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Fight for It on THE VOICE Blind Auditions Night 3 Recap

Posted on September 29 2014 by Editor

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Fight for It on THE VOICE Blind Auditions Night 3 Recap

It’s the third night of “The Voice” auditions, and resident coach Adam Levine is annoyed that the new coaches – Pharrell Williams and Gwen Stefani, are keeping him on his toes. He said, they don’t have any lag time, as he was hoping, for them (Adam and Blake) to steal anyone from them. Blake said with Pharrell and Gwen added this season, it’s the “toughest season yet, and the best one to watch.”

Going into night 3 of the Blind Auditions, Blake has four members on his team, Gwen who is looking to be inspired, has four, Pharrell has five, Adam has three, and said “I didn’t pick anyone at this point unless they convey something that means something.” A little later in the show, he said he’s waiting for something special, and said he’d have to “fight for it.”




John Martin

John is 25 years old from Chicago. He works for a shipping company working 50 hours a week. But, still has time to sing at bars and parties.

Chair Turners: Blake, Gwen, Pharrell

Adam Levine supports Blake Shelton

Coaches Comments: Blake said about John “I don’t really know for sure, but I think this is a good looking man.” He also said John is cool, and laid back. Blake argued that because John is tall, the other coaches are too short for him. Gwen said his voice was “creamy and delicious”. For the first time is the history of The Voice, Adam said he thinks that Blake is perfect for John.



Bree Fondacaro

Bree helps her father, who is a little person, teach his music students. He’s the one she said who’s inspired her to follow her dreams.

Chair Turner: Blake

Coaches Comments: Bree is from Orange County. Gwen quickly said she’s from Orange County. Gwen said, “I love the originality in your voice and looking forward to hearing you sing some more.” Blake said her voice has rawness to it that is like Bonnie Tyler and that she fits perfectly into his team. He pegs her for a dark horse in this competition.

Also on Team Blake – KENSINGTON MOORE



Anita Antoinette and Jessie Pitts


Jessie Pitts

When Jessie was injured by boiling water, she started performing on a stage that her father build inside their barn. When she began to heal, she realized that she had confidence.

Chair Turners: Gwen, Blake,

Coaches Comments: Gwen said her voice was “like an angel.” Pharrell said “the yodeling thing that you do is amazing.” Blake counter-attacked that by saying it was his wedding song . He said her voice is like a bowl of Lucky Charms (marshmallows only).


Troy Ritchie

Along with singing in a ska band, Troy also does impersonations of Seth MacFarlane characters.

Chair Turner: Gwen

Coaches Comments: She said she doesn’t have a lot of guys on her team, and really liked his voice. She joked that they are stuck together. She pointed-out that she is around a lot of guys all the time.


Anita Antoinette

She’s a reggae singer who tried-out for The Voice two years ago. She had stage fright after not making it on a team the last time she was on “The Voice”. Anita graduated from Berkley College of music. She chose to sing “Turn You Lights Down Low” by Bob Marley she said because it speaks to her.

Chair Turners: Blake, Gwen, Adam, Pharrell

Gwen Won Her First 4-Chair Turn!

Gwen Stefani 4 Chair win

Coaches Comments: Gwen said “I need that cute voice on my team.” Gwen also told Anita, “you were really owning that song and that’s supper hard to do with that song.” Adam fought for himself by stating Tessanne Chin who won the voice on his Team is from Jamaica. Adam told the coaches that once she’s on his team, he’s not giving her up. But, Anita chose Gwen.



Ricky Manning

Ricky didn’t complete college and gave himself one year to make it in music. He said if The Voice doesn’t work out, then it’s time for something else.

Chair Turners: Pharrell Williams, Blake Shelton

Coaches Comments: Adam noticed that Ricky looks like a young Joaquin Phoenix. Pharrell said what made him turn his chair is, “Your runs were consistent every time.” Blake said “how invested you are when you’re singing. You have something you want everyone to hear, and you do it through singing.” Gwen described him as “a diamond in the rough”. Pharrell told Ricky he’s going to kill everything. “I know what to do, and so does Blake.” Blake was weirded-out by Pharrell’s niceness. But, it got Pharrell Ricky!


Blessing Offor

Blessing was born blind in one eye then at age 9, he was shot in the other eye with a water gun. He lost all of his vision at age 11.

Chair Turners: Adam, Gwen, Blake, Pharrell

Coaches Comments: Adam told him, “I have some good news for you, we all turned around for you!” Blake said “I think I’m going to throw up” when Pharrell shared a “boo” term of endearment with Gwen. Adam said he felt like he’d be missing-out on something “extraordinary” if he didn’t turn around. Pharrell described his voice as “super soulful”.

Also on Team Pharrell – JORDY SEARCY



Kelli Douglas

Shes a 31 year old single mother. She is a late bloomer because she had stage fright. She taught school for six years, then quit and moved-in with her parents to pursue her dream in music. Adam was the first to turn his chair.

Chair Turners: Adam, Gwen, Blake

Coaches Comments: After Blake and Adam got over the fact that Kelli is from Texas – sort of near Blake, they commented on Kelli’s voice. Adam said, “you know what you’re doing, and I know what I’m doing, this is going to be great!” Pharrell commented, “your voice is amazing and you’re going to lighten-up any one of these teams.” Blake said “your voice is mysterious to me and it’s haunting. You still have some quick, Texas things to you.”



Mia Pfirrman

Her parents were in a band called “September” but had to give it up in order to make money to pay the bills. Mia is continuing with their dream.

Chair Turners: Adam, Blake, Pharrell, Gwen

Adam Reigns Over a Four-Chair Turn!

Adam Levine

Coaches Comments: Blake said, “Maybe there wasn’t as much as finesse, but the fact that you are able to do all that with that song” he said, “I should probably be your coach…We had a little moment right there, you have to admit it.” Adam said “world-class spectacular.” Gwen said she can’t wait to try a different song with her, and said “I was you basically, back then.” Pharrell said she was pushing it with those notes and was singing like it was her last time. Adam said that’s what determines if their going to make it.




Cole Wilkinson – He is a 16 year old from Dallas, Texas with three brothers and 14 goats, donkeys, and some cats. The coaches weren’t impressed that they could tell he was moving around too much on stage. He looked like the lost member of a boy band. Adam told him, “You’re 16 and you’re going to come back here and you aren’t going to move as much.” Pharrell said next year, “plant your feet on the ground and give them your soul.”

Michael Stein – He created “The Rolling Steins.” Michael played fiddle for the United States Navy Band and played with “Country Current” where he played for four different Presidents. He’s now 62 years old and is going after a recording contract to “influence people” and wants his gift to “reach the masses.” Michael auditioned with the song “The Devil Went Down To Georgia” by Charlie Daniels Band. His mistake is he stayed too close to the original. Blake said “as much as I love that song, I’d like to see you do a song that had more range.” Pharrell said the song “limits for you to show what you have to show the world.”








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