First Date Bombshell on THE BACHELOR 27 Week 2 Recap

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First Date Bombshell on THE BACHELOR 27 Week 2 Recap

Pictured: CHRISTINA, ZACH SHALLCROSS / Photo: ABC/Craig Sjodin

Getting week two under his belt, “The Bachelor” Zach Shallcross has already had the tough conversation of sending the first woman home before a Rose Ceremony, and managed to kiss more women than most Bachelors on the first night.  In the second week, Zach faced biggest challenge in his first one-one-one date with Christina Mandrell who dropped a surprising bombshell on him.

This unexpected reveal said it scared him ‘sh@!less.  Oh, yeah, and that was AFTER she got to meet his whole family during their one-on-one date!  Another surprising turn of events was when the winner of America’s First Impression Rose, Brianna, became very insecure and started expressing her concerns to Zach.  She basically felt at a disadvantage because she hadn’t gotten a rose directly from Zach yet.  Brianna was getting in her own head.  Zach seemed annoyed by it.  However, Brianna is most likely using this as a tactic to get Zach’s affection.  She also used it to try to get sympathy from the women.

THE BACHELOR / Photo: ABC/Craig Sjodin

The first group date brought three past villain contestants – Victoria, Tahzjuan, and Courtney to coach the women on being a “bad bitch.” After the group date challenge during the After Party, Tahzjuan Hawins, who has tried repeatedly to find love via “The Bachelor” and “Bachelor in Paradise” twice, decided that she wanted to take her shot at Zach.  But, Zach wasn’t having it and sent her on her way.  Producers spared viewers of this conversation between the two.

Before this week’s Cocktail Party, Zach had a second After Party with another group of girls.  During the Cocktail Party, Brianna tried to cause some drama with Christina by bringing up the incident when Christina told her she hated her on night one.  The drama was crubbed because Zach said he didn’t want to hear it, and Christina apologized, and didn’t remember saying that.

Low and behold, Brianna was the very last woman to receive a rose this week. But, that didn’t concern her because she was over the moon to finally get a rose from Zach. However, she should have seen that as a warning sign that by her getting the last rose, that meant that Zach ranked her last in the pool of women. In the previews for next week, it looks like Briannna turns it all around along with causing some more drama.  


In the second week of “The Bachelor” season 27, Zach Shallcross had a group date as the first date of the season.   He joined the group of women at a club-like atmosphere where there was a runway.  Celebrity rap artist Latto was the emcee of the event and told the women what their challenge was.  It was that they’d have to display being a “bad bitch” on the runway. 



After that, three past Bachelor villain women – Victoria Fuller, Tahzjuan Hawkins, and Courtney Robertson entered the room.  They explained that they set the bar at being “a bad bitch.”  The second half of the womens’ challenge was to tell everyone about a specific incident in their lives in which they proved to be a “bad bitch.”

During some alone time with Zach, Brianna told Zach that she was feeling insecure about where she stood with him because she felt at a disadvantage at getting “America’s Rose” but not getting a rose from Zach.  She also expressed this to the group of women as well.
They weren’t too sympathetic because most of them had to work really hard last week to even get a rose period!


Tahz crashed the After Party to grab Zach and throw her hat in the race.   She thought Zach being “real” is enduring and she was interested in “joining this journey” with him.  She told Zach she wanted to give “bad bitch” energy and lay it out there for Zach. He’s what she’s looking for and wanted to join his group to add herself to the mix!

Zach was taken off guard and didn’t answer right away.  He said he definitely didn’t want to short himself and told her that he’d think about it and excused himself.  

Then, the women at the After Party went to talk to Tahz.  She told the women that some of them “really missed” their opportunity to “really connect with Zach.”  She said “it was really painful to watch!”  Lol!

Tahz said she doesn’t see any of the women having a chance with Zach.  She warned the women that “it’s going to get a lot harder from here.”  Zach re-entered to grab Tahz away from the group.

The viewers didn’t get to see their conversation.  Zach described it as an “interesting exchange.”  He told the women that he couldn’t say “yes” to her in joining the group.  Tazh was shown afterwards crying.  

Zach gave the group date rose to Katherine. Brianna was upset because she wanted to get the rose.  

In the meantime, Christina Mandrell got the first one-on-one date card, and she was beyond excited.  She planned to tell Zach about her being a mom.


Pictured: CHRISTINA, ZACH SHALLCROSS / Photo: ABC/Craig Sjodin

Zach said Christina really surprised him right out of the gate, and she’s so free spirited and “has a little spice to her.”  Of course, the first date was them going up in a helicopter especially since the date card read “let our love soar.”  Plus, it’s almost tradition that “The Bachelor” has a helicopter ride for the first or second date of the season.  

They flew to Zach’s home where Christina met his family.  It was his mom’s birthday earlier that week, Zach explained that he missed it and that day, his family was having a barbecue.  Zach’s closest family and friends were in attendance.

Zach said Christina fit right in.  It was a good feeling for him knowing that his family really liked her.  Zach’s mom shared baby photos of Zach with Christina.  Then, Christina was getting anxious about telling Zach about her five-year-old daughter.  She feared that it might be too much for Zach.

During their dinner that evening, Christina got a chance to tell Zach about her daughter Blakely and how she is her whole world.  Zach seemed to like that Christina is a mom and told her that she has that “motherly love quality.”  However, he said it was “a lot to take-in.”  He honestly told her that “it’s scary” because he doesn’t know what it’s like. 

Zach said “It scares” him “shitless” and it was something he’s going to have to think about.  Hmm….would he have introduced Christina to his family had he known??  In his confessional video, Zach said he doesn’t know if he’s ready (to be a dad).  “Sometimes you have to be selfish,” then he got emotional.  

Zach told Christina that he does want a family, and wants to be honest with her.  It started to sound like he was giving her a break-up speech.  He said he wants to find his forever partner. But, he wasn’t sure if he’s ready to be a Dad.  Ultimately, Zach decided that he wants to get to know Christina more and wants to get to know Blakely more. So, he gave her the date rose.  Christina said she was “really thankful.” Zach said “there’s real feelings there” with Christina. 


These women got some quality alone time with Zach:  Greer, Ariel, Anastasia, Jess, Charity, Kaity, Gabi, Aly.

Back at the mansion:  Mercedes was one of the women who didn’t get to talk to Zach the first night.  She got her shot with Zach finally. She told him that her second biggest fear is “to not be kissed tonight.”  Zach then kissed her.

Zach told Jess about the story of how he almost died when he was little and how his mom prayed he would recover.  When Zach opened-up to Jess with this story, it made their connection between him and Jess only stronger.  

When Gabi talked to Zach, she got confirmation from Zach of a nickname for him, “Zachy.”  She told him that her nickname is Gabriel.  Then as she seemed to overwhelm Zach in conversation, she came off like she was trying too hard.

Thus, Gabi did not get the date rose. But, Jess did!  Zach told her “it was a big conversation.”   Gabi got super upset after this and felt that Zach had no reason to keep her around.  A producer had to go tend to her.


Zach said it was a big week with “bad bitch energy” and he’s feeling like a “bad bitch” himself. 
During a toast to all of the women, Zach singled-out Christina to tell her how much he liked her meeting his whole family. Then, Christina announced that she hadn’t mentioned that to the rest of the girls! Oops!!  We could tell, because the expressions and reactions from some of the women (Gabi & Brianna specifically) looked gutted! 

Pictured: BROOKLYN, ZACH SHALLCROSS / Photo: ABC/Craig Sjodin

Brooklyn got the chance to show off her rodeo skills to Zach when she taught him how to lasso.  She kissed him good luck as he tried multiple times.  In the meantime, Brianna was still stuck in her own head and freaking out and being insecure about her connection with Zach.  This is going to be her downfall.  
Brianna had another hang-up.  It was with Christina when she told Brianna that she hated her!  But, Christina told her that she doesn’t remember that!  Maybe because she said it in good humor and was actually complimenting Brianna because she was conveying her jealousy for Brianna.

Then, Brianna pulled a Shanae by going to Zach to try to tell him about it.   She told Zach about the comment that Christina told her, “I hate you J.K.!” But, left out her name.  Zach said he didn’t want to know.  Zach told Brianna that his and her conversations haven’t felt “fun.”  


Zach told the women that “it was a world wind of a week.”  He said they all showed him a lot about themselves, and it’s not easy. “It won’t get any easier.” All he asks is that they’re out to find true love.
Women who got roses (in this order):  Brooklyn, Genevie, Greer, Aly, Charity, Kaity, Gabi, Ariel, Anastasia, Kylee, Davia, Mercedes, Bailey, Brianna.

Women who already had roses:  Jess, Christina, Katherine.

Women who went home:  Cat, Victoria J., Kimberly




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