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Chicago on the Floor! THE VOICE Season 13 Blind Auditions Week 3 Recap

Posted on October 09 2017 by Editor

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Chicago on the Floor! THE VOICE Season 13 Blind Auditions Week 3 Recap

The Blind Auditions for season 13 of “The Voice” continued for a third week with the majority of the artists coming from Chicago! Coach Miley Cyrus announced that she would be trying to make ‘Voice history by competing with the first all-female team.

Some of the artists who amazed and wowed from Monday’s Blind Auditions included Jon Mero with “Versace on the Floor” tune, Ignatious Carmouch who is the first ‘Voice Snapchat winner, and Whitney Fenimore who caught the attention of Adam while singing a Drake song in a similar style as the late Christina Grimmie who was a past contestant.

Chloe works at a coffee shop and was in a band. The Voice Blind Audition is the first time she’s performed solo. Chloe got the attention of the coaches with “The Chain” by Fleetwood Mac

Chair Turns: Miley, Jennifer, Blake.

Blake loved her “lower registery” and her rock-n-roll sound. “Your vibe is so forward that it just made me want to be your friend,” said Jennifer. She also added “sass is sass.. If we put that sass together, we could do a lot of things.” Miley said she aspired to be like Stevie Nicks. Jennifer dropped the fact that she won an Oscar to try to win Chloe over from Miley. Blake told Chloe “I think you can be in the finale.” Miley came back with she’s going to win this time.

Chole picked Miley, she said, because she’s “obessed” with Miley.

Olivia is an impressive 13-year-old singer who started singing when she was seven. Olivia recorded a cover of Adele’s song “Rolling in the Deep” that went viral on YouTube. She met Blake previously.

The coaches were surprised when they turned and saw how young Olivia is. Adam told her, when he was young, his voice wasn’t what it was going to be yet and encourgaed her to continue to develop her voice. Blake said she needs to learn how to control that “shredding” part of her voice and gave her a year. Olivia asked Blake to sign a photo (which he did) of her and him together when she was 10 years old.


The Voice 13 Blind Auditions, Dennis Drummond

The Voice 13 Blind Auditions, Ignatious Carmouche

Dennis is 6′ 8″ tall from Nashville and is a Blues performer. He majored in professional music in Berkley. Adam Wakefield from “The Voice” season 10 performs with Dennis. Dennis is a Maroon 5 fan and is hoping for Adam as a coach. Adam happened to be the first coach to turn his chair.

Chair Turns: Adam, Blake

Blake actually knew that Dennis sang “The Black Crows” song. Adam told him because Dennis was singing the song his way, “it was really cool…clearly, I am the one for you,” Adam said. Blake encouraged them to find the right songs, and “let’s win this thing.”

Dennis chose Blake based on his “gut”. He said with the country music and the stories, it’s what he values and could learn a lot.


The Voice 13 Blind Auditions, Ignatious Carmouche

Pictured: Ignatious Carmouche — (Photo by: Tyler Golden/NBC)

Ignatious is the first ‘Voice Snapchat winner to go straight to the Blind Auditions. He sang “Latch” with a soul/R&B flavor.

Chair Turns: Jennifer, Blake

Jennifer said it felt like he was singing to her heart and it feels like he’s playing a saxophone with words. He said he plays the sax. Blake said when he sings “full voice” it’s incredible. But, when he switches, it’s like a record. Blake said it would be an incredible journey if Ignatious went from Snapchat to “The Voice” finale.

Ignatious chose Jennifer. She said he has such a beautiful register and range. Ignatious said he exceeded expectations.

Rebecca is from a small town called Mason. But now lives in Chicago.

Chair Turn: Blake

Blake said “what you just did was freakin’ hard.” He waited to push his button to delay other coaches from pushing their buttons and it worked!

Brandon, who’s 19-years-old, sang “Georgia on My Mind” by Ray Charles. Brandon is from the Bronx, New York.

Chair Turns: Adam, Blake, Jennifer

Jennifer asked “is your voice really that deep?” He said “yeah”. Adam said “it’s a lost art to sing a song like that. There’s something really old school with how you delivered that song.” And didn’t really think of Ray Charles. But thought of Brandon. Blake said he heard some Willie Nelson. Jennifer said she won her last season (in the U.K.) and none of the coaches there won last season (Alicia Keys won “The Voice” season 12) Adam said if you want to win “The Voice” U.K. then go there and maybe Jennifer can help him. “But this is a different thing.” Adam reminded Brandon that he turned his chair first.

Brandon chose Adam because he said he thinks Adam will push him out of his comfort zone and help him discover things about himself.

Nathan is 27-years-old from Chicago. He said he wants that Country root to come out in his voice in his Blind Audition. Nathan sang while playing guitar.

Adam said he appreicates the graveliness of his voice. But, the moment that overtook his voice. Miley said she couldn’t hear him sing enough. His voice was drowned-out by his sound.


The Voice 13 Blind Auditions, Whitney Fenimore

Pictured: Whitney Fenimore — (Photo by: Tyler Golden/NBC)

Whitney grew up in Oklahoma singing in church and played in different Christian bands. Then decided to do mainstream music. She said when she moved to Los Angeles, it was scary and got over-whelming. Whitney went into depression. Her Dad picked her up to bring Whitney back home. “The Voice” is the first “big” thing she’s done since getting better. Whitney sang “Hold On, We’re Going Home” in an Americana/Folk style.

Chair Turns: Miley, Adam

Miley said she wants to keep her all female team going. She said Whitney sounds a little bit of rock which she loves. Adam said Christina Grimmie did that song and simliar to the way she did and he loved it. He said it was like a “hello” from her.

Whitney picked Adam.

Whitney Fenimore blind audition below:

Christina Grimmie version below:


The Voice 13 Blind Auditions, Iliana Viramontes

Pictured: Iliana Viramontes — (Photo by: Tyler Golden/NBC)

Ilianna is 18-years-old and just graduated from high school. Her dad is an FBI agent Growing-up, she was passionate abut gymastics, and music. She sang “New Soul”.

Chair Turns: Miley, Blake

Blake said she has the perfect pitch and knew that she had to be smiling when she was singing. Aam said he’s a huge fan and thinks she’ll be popular on the show. Miley said she wants to give Ilianna a “little bit of a twist” and see everything in her and would like to work with her. Adam aksed if she sees herslef inside the box or outside the box. She said outside. He said then pick Miley.

Ilianna chose Miley. Blake said the other coaches are jealous of his five wins and it takes three of them to gang-up on him to steal artists.

Also added to Team Miley was Katrina Rose. Blake added Natalie Stovall, and Ryan Scripps.

MEAGAN McNEAL (1-chair-turn) TEAM J HUD

The Voice 13 Blind Auditions, Meagan McNeal

Pictured: Megan McNeal — (Photo by: Tyler Golden/NBC)

Meagan, from Chicago, said she’s juggling being a mom and her dream to sing. She wants to show her son to give it everything with her Blind Audition. She sang “Can’t Feel My Face” by The Weeknd”

Chair Turns: Jennifer

Miley said it made sense that Meagan made the song feel retro from looking at her retro style. “Your voice is amazing” and said she’s an entertainer as well as an artist, Miley added. Blake said he likes that she took that song and changed it up and she needed to be on J Hud’s Team. Jennifer said it shows how great of a singer she is and that she’s powerful.

Jennifer said she felt an old-school soul sound from Meagan.

JON MERO (3-chair-turn) TEAM BLAKE
Jon said he was inspired to sing by Whitney Houston. He’s from Iowa where there’s no music industry. So, he moved to Atlanta. His band did a show with Cee Lo Green. He’s a corporate singer where he does a lot of dancing. The teams are filling-up now. But, Jon isn’t worried. He said he puts his emotions into the song. He sang “Versace on the Floor.”

Chair Turn: Adam, Jennifer, Blake

Adam said “it would be an honor to work with you” and honestly sees “the Voice” as a step in his career. Jennifer said she loves to see when people “own their moment”. Blake was surprised Jon isn’t a trained dancer. Blake called him an “incredible singer”. Miley said she was last because she wanted to make sure she listened to him and wants to work with people that inspire her. Jon’s mom came out onto the stage and he got emotional as he talked of her encouragement.

Jon chose Adam. Miley and Jennifer were shocked! Adam said Jon is potentially the winner and is so charasmatic and talented. Jon said Adam represents the genre of music he most closely resembles.



Chair Turns: Blake, Adam, Jennifer

Blake said she has such a big range that it opens up so many variations to Country. Adam told her that she needs to think outside the box and he doesn’t have any other Country artists on his team. He argued that would give her a better chance of winning.

Kristi chose Blake


Michael is 24-years-old whose dad played Johnny Cash and Elvis to him at a young age. He said his voice is like Country, but he is soul and pop. Michael, who’s been in Nashville for the past few yeara, wants to be on Team Adam. He sang “Sugar” by Maroon 5 and felt the pressure singing in front of Adam Levine. Adam seemed impressed and hit his button.

Chair Turns: Adam

Miley said she didn’t turn because her voice is lower than all of them and she wouldn’t know what to do with his voice. Adam said it was a cool and interesting take on the song.

Jeremiah is 18 and is a wrestler. He was in a boy band when not in “wrestling season.” His parents are in a Christian rock band and they lead worship. Jeremiah just graduated from High School. “I’m going to perform like there’s one spot left.” He sang “Slow Hands”.

Chair Turns: Adam, Jennifer

Adam told him he can go from being a good singer to a great one. Jennifer said he’s the full package and a “future star.” He said he wants to build a platform so he can “give God the glory.” Jennifer said he can “make it mighty far” and she’s a woman of faith.

Jerimiah picked Jennifer who said he has the potential of being a Nick Jonas or a Justin Bieber.


She was inspired to go into music because of Slena. She performs as a solo artist at restaurants. Serina almost went into the military. Her dad was in the military and her brother is currently serving. But, her family supports her music. She sang
“Stand By Me” with a twist which was partially in Spanish. She sang for her brother.

The coaches thought that there were two people singing during her audition. Adam said she has a strong voice. Miley said it seemed like it was a strong singer on stage with a less strong singer on stage. Blake said he thoughy her audition was “cool” because of the two languages. Miley said there was a “lack of control in her voice.”

MEGAN ROSE (2-chair-turn) TEAM MILEY

The Voice 13 Blind Auditions, Megan Rose

Megan Rose — (Photo by: Tyler Golden/NBC)

Megan grew up on Country music. Her dad was diagnosed with MS, and eventually lost his ability to play music. Megan said threre’s not a lot of places in her area who want a Country artist. Megan said she realizes that the teams are getting full She sang “Tallahatchie Bridge”.

Chair Turns: Adam, Miley

Megan cried when she was done with her audition. Adam and Blake invited her to their chairs where she sat in Adam’s chair. Miley told her that she’s on the verge of “making history” on “The Voice” with an all-girl team. Adam said “let’s keep it legit”. He told Megan that she’d be the 12th female on Miley’s team and argued that it should be based on talent.

Megan chose Miley



The Voice 13 Blind Auditions, Gary Carpentier

Pictured: Gary Carpentier — (Photo by: Tyler Golden/NBC)

Gary’s inspirations are Sam Cook, Leon Bridges, Otis Redding. His fiance supports his music career. Gary is also aware of the teams being almost full. He sang “Home”.

Chair Turn: Adam

Gary cried after his audition was done. Adam said Gary had a smooth rich tone, like butter, then when he turnes it was a noise unlike no other.



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