Hometowns Minus Logan on THE BACHELORETTE Season 19 Week 6 Recap

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Hometowns Minus Logan on THE BACHELORETTE Season 19 Week 6 Recap

Pictured (Top, l-r): GABBY, JASON, ERICH (bottom, l-r): RACHEL, TINO, ZACH / Photo: ABC/Gizelle Hernandez /Ricky Middlesworth

Last week’s “The Bachelorette” episode was the week of the Logan break-up with Rachel.  Logan decided, after two weeks, that he finally told Rachel he’d rather be on Team Gabby.  This left Rachel in a tailspin of emotions and she was too upset over the break-up to proceed with her Group Date.  This left a bad taste in Tino’s mouth who had a one-on-one with Rachel the week before, and was not feeling dismissed by Rachel by not attending her own Group Date.

This week’s episode saw the exit of Logan.  MORE BELOW.  Next week will be the Hometown dates for the men who are left.  This week’s episode ended with Team Rachel’s men – Tino, Aven, Zach and Tyler.  And Team Gabby’s men – Erich, Jason, and Johnny.  Now, Johnny hasn’t had that much camera-time and viewers haven’t seen any proof of any major chemistry between him and Gabby.  We can deduce that he won’t be around for her hometown dates / Fantasy Suites.  Rachel has strong connections with Tino and Zach, and those will most likely be the two men who will be left in the end.

After Logan’s exit from Gabby’s group of men, it was good to see that she didn’t slip Spencer-in by default.  Which is what viewers saw Katie do in her season with Justin after Greg left.  We’ve seen this happen many times before.  What’s worse is when the lead selects their default choice for their final pick.  For example it was evident that Chris Soules did this after his first choice, Becca Tilly turned him down.  He then selected Whitney to propose to.  Instead, Gabby said she did not feel comfortable giving-out four roses.  So, she only handed out three and eliminated Spencer.

In next week’s episode, it seems that one of Rachel’s men will be leaving early.  The preview shows Rachel in the back seat of an SUV stating that her heart is breaking.  It seems that she ended things early with one of her men.  That means, like Gabby, she will also be going on three hometown dates.  And their numbers will be even again.



This week, the crew of men traveled to Amsterdam with Bachelorettes Gabby and Rachel.  Hometowns are right around the corner.  Whomever they give a rose to this week, are going to Hometowns.  Gabby said, “I would never want to put someone through” her meeting their family if she doesn’t see a future with them.
Tyler and Ethan were vocal about wanting a one-on-one with Rachel.  But, when the date card arrived, Zach’s name was on it which read, “let’s let our love bloom. – Love Rachel.”  In Gabby’s camp, the date card read “Nate, lets see where our love takes us. – Love Gabby.”  Nate was surprised and not expecting to receive the date card.

Host Jesse Palmer sat down with Gabby and Rachel for a heart-to-heart at the start of the week.  Gabby told Jesse that he knows Nate is an amazing dad.  THe women had concerns that once they involve family, the decisions are tougher.  Gabby predicted that it’s going to be “a hard week” and she’ll have to “think more logically.”  Because Nate has a daughter, she said, she has to think about both of them before making a decision.



Pictured: NATE, GABBY WINDEY / Photo: ABC/Craig Sjodin

Back on the ship, the guys were worried about Nate’s chances.  He went from a one-on-one to a group date, then to another one-on-one.   They were analyzing why Gabby chose Nate again for another one-on-one.  Perhaps Gabby is trying to decide if she’s ready to be a mom?  Bingo!

The date with Gabby and Nate didn’t go too far before Gabby felt she needed to not stretch it out with Nate any longer.  In her confessional, Gabby said she has more “healing and growing” to do before she can become a mom.  Gabby took Nate to sit-down with so she could break up with him.  Being very emotional, Gabby was crying while she explained to Nate why she had to say “goodbye” to him.  “We are just at two different places,” she told Nate.  “I’m terrified of not just being a mom.  But, being bad at it.”  Gabby told Nat that she sees him and how good of a dad he is.

Nate was greatly disappointed, and took the news okay.  He kissed her hand and told Gabby that he would never be upset at Gabby for being truthful.  “This has been one of the best experiences ever.  I’m so glad I met you,”  Nate told Gabby, and that he was going to miss her “a lot.”  He did tell her that when she’s ready, one day she’ll be a great mom.  Nate left Gabby with this message – “make sure you choose somebody that picks you, okay.”

Gabby said she had never experienced anything like what she had with Nate and felt “incredibly lucky” to have met him.  “I want to go into motherhood knowing 100%. ”  She said she doesn’t feel that right now.  As Nate left, Gabby said in her confessional that she doesn’t know if she made a mistake. “I can’t think clearly,” and how he handled the break up makes her want him even more.



Rachel’s date was a drastic opposite from Gabby’s, which started off at a beautiful location called “The Netherlands” which is a field of tulips in Holland.  Rachel said Zach always makes her feel seen, and they have a playful, fun relationship.  She said he is in touch with his emotions, and all the qualities she wants in a partner.   In his confessional, Zach said he can see a future with Rachel and suspected that she feels the same.

The next location that they went to was also stunning, a windmill, then a hot tube which sat showing a view of the field of tulips.  During their time in the hot tub, Zach said he was ready for Rachel to meet his family “now.”

They had dinner inside of an Amsterdam museum.  Zach opened-up about his past hurdles.  He said he used to be twenty-five pounds overweight and decided that he needed to fix himself and be “whole” in order to meet someone.  Zach said he fixed it by going to therapy.  Rachel said after Clayton’s season, going to therapy was her favorite day of the week.  Then, Zach told Rachel that he’s falling in love with her.  She responded by kissing him, then giving Zach the date rose, or hometown rose!  Zach said he thinks his family is going to adore Rachel and “an engagement seems like a real possibility.”  Their date ended outside with a string quartet serenading them.

Back on the ship:  Gabby visited with her group of men to explain why she sent Nate home.  Jason stepped-up to give Gabby a hug because she was so emotional.



The men who were on Gabby’s group date were: Jason, Johnny, Spencer, Logan, and Erich.  The date card read “let’s take our love to the edge.”  They walked into a space where there was an S&M woman there with a whip.  She told the men she was there to show the men how to treat a woman in the bedroom. But, also how to explore each other’s boundaries.  The men had to come-up with “safe words.”  The date activities included the men being blindfolded, lying on a carpet  and Gabby doing things to them like squirting whip cream in one of their mouths, hooking another one with a nipple clip, etc..

Pictured: GABBY WINDEY, SPENCER / Photo: ABC/Craig Sjodin



Before the After Party, Jesse Palmer paid a visit to Gabby to tell her that Logan tested positive for Covid 19 and the After Party was cancelled.  Gabby said she was looking forward to the party and hopes Logan is going to be okay.  Palmer went to tell the men next.  He was vague in stating “there’s been a situation with Logan.”  Needless to say, the men were perplexed.



Pictured (l-r): ETHAN, TINO, TYLER, AVEN / Photo: ABC/Craig Sjodin

The men on Rachel’s group date were: Tino, Tyler, Aven, and Ethan.  Rachel’s date card read, ” I’m looking for someone who melts my heart.”  Their date took place in the cheese capital of the world.   In his confessional, Tyler said he does see his life with Rachel.  The main challenge of the date was that the men competed against each other to see how long each of them could hold up cheese rounds as weights.  Tino won the challenge.

Pictured (l-r): ETHAN, TYLER / Photo: ABC/Craig Sjodin

At the After Party, Rachel told the men that she really values family and this group date rose is “a huge decision.”  When Aven told Rachel that his dad outwardly disapproved of his last girlfriend, she got nervous.  Then, Tyler told Rachel that his parents told him that the next girl he brings home, better be his last!  Wow, that’s some pressure for Rachel in her decision.  Ethan told her that family is the most important thing and she means the world to him.  He said he was waiting for someone to open-up his heart to, and it’s her.  Tino told Rachel that she leaves no doubt in his mind.

Rachel gave the group date rose (and hometown rose) to Tyler.  The rest of the men showed long faces with disappointment.  Tino was the most upset.  He went outside to complain about the situation with one of the producers.  Ethan said “Tino is acting like a real baby back bitch!”  Tino questioned if he was seeing things clearly.  He was questioning if Rachel wasn’t as into him as he is into her.
The next morning, Tino confided in Ethan that he wasn’t sure if he’s seeing the relationship “correctly” and called him not getting a rose “a big step backward.”



With a limited amount of men left, the Cocktail Party was skipped this week.   Gabby explained that she was comfortable only giving out three roses.  Erich was the first name she called, followed by: Jason, then Johnny.  With Spencer getting so little screen time, and no real chemistry with Gabby, it was no surprise that he was the guy to get eliminated.

Rachel had three men standing in front of her and two roses to hand-out.  The three men were Tino, Aven, and Ethan.  The first rose went to Aven, and the final rose went to Tino.  That meant Ethan went home.  Zach had a rose from the one-on-one date earlier.

Gabby, who started out with more men, now has one less than Rachel.  Team Gabby – Erich, Jason, and Johnny.  Team Rachel – Tino, Tyler, Zach, Aven

Pictured (l-r): ERICH, JASON, JOHNNY / Photo: ABC/Craig Sjodin


Pictured (l-r): Patrick Warburton, Zach Shallcross / Photo: ABC / Ricky Middlesworth

NEXT WEEK: It’s time for the men’s hometown dates!  The most shocking part of the preview was when a well-known actor was revealed as Zach’s relative.  It’s not his dad.  It’s his uncle.   Apparently, Zach’s uncle is Patrick Warburton who played Elaine’s long-time boyfriend, David Puddy.  Also in the preview we see Rachel being very emotional as if she just broke-up with one of her guys.  There’s some friction during the hometown date with Rachel and Tino’s dad.

Pictured (Top, l-r): GABBY, JASON, ERICH (bottom, l-r): RACHEL, TINO, ZACH / Photo: ABC/Gizelle Hernandez /Ricky Middlesworth



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