Fighting it Out on THE VOICE Season 17 Blinds Week 2 Recap

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Fighting it Out on THE VOICE Season 17 Blinds Week 2 Recap

The Blind Auditions continued on NBC’s “The Voice” season 17 for a second week. The coaches ramped-up their competitive sides where real-life couple and ‘Voice coaches Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani came at odds when they turned a few times for the same artists.

It seems that it’s taken two coaches to replace Blake’s one well-liked nemesis on the show from previous seasons, Adam Levine, in Kelly Clarkson, who now sits in Levine’s chair, and girlfriend Gwen Stefani.

On one incident where both Blake and Gwen turned for the same artist, Blake asked Gwen “what’s wrong with you?” Gwen answered “I like fighting with you!” John Legend commented that he was “very excited to see America’s favorite couple fight it out!”


Mendeleyev is from Santa Barbra, Ca. Born in a bath tub, raised vegetarian by Hippies.  His music, he said is just him and his guitar and “does as much as he can.” His mom passed away from cancer about one year ago.   His Dad said “The Voice” is one of the “coolest platforms” for Mendeleyev. He sang “Girl from the North Country” by Bob Dylan, solo.  Before mom passed away, she told Mendeleyev she wished she could have a seat at “The Voice.”

Chair Turns:  Blake, John, Kelly, Gwen

Kelly said his voice made her feel like a thick warm blanket was wrapped around her and wants more.  Then, Gwen asked his name which he answered with his full, long…very long name.  He explained that his parents are hippies. Kelly said that’s amazing, and “it’s all those lives.”  Gwen said her favorite part was when the song was done, he connected with the audience.  John pointed-out that he wasn’t afraid to say his name, and said Mendeleyev’s singing was  “unique it was artistic.”  John called it “a really powerful moment” and his “fireworks were hitting the low notes.”    Then Blake gave an attempt to say his name.  He said his voice really does “shake the rafters.”  And called what he did “a lost art.”   Gwen said she’s the closest to him since she’s from Anaheim, Ca.   Richie Havens is a “huge inspiration” for Mendeleyev.

Coach:  John Legend.  Mendeleyev said John got him with Richie Havens.  John said his voice is a deep baritone and makes him stand-out in a crowd.  Mendeleyev said Gwen was taking his attention, but John was the only one who knew Richie Havens.  


Pictured: Jake Hoot — Photo by: Justin Lubin/NBC

Jake is from Cookeville, Tennessee.  Jake’s parent are Missionaries. Jake’s family moved to the  Dominican Republic at age nine with eight siblings.  His family moved there to start churches and train locals to take-over the churches. Jake would sing in the churches which is how his love of music started. Jake was 20-years-old when he moved back to the states and met his ex-wife in college.  He’s now a single dad with a little four-year-old girl. He said his daughter Macy is everything to him and wants to pursue his dream that will ultimately benefit her. Jake hopes that one day his ‘Voice audition will inspire her. His daughter was backstage to cheer him on.  Jake sang Country song “When it Rains, it Pours” while playing his guitar.

Chair Turn:  Kelly

Kelly was beyond excited to be Jake’s coach. John welcomed Jake to the show and said it’s “exciting” that he’s on Team Kelly. Kelly told Jake “you probably wanted Blake, but “this is a much better home.” Kelly said Jake sounds like Ronnie Dunn.  Blake said he didn’t turn because he thought that Kelly Blocked him and didn’t want to give her the satisfaction.  Gwen said she loved his entrance. “it was electric, loud and powerful” and now that she sees he’s gigantic, “it makes sense.” Jake is 6’6, an inch taller than Blake.  Blake yelled he wanted to be the tallest.  Blake said Kelly loves Country music, but “doesn’t know anything about it,” and Jake will be able to teach Kelly Country because he’s the “real deal.” 

Blake said he Googled “Kelly Clarkson liar” and all “The Voice” stuff came up.


Calvin is a pastor’s son.  He sang “Just My Imagination” by the Temptations.  He’s 25-years-old from Durham, Alabama

Chair Turns: Blake, John, Gwen

Gwen said his voice is so “good and relaxing.”  She said his style of singing is the kind of singing she would listen to and said they’d be a good match.  John said what he loved about Calvin’s version of the song is it’s “so settle” and his tone.  John said Calvin nailed the run at the end and called it “a masterful performance.”  Blake said even when something is out of his lane, “it’s like buying a ticket to see a show.”  Blake said he hopes when this season is over with, that John makes a record with Calvin, , Kelly said she’s the idiot that didn’t turn because she knew she was out of the race.  Gwen said he can be coached by anyone, it’s about who’s he most passionate about him.  She said she knows she can teach him how to touch people with his heart.  

Coach: Gwen Stefani.  Gwen said his instincts are right on and she’s thrilled to have him on her Team. John said Calvin’s tone is unlike any voice he’s ever heard, and jealous that Gwen got him.  Calvin said he chose Gwen because she said she’d fight for him and told him he didn’t have to be one kind of artist.  


Pictured: Josie Jones — Photo by: Justin Lubin/NBC

Josie is 16-years-old from Hamilton, Alabama, and loves Blake Shelton.  Jessie loves to sing with her family out in front of a small crowd.   She sang Country song “Men & Mascara.”  John Legend was the first to turn.

Chair Turns:  John, Blake

When the coach’s heard her accent, they said she “for sure” is from Alabama.  Kelly said she already has some Country people on her Team and when John turn, she said, Josie should go with him!  Gwen called it a “strong performance” and obviously, she’s going to pick Blake.  John called Blake his “Nemesis.”  Every time he thinks he’s doing well on the show, Blake comes around, sending people in to the finale.  He said Josie’s tone is “gorgeous” and everyone thinks he can’t coach a Country artist, but he can.  And knows many Country artists…Blake Shelton…and that was it.  Blake said to hear a country voice like hers that he’s never heard before, along with her  pitch, is exciting.   Blake said he prays that she picks a guy that knows more Country singers than the guy sitting to his left.  

Coach:  Blake Shelton.  Blake said she has a strong voice and knows how to control it. 

The Return of Season 16 Winner!

AFTER Josie’s audition, backstage, host Carson Daly welcomed ‘Voice season 16 winner from Team Legend, Maelyn Jarmon back to the show.  Maelyn gave the crowd of singers waiting to audition a little bit of a pep-talk and encouraged them.  “I know you’re excited and you’re going to go out there and kill it” she said to them.  


Johnny is 30-years-old from Hollister, California.  He told Maelyn Jarmon that he hoped to be on Team Gwen.  Johnny grew up with his family having a Blues Rock band which started his love for music.  He started a band with his cousin at age 17.  He met his wife Michelle at age 24 and got married in 2015 and had twin sons in 2016.  That changed everything for Johnny.  He said “providing for them is intense.”  They are currently living in a trailer on Johnny’s parent’s property.  His wife said “The Voice” is a big deal for them.   Johnny sang with a Country flair, “Seven Spanish Angels” song.

Chair Turns: None

Kelly said she just got a big male Country vocalist on her Team and didn’t want to get too many competing sounds. She complimented his “cool tone,”  John advised Johnny that it’s a matter of a little bit more confidence, a little more control and he’ll be “really great.”  Blake asked him a about that arrangement Blake said Johnny did it differently and was trying to figure-out where he was going with it.  

John reminded himself about Kelly’s Block that he’s watching out for.  Kelly is the only coach with a Block left.  Kelly said she’s hoping to use her Block on Blake.   Blake wasn’t worried because he told Kelly that no one recognizes talent quicker than him.


Marybeth is from Armorel, Arkansas and works on a food truck with her parents.  It’s a barbecue truck called “Big Byrd’s BBQ”  Backstage, before her audition, Marybeth told Jarmon that she felt oddly “calm” about the audition.  Jarmon responded that, that was her feeling as well before she auditioned.  “The stage is my home” stated Byrd. 

Marybeth said her dad starting that food truck was his dream, and being on “The Voice” is her dream.  She stated that she’s following in her Dad’s footsteps.  Her Dad noted that with Marybeth, “the bigger the crowd the better she gets.”  Marybeth said the number of people in the audience is more people in her hometown. She sang “Angel from Montgomery.”  

Chair Turns:  Kelly, John, Gwen, Blake (Blocked)

Blake turned during the last note and saw that he was Blocked.  Blake reacted, as she can see, he’s been Blocked, then endorsed Gwen to be her coach.  John said he was in love with her voice from the first note.  Her transition was so seamless” and was “an exciting thing to listen to and exciting to watch”  He also added that he predicted she would be one of the top contestants this season. 

Gwen said Marybeth has an adorable rasp and softness.  You can tell physically it feels good for you to sing. Gwen said she likes to listen to music that’s emotional.  Kelly said one of her favorite’s is Bonnie Raitt.  “It’s real and it’s raw” said Kelly.  Then, No Doubt’s song “Don’t Speak” started playing to interrupt Kelly.  This kept happening on, and off.  John reacted, “what’s happening.  Is this sabbatoge?”  Kelly continued that she used her only Block on her.  Blake pointed-out “do you really want a coach that takes opportunities away from you?”

When John asked what kind of music she likes, Marybeth answered Adele, and Chris Stapleton.  John said he just coached the winner of season 16 and the first song they did was an Adele song. he said her voice is so good that they could do “so many great things together.”

Coach: John Legend.  John said Kelly Blocked Blake “just for me.” Kelly was upset that she wasted her Block.  


Tamki is a 34-year-old teacher.  She said he’s a nerdy teacher during the day, but does music in the night-time. She said she’s ready to show her students that “you can do anything.”

Chair Turns: None

Gwen’s favorite part was Tamik’s bravado and called the rapping part in her audition, “challenging.”  Kelly said she really loved it and wants her to continue the rap.  But something was missing.  She said singer Eve has a similar style with smoother transitions between singing and rap.  John said on the singing part, he didn’t get enough info to bank on her being a great singer and hoped that she’d come back.


Kiara is 21-years-old from Las Vegas, Nevada.  Kiara’s mom said Kiara started singing at 6-8 months old before she could talk.  She said Kiara would hum melodies.  Kiara wrote a song about the mass shooting at the Las Vegas festival and shared it with the city.  Her Mom said it speaks to Kiara’s character when she wrote the song,  Kiara said she wants to make her city proud on “The Voice.”   Kiara sang “Free Fallin” by Tom Petty.

Chair Turn: Blake, Gwen

Blake was upset when Gwen turned her chair for Kiara as well.  John told Kiara that she has so much style and grace.  His favorite part was the beginning and worried that the chorus didn’t do it for him.  Kelly thought her voice was very beautiful, but kept going to her head voice and thinks she has potential. 

Blake said  her voice is beautiful and hypnotic.  Then No Doubt’s song started playing “Don’t Speak” revealing that Blake was the one making that song play when Kelly was talking earlier.  Kelly ran over to Blake and called him out on it stating that he’s a liar.   Blake told Kiara that she needs to be on the show and recognize what it is she can do.  Gwen said Blake’s right that there is so much potential and compared her to Kacey Musgraves.  She she the trick to flipping that song was so creative and Kiara revealed that she is also a song-writer.  

Coach: Gwen Stefani.  Gwen said she loves singer/song-writer voices and “this is a competition. The gloves are off.”  Blake said one lesson he’s learned today is that he has to be a better liar.


Belinda is 24-years-old from Miami.  Her brother is suffering from heart failure.

 Chair Turns: Gwen, Kelly

Blake said when he saw Gwen and Kelly hit their buttons that he decided to stay out of it.  John liked that Belinda took a song and made it her own.   Gwen said it was very creative and relaxed but what she can help her with is stage presence.   Kelly compared her voice to Eva Cassidy,  She called it “well-executed” and not many singers can do what she did.

Coach: Kelly Clarkson.  Kelly said it’s really nice to have a voice with so much control, yet passion.  It’s great to have on Belinda on her Team.


Jon comes from a big Italian family.  Four years ago his father and he started a band called “Then and Now.”  Jon’s Dad has been in a band all his life and Jon wants to be like him.  He said Jon being on “The Voice” is big time.   Jon sang “Let Her Cry” by Hootie and the Blowfish.

Chair Turns: None

Kelly said it sounded a lot like the band he covered, “Hootie and the Blowfish” and wanted to hear what Jon sounded like. Jon told the coaches that he sings in a 90’s Tribute Band. Gwen said she stays with singers with a stylistic voice which he had, but had more of a growl.  John Legend said he liked his tone, but wanted more enunciation and story-telling.  Blake said he has a strong bravado and called his audition a little bit “too tributey.”  He said Jon gave them a vocal carbon copy of Darius Rucker (singer from Hootie and the Blowfish). 


Cali loves kick-boxing because it reminds her of her inner strength.  She 28-years-old from Salem, Ohio, which is a really small town. She moved to Nashville.  Cali said she fell in love with music through her Mom.  Cali interrupted her Mom’s singing career being a single Mom and went back to school to do nursing.  Cali’s Mom said her daughter is living her dream. Cali said if she gets a chair turn it would mean that her mom’s dream is a little bit accomplished too. She sang “Dreams” by Fleetwood Mac.

Chair Turns: Blake, John, Gwen

John said her tone is “super gorgeous” and had so much control.  Gwen said it’s really hard to do a song that’s that moving and not mess it up. Gwen said she was getting lost in it because it was so good.  Blake noted that Salem, Ohio is like “a dot on the map” and he’s been there several times.   He said the only time he expected to run into people from Salem, is when he’s in Salem.   Blake said he would be honored to be her coach.


THE VOICE 17 BLINDS Tuesday Night:

Monday’s show left-off with Cali Wilson deciding who she would pick as a coach. She chose – Team Blake as her coach. Blake said he loved her voice and how she took that Fleetwood Mac song and made it her own.


Injoy who is 29-years-old was raised by Pat Smith after her biological 16-year-old mother couldn’t raise her. Injoy performed as “the bag lady” in Rent for one month. After that, Injoy found out she was pregnant and decided to be “the best mom for her.” Injoy auditioned with Ariana Grande’s “7 Rings” song. 

Pictured: Injoy Fountain — Photo by: Justin Lubin/NBC

Chair Turns: Kelly, Gwen

Kelly said that’s “her jam!” Gwen said for her “The Sound of Music” was the biggest thing that changed it. She said it was bold for Injoy to do that song and loved “the mash-up styles.” John told her she “came out her like a Boss!” Blake joked that he does that song a lot in his shows which is why he didn’t turn because “it’s too close” to what he does. Kelly said they saw Injoy living her best life, and called her “infectious” and loved the rasp.

Coach: Kelly Clarkson. Kelly predicts that Injoy will blow people away and “she’s a force,” and “just strong.”


Pictured: Jordan Chase — Photo by: Justin Lubin/NBC)

He was born in Pensacola, Florida. When Hurricane Katrina hit, Jordan became withdrawn due to the hurricane.  His parents got him a dog to help with that, which it did.  Music helped him express himself.  His mom said music was Jordan’s escape.  He told the coaches that his music took-off after he posted a video online.

Chair Turns: Gwen, Blake

Blake said him fighting for Jordan (against Gwen) is he’ll probably “pay for this later” which is how much he loves Jordan.  Gwen said her favorite thing about his voice is that it “sounds so honest.” She said she wonders what it’s like to be a 19-year-old boy with a “crazy raspy” voice and that’s what’s she’s drawn to.  Blake was revolted at Gwen’s comment and Kelly couldn’t stop laughing about it.  John said he was a 19-year-old boy and that’s not the best times in a young man’s life.  Jordan said he like blues and soul.  Blake said “his home is Country” and “I know what it’s like to be a 19-year-old boy.”

Coach: Blake Shelton.  Blake said Jordan is already way ahead of his time with his natural voice.  Gwen said Jordan “was shocking to me” and “always looking for someone different.”


Pictured: Dane and Stephine — Photo by: Justin Lubin/NBC

Dane was born a girl.  He said he was 14 when he realized he’s transgender.  Stephanie said she supports Dane’s effort and he deserves to be happy.  Mom said she’s extremely proud of Dane to come forward and say “this is who I am.”  Dane said music was always something he’s been passionate about.  Singing with his sister has helped with his voice changing.  Stephanie said for them, it’s based on how they sound together.  Dane said he gets to share who he is with the world.   They sang “Angela.”  The coaches were excited to hear they were a duo.  Blake was the first one to yell it out.  

Chair Turns: John, Blake

The twins stated to the coaches that they’re from Newfield, New Jersey.  Gwen said she loves their sound. John said he got into when they started harmonizing their sound.  Blake bragged that he has won “The Voice” six times and he’s the only person to bring a duo to the finale.  

Coach: John Legend.   John said their voice sounded really rich and excited to see what arrangements they come up with.


James is 20-years-old from Syracuse, Utah.  He said Utah is perfect for him clearing his head and writing music.  James moved to Los Angeles two weeks out of high school.  James said the music industry is cut-throat and left L.A. to go back to Syracuse, Utah.  He sang “Sweet Creature” for his Blind Audition.  It’s a song he used to sing on an empty street, and now singing the song to music icons, he said is “amazing.”

Chair Turns: Kelly, Blake, Gwen

Kelly, who was the first coach to turn,  was upset that she had to compete with two later turning coaches. John said he already has some boys on his team with stylistically similar voices as him which is why he didn’t turn.  Gwen called his voice “soothing ans emotional.”  She said she could tell that he’s a song writer.  Gwen added that she didn’t know that song.  Then Kelly chimed in, knowing that song – “Harry Styles, Harry Styles record!!”  Gwen said just because she knows a song doesn’t mean she’d be a good coach!”    Blake said Jame’s voice can take someone out of where they’re at, like out in the woods.  The other coaches thought it was a weird “pitch” that Blake gave.

Coach: Gwen Stefani.  Gwen said she can see James doing “so many different styles of music.” Gwen said she thought her “pitch went off the rails” but not as bad as Kelly’s and Blake’s.


Jordan wore his shiniest, sparkliest jacket which he said he wears to the grocery store and more.  Jordan said music helped him get over the bulling he went through in the past.  He said “The Voice” showed him that there’s always a future.  Jordan never sang outside of church and “this is pretty huge” and wants to show that is more than just singing in church.

Chair Turns: None

John told him that “it sounded a little bit scattered,”  but the moments that sounded good, “were really exciting.” John gave Jordan advice on what to do to help him tell the story better.  After Jordan’s audition, John said “i need some magic on my team.”


Pictured: Preston C Howell — Photo by: Justin Lubin/NBC

Chair Turns: Blake, Kelly, Gwen, John

Preston said most people don’t match his voice with his look and will be interesting to see the coaches reaction to him.  The show played his Blind Audition without a video package first.  So, viewers got to experience his audition with the coaches.  Preston revealed to the coaches that he’s 14-years-old, from Miami, Florida.  The coaches were shocked at his young age.

In Preston’s back-story, he said that his dad introduced the standards to him, like Frank Sinatra.  He said he likes to move around the stage and dance which is another way to express himself.  Gwen stated that when she turned around, and it didn’t look like that voice is coming out of his body.  She asked what type of record he’d like to make.  Preston answered that Jazz really connects to him and likes he Michael Buble.   Kelly said what she loves about Preston is that he “didn’t imitate.”  John said most of the time, this show is about big rifts, etc.  But, to do a song like he did is “such an audacious undertaking.”  John said he just recorded something with last season winner Maelynn Jarmon.

Gwen started singing a Jazzy song to try and win over Preston and added that she has a 13-year-old son and could “mother” him.  Blake said Preston’s voice is timeless which your’re either born with it or you’re not.  He was born with it, “not a very long time ago.”   Kelly begged that she’s such a fan of Preston’s and “please pick me.”

Coach:  John Legend.  John was super amazed “how does a 14-year-old sing like this?!”



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