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First Night Drama on THE BACHELORETTE Season 14 Premiere Recap

Posted on May 27 2018 by Editor

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First Night Drama on THE BACHELORETTE Season 14 Premiere Recap


ABC’s “The Bachelorette” season 14 picked-up where “The Bachelor” season 22 left off – with Becca Kufrin crying over a harsh break-up that Arie Luyendyk Jr. was putting her through and all for the whole world to see. “The Bachelorette” premiered Monday, May 28th at 8 pm PT.

“The Bachelorette” opens with clips from that chapter in Arie’s season. Becca narrated on behalf of the whole experience that the past year has been “a roller coaster.” She said she had “the highs and the lows…it still feels like a dream.”
At the moment of Arie’s proposal, Becca was “ready to start a life with Arie,” and never expected anything to change.

After Arie’s very public break-up with Becca, she went back to Minnesota and “didn’t know what to do,” she admitted. Becca said she thought that she had found her “forever” and wants what her mom and dad has. During her visit home, Becca’s mom commented with some optimism on Arie’s break-up that, that’s how it was suppose to happen. Mom reassured Becca that she’ll find someone better suited for her and encouraged her to go and find that on “The Bachelorette.” Becca said she feels “so lucky, and so grateful for all of the possibilities.” On the up-side, Arie Luyendyk Jr. is banned from Minnesota for life.

Becca’s piece of wisdom for other women after going through this, is to push through to find what you really want in life. The day of Becca’s first Rose Ceremony when she will met her suitors for the first time, she went back to “The Bachelor” mansion and met with past successful Bachelorette contestants – Rachel, Jojo and Kaitlyn. Jojo called that first Rose Ceremony “the most hopeful night.” Rachel said after the first night, she felt like there were “some real canidates.” She also added to “trust your gut.” Rachel proceeded to sage the mansion to get rid of all the bad juju!

Jojo pointed-out that all their first-impression roses are with the guys that they’re with now and those same men also got kisses from them on the first night. Jojo predicted that whomever Becca kisses on the first night or gives the first impression rose to, “keep an eye on him!”


As always with any ‘Bachelor or ‘Bachelorette season, the pool of suitor consists of a wide array from various backgrounds and all walks of life. In Becca’s season, this includes some athletes, advertisers, entrepreneurs and one model. Men who got featured in video packages were: Thirty-year-old football player Garrett from Reno, Nevada; professional male model Jordan who’s twenty-six-years old. Jordan stated that he’s so focused on himself that he feels he’s missing-out on “potentially sharing myself with someone else.”

Lincoln, who was one of the five men first introduced to Becca during the live “After the Final Rose” episode, is from Nigeria. He said he’s ready to get married and wants to find a good woman and Becaa is “a great woman.” Thirty-one-year old grocery store owner, Joe seems like a great catch. Then, there’s Jean Blanc who is thirty-one from Haiti capitol Port-au-Prince and has a collection of over 100 bottles of colonge. He said Becca needs a man that smells good and he’s going to “blow her nose away.”

Finally, most impressive was twenty-six-year old Colton who was born on Superbowl Sunday. He played for the San Diego Chargers in NFL until he had an injury that made him quit. Currently, Colton is the founder of a charity for cystic fibrosis.


On her way to the mansion in the limo, Becca stated, “It’s so strange to think that I could be meeting my future husband in just a few minutes.” Her biggest fear is to fall in love and having the man not reciprocate those feelings, like with Arie for instance.

Colton was the first guy out of limo number one. Then, Joe was so smitten with Becca, he couldn’t remember what he was supposed to say to her. Later, after entering the mansion, Joe said he’d marry her now!

Bachelorette 14, Becca and Connor


The many ways that these male suitors made every effort to leave a lasting impression on Becca was, as with any season, very creative and indeed unforgettable.  Let us count the ways! Jordan, the professional model, is like a walking Ken doll and was overly concerned with his fashion attire. Nick, an attorney, showed-up dressed like a race car driver as a dig at Arie. Mike brought a life-sized cut-out of Arie to symbolize that Arie will see her “happy with other dudes.” Garrett (29-years-old) pulled up in a mini-van to show how ready he is to be married and be a dad.

Blake, who brought a horse in their first meeting on the live show, brought an Ox this time to say his feelings are “as strong as an ox.” Lincoln was also in the live show, brought a slice of cake for her because of his birthday. Darius, a pharmacist, also met her at the live show, said it was easier the second time around.

Becca knew Jake (from Minneapolis) whom she met on multiple occasions (watch for more on that later in the episode). Realtor, Trent, literally jumped out from the back of a hearse to say when he heard Becca was “The Bachelorette” he literally died but was brought back to life.

Bachelorette 14, Becca and David, chicken


Venture Capitalist, David dressed as a chicken, clucking “Becca.” Chris, a sales trainer, brought a full choir to sing to her. One guy described Becca as like the girl next door. But, “the ultimate..the ultimate girl next door.”

Some of Becca’s Best Contenders: Chris R. who revealed that his parents got engaged after two months of meeting, 2) Joe who owns his own grocery store, 3) Garrett who ends-up fishing with Becca in the pool on the first night, 4) Colton who owns his own foundation.

Bachelorette 14, Becca and Garrett fishing



During the cocktail party, Becca talked to the men a little more where some of them showcased their talents. For instance, one of them impressed her with his basketball skills. Garrett went fishing with Becca in the outdoor pool. But, Becca seemed to connect with a select few of the men. One being Blake who had recently broken-up with his girlfriend. He told Becca that “if i was able to love the wrong person. How much can I love the right person?” Becca responded that she had said the very same thing and thought that her and Blake were on the same wavelength.

Bachelorette 14, Becca, Chase, Chris R.


Then the first round of drama went down when one of the men that Becca met on the live episode was accused of not being there for the right reasons. In the second bout of drama of the night, Becca ended-up sending one of the men home. Becca stated “I don’t want to waste my time with anyone who’s not right for me.” The men quickly took notice and it was a rude awankening for them that this is the real deal!

Updated: May 28, 2018, 11 pm PT.

Chase was the man in question, called-out by Chris R. who had received a text from Chase’s ex-girlfriend stating that Chase was on “The Bachelorette” to get exposure for his company. Becca called it “a strange situation” after the two of them came to her for a sit-down conversation about it. Her first two-in-one in a sense, she joked! However, the man that really set-off a red flag for Becca was Jake.

Jake was a young man from Becca’s hometown whom she had met several times before. The interesting thing is that he had never pursued her before. So, red flag all the way! She called him out in private and ultimately gave him the heeve-ho. Jake’s excuse was that he has had “a very transformative year” in the past year. Becca didn’t buy it and sent him home BEFORE the Rose Ceremony.

After talking to some of the men at the Cocktail Party Becca said she could already feel connections with some of them. Then, it was time for the Fist Impression Rose which Garrett got. The room got quiet with dissapointed men who did not get that first rose.

Becca said Garrett made her feel so comfortable and she had such a good night with him that it made her feel hopeful for the rest of the season. Garrett said it meant a lot to him that Becca already had a connection with him.

Then, just like that, it was time for the Rose Ceremony to began as host Chris Harrison chimed-in. Becca thanked the men before going off to make her decisions.


Men who got roses: Blake, Rickey, Jean Blanc, Christon, Clay, Wills, Connor, Jason, John, Ryan, Alex, Nick, Trent, Colton, David, Jordan, Leo, Mike, Chris R., and Garrett already had the First Impression Rose from earlier. That’s a total of twenty men going into next week to continue to be Alpha males to compete for Becca’s heart.

SPOILER ALERT! In upcoming episodes, teaser footage showed Becca getting close to some of the men. Some of whom were: Colton, Jean Blanc, Wills, and Jason. The key players seem to be Colton, Wills and Jordan – who is this season’s villain and the male version of Olivia Caridi. In one teaser snippet, Becca states that she’s hopes to not have another Arie situation, but is only looking to the future. Colton is seen telling Becca that’s he’s in love with her in another sneak-peek. Then, things go South when Becca is seen crying on a bed alone in a room asking herself “what am I doing?” Then says someone just did to her the same thing that Arie did. The men were horrified by it. One of the men reacts saying “it’s completely disguisting that someone would to that!”

Jordan tells one of the men that he’s worse than Arie. Colton reveals that he’s a virgin but makes it clear that he’s not waiting for marriage. Just waiting for “the right person.” Then, more drama occurs when Becca is seen visibly upset and states that she’s so “pi— off and feel so disrespected.” Finally, at what appears to be the final Rose Ceremony, Becca is crying and says she wasn’t prepared for this. “I feel heart-broken.” In one of the preview scenes, it’s eluded that perhaps Becca has a similar feeling as Arie by falling for two people.

It looks for a very promising, dramtic-filled season. We can hope anyway.


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