Close Call For Judges on AMERICA’S GOT TALENT Season 17 Live Shows Week 2

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Close Call For Judges on AMERICA’S GOT TALENT Season 17 Live Shows Week 2

Pictured: (l-r) Howie Mandel, Heidi Klum, Sofia Vergara, Simon Cowell -- Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC

The second week of “America’s Got Talent” season 17 gave the chance for another eleven acts to prove they’ve got what it takes to be a Las Vegas show and make it to the Finals!  Judge Howie Mandel stated, “It’s the most competitive episode” he’s ever seen.  Two of the judges’ Golden Buzzer acts were competing on Tuesday’s performance show.  Those acts were Howie Mandel’s Golden Buzzer act Madison Taylor Baez (Maddie), and ALL of the judges’ Golden Buzzer which was Country singing trio group Chapel Hart.

With nine out of eleven acts leaving each week, the stakes couldn’t be any higher.  Two acts in particular stood out to judge and executive producer/ show creator Simon Cowell as being the most competitive acts who showed the most passion for winning.  They were Pack Drumline, who opened the show, and aerialists Duo Rings.  In fact, Duo Rings Rings stepped it up so much, they literally put the judges in the line of fire (so to speak) when they got in close proximity while performing a stunt.

Other acts who stepped-up to the plate to give us better performances than their auditions were variety act The Brown Brothers, and twelve year old singer Maddie.  On the opposite side of things, another comedian this week got buzzed by Simon.  This time it was Mr. Pants.  Last week it was Lace Larrabee.

There’s only four weeks left until the Finale show.  Tuesday’s Results show had AGT magician Jon Dorenbos come back to perform.



Pictured: The Pack Drumline — Photo by: Chris Haston/NBC

The Pack Drumline laid it all out on the stage.  They finished to a standing ovation from the judges.  Sofia reacted “this is the way to open a show on AGT!”  Simon said,  “That’s not how you open a show,  that’s how you WIN a show.”  He said it’s not just about the talent, it’s about how much you want to win something.  He could feel their passion, determination and preparation.  “In my opinion, that was a Master Class!”  Drumline responded that it means the world to them.  “We have only two minutes on this stage to live our dream.  We were free tonight.”

THE BROWN BROTHERS (Impressionists)

Pictured: The Brown Brothers — Photo by: Chris Haston/NBC

The Brown Brothers were both diagnosed with high functioning autism.  After the military, they realized that they were the strongest when working together.  They said their ultimate goal is to perform in Vegas.  The brothers sang “A Million Dreams” while imitating various fictional characters (Mickey Mouse, Venom, etc…) as well as real life popular singers with Blake Shelton being one of them.

After their performance, judge Heidi Klum said they really amped it up and loved how they harmonized.  Sofia said it was “clever, original” and they presented it in a different way.  She also said it looked like a Vegas show.  Simon said they left a good impression, but it was at the moment when they did his voice… “and then I got it.” He said they were really lucky because the production team did a really good job.  He was referring to how there were multiple of themselves appearing on the stage doing various voices. Howie reacted – what they do, to present it in a new surprising way gives them a moment that they haven’t seen before.  The Brown Brothers said they wanted to show as much of what they could do as possible.


MR PANTS (Comedian)

Pictured: Mr. Pants — Photo by: Chris Haston/NBC

Mr. Pants had been a stand-up comic for ten years.  “It’s very difficult to make money.”  His biggest supporters are his family.  After his stand-up routine which consisted of more cheesy pants related jokes,  judge Sofia Vergara said she really likes him and he upped his game.  She added that he did a good job even though he got nervous at the end.  Simon reacted – I like you.  I actually thought maybe if you can go on the Live Show, there would be other jokes about other things.  Simon said “it started bad and actually got worse.”  Howie noted that AFTER Simon gave the buzzer, he laughed.


FUSION JAPAN (Dance Group)

After their first Live Show performance Tuesday night, Fusion Japan received a standing ovation from all four judges.  Simon reacted “I’m already blown away by the talent we’re seeing this year.” He said his biggest compliment is when acts travel from around the world to be on AGT.

Simon also said thanks to Fusion Japan, they now have Got Talent in Japan.  Howie said when two rival teams come together like Fusion Japan did, the strength is more.  “I wish our Country would take note when rival Teams come together,” stated Howie.   He called it a “winning performance ”  Heidi reacted that she was on “sensory overload” and loved how they meshed.  “Well done!”  Sofia said she loved the synchronicity of the girls and the breakdancing of the guys which was a perfect combination.



Pictured: Freckled Zelda — Photo by: Chris Haston/NBC

In Freckled Zelda’s audition, Simon said he didn’t like her instrument, an ocarina.  But, he complimented her voice.  Freckled Zelda sang “Never Ending Story.”  Simon had the biggest smile on his face after she gave him his own Ocarina which was strawberry shaped.  He had no idea what if was until Sofia told him.

Heidi said her daughter was there tonight in the audience just to see Freckled Zelda.  Heidi said, “yes to Freckled Zelda.”  Sofia told her she looks fantastic, and loved her dress. “Your voice is fantastic.”  Sofia added that she has to see her act as “something different.”  Simon said he preferred her audition because he couldn’t really hear her voice tonight.  It was overproduced.  And it felt a little gimmicky.  He said she didn’t have the opportunity to show what a great singer she is.  Simon drove home his point, “you got lost in the production.”


DUO RINGS  (Aerial Movement)

Pictured: Duo Rings –Photo by: Chris Haston/NBC

Duo rings is a couple made up of Flor and Nico from Argentina who met as teenagers.   After she first kissed them, they’ve been together for nine years.  They love each other and Gymnastics which is how they came up with the Rings act.   Their live act ended with them going up above high right in front of the judges table.  It seemed like a really close call and very dangerous.  Then, Nico dropped to land on top of an air mattress in front of the judges.

Heidi stated, “I have never, never been this close to two hot people almost falling on us.”  Sofia said “this was spectacular.  It was perfection.  It was sexy.”  She said she could feel their connections and the transitions were so smooth.  Simon said for him, “they’ve seen two incredible acts so far and that’s act one (The Pack Drumline), and then you.” He said they have passion, determination to win.  “you’ve done something outside of your comfort zone.”  He said it was better than their audition.   Howie agreed, “that was a winning performance.  So much better than your audition.”



Wyn lost his twin brother in 2020.  He honored his brother in his AGT audition by singing his favorite song, and honored him again in the Live Show on Tuesday night with his performance.  Wyn said his brother left behind three kids.  If he won, he said he’ll take care of them.  Wyn also stated that he wishes he could see himself how his brother saw him.

After Wyn’s stellar performance, Simon told him that he’s a “very, very brave man.”  He was referring to how Wyn was able to sing after watching the video of his heartbreaking package.  “I don’t know how you did that,” commented Simon.   He called this tribute he gave to his brother “remarkable.”  It’s down to America, Simon reminded everyone.  Sofia called him”lovable and likeable.”  His back story is very moving.  Heidi said you can feel it, he sings with his heart.


AIKO TANAKA (Comedian)

Aiko is a comedian who is fulfilling her lifelong dream of being a comedian.  She also is honoring her mother who supported her dream before she passed away.   Howie reacted to Aiko’s tears after she finished her set, “this is so important to you.   He made references to her routine when he told her “I like your joke.”  He liked all the other jokes, and told her she’s not forgettable.  Heidi complimented her, “you have a great attitude.  You’re beautiful.”



Maddie said she chose a song that nobody would expect her to sing.  It was “Higher Love.”   Maddie is twelve-years-old, the youngest contestant who performed on Tuesday’s Live show.   After her performance, Maddie got a standing ovation from all the judges.  Howie said he loves her, the audience loves her.  “For your age, you brought yourself a higher love.”  He said this over all of the audience chanting and yelling, “Maddie, Maddie, Maddie!”

Simon said after watching Maddie’s audition when she was plucked out of the audience,  a lot of viewers thought it was rigged.  Simon said he was outside when Maddie was singing in the audience.  “I actually heard your voice.  It was genuine.”  He said she has “steel” in her eyes. He can tell that she really wants this.  He called it a step up from her audition.  Heidi said “everyone in this room is rooting for you.  So well done!”

YU HOJIN (Magician)

Pictured: Yu Hojin — Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC

Yu is a magician from Seoul, Korea.  He almost died in a car accident.  His dad encouraged him to pursue magic.  He wants to show his Dad that he can be the best.  Heidi said he has a calm presence about him and she asked if he hypnotized them all.  Sofia said he did so much magic in two and a half minutes.  She thought it was better than his audition.  Was Simon won over?  Simon told Yu that he thinks he helped him by saying “no” at the auditions.  He said he thought it pushed him to be better.  Simon said he’s officially an idiot.  Howie said there’s two words that don’t go together, but with his act, it makes sense.   The words “beautiful and magic.  “It was everything and more…On AGT magic is king.”  He said if he doesn’t get to the finale, he deserves his own room in Las Vegas.  Yu said he can’t find anything more rewarding than Simon’s approval.



Chapel Hart is a Country singing trio who happen to be from Mississippi and African-American.  They said they have been told “no ” a lot.  They said no one looks like them in Country music. They said AGT was “kind of like their “Hell Mary.” Chapel Hart’s single went to number one.  It would be interesting to see two Country musicians finish in the Finals!

After their performance of an original song, Simon was standing.  Crews said they dropped the mic. The audience was roaring.  Simon said they are “amazing performers” and he has a really, really good feeling.  He urged viewers to vote.  “You have really given yourselves a shot.”  Sofia called them “perfect.” She told them this show was better than the audition.  Heidi said she sees them and Drake in the Finale.  Howie commented that he wasn’t watching a talent show, he was watching a headline show.  Chapel Hart said Mississippi has shown them so much love.

AGT Voting ends at 7 am PT Wednesday morning.

Pictured: (l-r) Howie Mandel, Heidi Klum, Sofia Vergara, Simon Cowell — Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC



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