Coaches Picked Favorites on THE VOICE Lives Instant Save Vote Week 1 Recap

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Coaches Picked Favorites on THE VOICE Lives Instant Save Vote Week 1 Recap

Pictured: (l-r) Kique, Alyssa Witrado, Gwen Stefani, Justin Aaron -- Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC

Only 13 move on after tomorrow night.

“The Voice” Monday’s first live show of season 22 was also Camila Cabello’s first Live Show and she managed to stay within the constricted time limits of commenting on each artists’ performances.  At the top of the show, Camila told host Carson Daly, “I’m so excited” and they’re going to see some “sick” performances, because she’s seen her Team’s in rehearsals.

Tuesday’s Results show will leave thirteen artists out of the sixteen who performed on Monday’s show.  That’s three artists per Team, and America will vote one Instant Save vote for the thirteenth spot.


OMAR JOSE CARDONAJohn Legend said Omar is the favorite to win this season.  Omar said he’s grown working with John Legend.  He chose to sing “Living on a Prayer” by Jon Bon Jovi.  Camila reacted to Omar’s performance, “No swearing, but holy—-.”  She said she loves his voice, loves how he engages with the crowd and he’s “such a rock star.”  John said Omar’s voice is “out of this world.”  He puts soul into everything that he does. “This voice that almost no one on the planet can match.”

Pictured: Kim Cruse — Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC

KIM CRUSEShe said since being on “The Voice”  that “it’s so hard to walk through Walmart (without being recognized).  She said being in the Live Playoffs is like a dream come true.  Blake reacted to how John labeled Kim “velvet powerhouse” and said “that’s got more steam.” He said when he saw Kim doing Aretha Franklin, that she would be the only one who can pull off Aretha.  John said she makes “smart musical choices” and he likes watching her execute her craft. 

SASHA HURTADO – She’s been Team Camila, Team Gwen, now she’s on Team Legend.  Sasha said Camila helped her with how to have fun on stage.  Gwen helped her on how to perform.  John has given her another chance to prove that she deserves to be there.  Sasha sang “Tiny Dancer” by Elton John.  Gwen said it’s the first time she’s seen Sasha command the stage, and it was an incredible performance.  John said Sasha walked around the stage with the confidence that she belonged there.  “What a beautiful song and a beautiful performance.”  

PARIJITA –  Parijita is 17-years-old.  Gwen said Parijita is “one to look out for.”  John called her his “settle soul singer.”  Parijita said she’s grateful for John believing in her and wants to show him that she can handle the Live Shows.  Camila screamed in her reaction to Parijita’s performance.  She said “who hurt Parijita?” Because she draws from a well of emotion and she’s only 17-years-old.  It’s spectacular.  John said “that was emotionally beautiful and honest…it pulled at everyone’s heart stringes.”  John added that it was “magical.” 


KIQUEGwen called Kique a diamond in the rough.  “He has an incredibly unique voice.”  Kique said Gwen has helped him grow in each performance.  Blake called Kique a threat to everyone’s Team.  He sang “As it Was” by Harry Styles.  John can’t believe that Kique is so young.  He’s doing these huge covers and really making them his own.  He said Kique is beautifully executing his plan.  Gwen said it’s amazing to her that creative level that he’s at, at his age.  “You have so much confidence, but in a huge star way.”  

KEVIN HAWKINS –  Gwen Stole Kevin.  He’s her R&B singer that she didn’t expect to have.  She used her Block on him during the Blinds, then used her only Steal on him in the Knockouts.  Blake said he hopes that everyone votes for Kevin and called him”the one that got away” from Team Blake.  He said Kevin is representing Texas with the cowboy boots he was wearing.  Gwen reacted that it’s incredible to see Kevin blossom on stage and she gets to be a part of that, and he can do it all! 

Pictured: Alyssa Witrado — Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC

ALYSSA WITRADOGwen said Alyssa is her Pop/Alternative girl, and “she’s so special.”  Alyssa sang “Angels Like You” by Miley Cyrus.  After her Live performance, Camila said she might have a secret Twitter fan account for her.  She loves how she artistically expresses herself with her clothes, etc.  But wishes she got lost in the emotion more.  But, she’s a big fan so it doesn’t matter.  Gwen reacted to what Camila said, that with Alyssa’s style of voice, and she’s walking, it’s hard to do that.  She’s beautiful and stunning and loves being her “mother.” 

JUSTIN AARONGwen said Justin is technically perfect, and he’s a warm and sweet guy that wants to do better.  Camila said Justin’s Knockout was when he went from a super star vocalist to just a Superstar.  Justin sang Luther Vandross song “Here and Now.”  The coaches gave Justin a standing ovation after that performance.  John said Justin keeps amazing him in each round. He’s getting more confident and is coming out of his shell more.  “You sang Luther with such skill.  It was beautifully done.”  Gwen said he could do any song in the world.  She said that was the song she wanted to hear so bad.  “It was beyond my dream.  It was so incredible.  Wow!”


Pictured: Morgan Myles — Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC

MORGAN MYLESMorgan is a fusion of Country/Pop singer songwriter and “keeps it 100% real.” John said she’s a threat.  Morgan said she’s learned so much from Camila and hopes she can continue to develop her.  Camila thinks Morgan can win this season.   Morgan sang a Country song.
Blake said he’s so glad to hear Morgan doing some Country and her pitch was perfect and she looks like a star.  Camila said Morgan is the truth teller.  She sings songs that tell a story. “We can’t not believe you.  It was lovely.”  

ERIC WHOEric said he’s only singing experience had been singing in his living room.  Gwen said Eric is “one to watch for…an incredible performer.”  Eric said he’s going to “heat it up” with his Live performance of Adele’s “Rumor Has It” song.  After his live performance, John reacted that he matched his suit with Eric’s hair color (which was pink).  He loves what he’s doing and how he mixed a punk element.  He’s making beautiful and smart choices.  Camila’s response, “welcome to the Eric Who show baby.”  She said he commands the stage and wakes everyone up in here.  She loves watching him.  

KATE KALVACHKate was Stolen by Camila in the Knockouts.  Camila loves Kate’s voice.  She has an emotional, angelic tone.  Kate said she wants to reveal that there’s more to her than meets the eye.  Kate sang “Look Like We Made It” by Barry Manilow.  After her performance, Kate said her ear piece fell out.  Carson Daly and the coaches were impressed and no one could tell.  Gwen said it’s one of her all time favorite songs. She loves her voice and tone.  Camila said her voice not being in her ears meant that she was relying on the echoing chamber in the room.  She said Kate handled it like a pro.  She did the song in her own way.  

DEVIXCamila called Davix “a real artist…he’s a real creative.”  Devix said his mom inspired him the most in that you can make something out of nothing.  He said his small town is going crazy because he’s on “The Voice.”   John said he wants him to “unleash at another level” and be a little less cool. Because Devix always plays it safe.  His voice sounds like it should be on the radio.  Camila didn’t like what John Legend said, and she said his voice is insane and the way he changes the melody is “always so tasteful.” She loved that he brought out his guitar and he was having fun. 


BRYCE LEATHERWOODBlake said Bryce is his authentic Country superstar.  Bryce auditioned with one of Blake’s songs.  Bryce said he’ll be bringing that South Georgia sound to the Live Playoffs.  Bryce chose the “I’m Going to Be Somebody” song by Travis Tritt.  John reacted, what a perfect song…telling America that he’s going to be somebody someday and sang it so passionately.  Blake said he was so excited because there are people that want to be Country singers and then there are Country people that want to be Country singers.  Blake predicted that Bryce will be going through to the Top 13. 

ROWAN GRACEBlake Stole Rowan Grace in the Knockouts.  Blake said she’s composed, and she’s his 17-year-old powerhouse.  Gwen said Blake will be the perfect coach in helping her pick the right song.  After Rowan’s performance, Gwen said to Blake, “Daddy, you’re doing so well with her.”  She said she is doing a great job and wishes she was still on her Team.  Bake said Rowan threw herself to the forefront of the competition because his phone was blowing-up over her performance. He said Rowan sang what the audience loves. 

Pictured: Brayden Lape — Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC

BRAYDEN LAPEBrayden said he was always playing football, or basketball.   Now to be in the Live Playoffs is crazy.  Blake said there’s a part of Brayden that reminds him of Taylor Swift back in the day when he first met her.  Camila reacted to Brayden’s performance, “that was so good…so effortless” like he’s been doing this for so long.  She said she’s never heard the song but wants to go out and buy it now.  Blake said “that was incredible” and couldn’t believe how calm and collected Brayden sounded.  He told the audience that they should want to say that they discovered Brayden by voting him to continue in the competition.  

BODIECamila called Bodie a “stand out artist.”  Blake said Bodie “is a one in a million artist.”  There’s no one like him on the show.  Bodie said he’s always focusing on how he can honor his family.  Gwen said “wow.  I wasn’t expecting that kind of song out of you.”  She said he can do anything. Alternative, Pop, and he’s amazing.  Blake said he wished the audience at home could hear the crowd there shouting.  “If the idea was to honor your family with that performance, you did it.”  Blake told Bodie that he’ll see him in the Finale.  



The coaches got to Save one of their two remaining artists after America’s votes were revealed.  On all of the Teams, except for Blake’s, the coaches Saved their personal favorites.  The artists that they bonded with the most.  This was a disadvantage for the artists who were newly placed on several Teams such as Kevin, Kate, and Sasha.  

Blake did the opposite of this when his strategy worked well for him by not saving his favorite Bryce Leatherwood, instead letting him go up for the Instant Save vote.  Blake was betting that Bryce’s fans would pull him through.

The Top 2 from each Team with the most votes automatically advanced to next week’s Live Show. Each coach could save only one remaining artist. The Instant Save vote was up to home viewers.   Team Blake, who performed last on Monday night’s show, entered the stage first. 

Rowen Grace said she hoped that viewers saw the emotion that she put into her performance Monday night, and that she loves to perform and “it fills my soul,” Rowan said. America voted for Bodie to move on to the Lives next week!  The second artist with the most votes was Brayden Lape.  

Pictured: (l-r) Bodie, Brayden Lape, Bryce Leatherwood, Rowan Grace — Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC

That meant that Blake would have to choose between Rowan Grace and Bryce Leatherwood.  Blake told them that they both “killed it last night.”  He said he’s just now starting to work with and get to know Bryce.  He chose Rowan Grace.

Team Camila’s advisor this season, Charlie Puth performed. 

Next onto the stage was Team Legend.  They are: Kim Cruse, Omar Jose Cardona, Parijita, Sasha Hurtado.  Omar said “this has been such an incredible experience.  I’m so happy to be here.”  He said it’s amazing to see the amazing talented cast, past and present.  The next artist announced with the most votes by American was 17-year-old Parijita.   After that, Omar Jose Cardona was revealed as making the Top 13!

Pictured: (l-r) Kim Cruse, Omar Jose Cardona, Sasha Hurtado — Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC

John said each of them is so different, but gave extraordinary performances yesterday and they made him so proud.  John had to choose between Kim Cruse and Sasha Hurtado.  John chose Kim Cruse.  

Team Gwen lined-up on stage to hear their results. They are: Alyssa Witrado, Justin Aaron, Kevin Hawkins, Kique.  Justin said he learned that it’s okay to be him and that he deserves to be there.  The first artist with the most votes was Kique.  The next artist voted in by America was Justin Aaron.  

That meant that Gwen would have to choose between Alyssa Witrado and Kevin Hawkins.  Gwen said she’s been enjoying working with them so much. She’s just now getting to know Kevin, and so grateful to get to work with Alyssa.  Gwen Saved Alyssa Witrado

The next Team was Team Camila.  They are: Devix, Morgan Myles, Kate Kalvach, and Eric Who.  America voted-in Morgan Myles for the Top 13.  The next artist with the most votes was Devix.

Eric Who and Kate were left.  Camila said “I feel for you SO MUCH in this situation right now,” because she knows what it’s like.  She told them that it’s not the end of their path.  They got this far because they both have “something so special” in them.  She said Eric has the whole package.  She chose Eric Who.

Pictured: (l-r) Eric Who, Kate Kalvach — Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC


The four artists who had to compete for the Instant Save vote were: Bryce Leatherwood, Sasha Hurtado, Kevin Hawkins, and Kate Kalvach.  Team Blake’s Bryce Leatherwood performed the Country song “Let Me Down Easy.”  Blake said Bryce never disappoints.  Blake said he wasn’t too stressed about putting Bryce into this situation because he has tons of fans.  

Sasha Hurtado from Team Legend performed “Elastic Heat” by Sia.  John said he loved that she picked that song about resilience.   John told Sasha, “you’re so young, but you have so much confidence and maturity.  You always rise to the occasion.”  John added that he doesn’t know how she does it.  He said she never seems nervous, and he told her “great song.”  

Kevin Hawkins from Team Gwen sang the “Red Heart” song.  The live studio crowd was yelling so much after Kevin’s performance that Gwen had to wait to talk.  Gwen said Kevin was like “I’m going to show them every single side of my voice.”   She called him an incredible artist and told America to vote for Kevin!  

Team Camila’s Kate Kalvach was next. Camila reacted to Kate’s performance, “I choked-up. Everybody choked-up.” She said she has one of the best voices of this entire season, and called her performance “magical.”  

Pictured: (l-r) Kique, Alyssa Witrado, Gwen Stefani, Justin Aaron — Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC


Pictured: (l-r) Bryce Leatherwood, Sasha Hurtado, Kevin Hawkins, Kate Kalvach — Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC

When the four artists came out onto the stage, the studio audience chanted one of the artist’s names.  Bryce told Blake “thank you for seeing the artist that I truly am and for putting me on a pedestal,”  Blake said it doesn’t matter if it happens here on this stage.  “This is what you’re meant to do,” Blake told Bryce.

Kate Kalvach thanked all the coaches for having her on their Teams.  John said he believes that she has the resilience and talent to succeed in this business.  “It’s been such a pleasure working with you.”

Kevin thanked Gwen for turning around for him and Stealing him.  He also thanked her for the off-camera conversation and thanked Blake as well.  Gwen said after that last performance, where the room exploded.  This is just a moment in your journey.  But, that was incredible.”

Kate thanked Camila for fighting for her over and over.  She also thanked Blake for getting her this far.  Camila said Kate is one of her favorite voices of all time.  “I want to hear your records.  You’re so special.”  She said she hopes she is there next week.

INSTANT SAVE WINNER – Bryce Leatherwood.  That meant Blake has the advantage now moving into next week’s show, keeping all four of his Team members.  



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