping performance. They were on AGT last during 2020 and due to Covid weren’t there in person. Simon reacted that it was “about as close to perfection as he’s seen.”  The Super Fans voted them into the Finals.

The returning champions, past winners included; Dustin Tavella, Brandon Leake, Jeanick Fournier who won “Canada’s Got Talent.”   Howie said it’s amazing how many winners from all over the world showed up.  Simon said he has so much respect for people who have won and come back because they have bigger ambitions.  

Pictured: Kodi Lee — Photo by: Casey Durkin/NBC

The final act going into the Finals is singer and pianist Kodi Lee.  Crews said he’s still blown away by the “miracle that’s Kodi Lee.” He added that Kodi Lee is the one to beat.  “His fate is in the hands of the Super Fans.”  

Simon said “this should be one of the most exciting, talented finals we’ve done.”  



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