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Greatest Surprise on THE VOICE Season 18 Battles Week 2 Recap

Posted on March 30 2020 by Editor

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Greatest Surprise on THE VOICE Season 18 Battles Week 2 Recap

“The Voice” Battles season 18 show-cased more Teams’ talented artist to go head-to-head for a second week with more stand-outs and predictions from coaches on who will make it to the finale.

Super-star mentors were on hand to advise the coaches’ artists to prep them to go into Battles. Bebe Rexha was there for Team Blake; Dua Lipa joined Team Kelly; Ella Mai was on board with Team Legend; and Nick’s brothers came to join him for his team.

Kelly, with a predominantly female Team sent her only male, Micah Iverson, into Battle this second week against Gigi Hess in her Team’s first Battle of the night.

TEAM BLAKE (Bebe Rexha)


Toneisha said six months ago, she was an accountant.  She auditioned in 2011, but cancelled when her son was diagnosed with cancer.  Luckily, he survived and now he’s cheering her on, on “The Voice.”  Toneisha said, “I was one of those people who thought a second chance was impossible.”  Jacob said he wants to prove to Bake that he’s supposed to be on his Team and he’s going to win.  Blake said he likes the song he chose because he’s s Country boy from Oklahoma, “but everyone loves this song, right?” 

Pictured: (l-r) Jacob Daniel Murphy, Toneisha Harris — Photo by: Tyler Golden/NBC

Blake said Jacob and Toneisha both have big vocal ranges and big personalities Blake called Toneshia’s voice  about as powerful of a voice that he’s ever heard on “The Voice,” and Jacob’s voice is unique, and powerful.  Blake said Jacob has a bigger range than what he realizes.   Jacob said he feels like he’s an underdog in this Battle.   Toneshisa said she’s coming to realize by being on “The Voice” that there’s nothing too big in dreaming.  Bebe said Jacob “has what it takes.”  

John said they did so well “despite having Blake as a coach,” and “y’all can SANG!”  John said he felt bad for Jacob that Blake was the only one who turned around for him in the Blinds.  Nick said he can’t say enough about her voice and the joy he fells from it “is jut incredible,”  Kelly called Jacob “a firecracker,” and he “just nailed it.”  She also loved how they played off each other.  Blake called it “horrible because it was so great” and Jacob and Toneisha made a great connection.  Blake said the way that Jacob controlled the stage and the audience is the reason why it was a great Battle.  Blake chose Toneisha as the winner.

BATTLE WINNER: Toneisha Harris.  Blake said he thinks Toneisha could be a finalist.



Micah is the only male on Team Kelly.  He’s ready to show Kelly that he has what it takes.  Kelly told Gigi a beautiful singer and Micah as “a gorgeous tone.”   Micah said his time singing in Japan prepared him “for the big time.”  Gigi works at a preschool with behavior issues and called being on “The Voice” so out of her comfort zone.
“Someone You Loved” is the song that Kelly gave them because ever since she heard the song, always thought it should be a duet.   Kelly called their performance “beautiful.”  Dua said the Battle will come down to confidence.  Kelly said deciding on their Battle will be the worse decision for her.   It was the first time Kelly cried this season during their stage rehearsal. 

Pictured: (l-r) Gigi Hess, Micah Iverson — Photo by: Tyler Golden/NBC)

Blake said they both had big moments.  He said it went back and forth, but chose Gigi because it was unexpected.  John noted that it was a bit more in Micah’s pocket and leaned towards him as the winner.   Nick said it’s an incredibly tough song to sing and they have a lot of talent and potential.  He also went with Micah.  Kelly told Gigi that she has a brokenness  that’s also very beautiful.  She added that Micah has a falsetto that sounds like he’s on the edge of tears.  Kelly called it the “hardest” Battle and went with Micah as the winner. She called him an “incredible vocalist.”  She said he has “talent for days!”  Kelly could see him in the finale.




John told Ella that he put a bilingual singer (Mandi Castillo) with a handsome tenor (CammWess) and thinks they’s go great together.   Mandi auditioned for “The Voice” with a Spanish song.  Mandi said to be on Team Legend is unreal.  Just months ago she was doing construction.  CammWess said basketball was his first love, but is passionate about music.  He put college on hold to come on “The Voice.”  John gave them “Senorita” song by Camila Cabeo and Shawn Mendes.  He said because it has a little bit of Latin flavor and it’s a Pop song.  John liked that CammWess has his own flavor, but advised for them to come together at the end.  “We want to see some chemistry” between them, John observed.  Ella said it’s a sexy song and they need to vibe that way.  CammWess called it a challenging song for him because it’s Pop and it’s risque.   Ella said CammWess can bring the softness as long as Mandi brings the attitude.  

Pictured: (l-r) Cammwess, Mandi Castillo — Photo by: Tyler Golden/NBC

Nick called it a fantastic Battle and was impressed.  He was blown away by CammWess.  Kelly said she has “a complete musical crush” on Mandi.  CammWess “was holding-down more difficult parts at time.” But, still voted for Mandi.   Blake said they all expected her to come out and kill it which she did.  He said was CammWess shy or “just super cool”  He went with Camm.  John said when Mandi sings high notes, such clarity, exactly how its suppose to sound.  He told CammWess that he sounds just like himself out of everyone on the show.   Daly joked that John can’t pick himself and asked who the winner was.  John decided to go with Mandi because she can “do it all” – Latin, Pop, etc.  John said he’ll miss CammWess though.  Then, Kelly pushed to Steal him!

BATTLE WINNER: Mandi Castillo

STEAL: Kelly stole CammWess.  She siad he has a great voice.  

TEAM BLAKE (Bebe Rexha)


Like Blake, Kailey is also from Oklahoma. Cam said he grew-up on a farm.  Cam said Blake was his number one coach to work with and thrilled he turned in the Blind Auditions.  “What If” by Cane Brown because the song “lands in between” what they both do artistically.  He said Cam is more traditional Country with a little edge.  Bebe noticed that they both sound amazing, but just not “owning it,” and they need the confidence with the song.  Cam said the song was out of his comfort zone.   Blake advised them both to be open-minded enough to tackle things that are outside of their comfort zones.  Blake said the winner of this performance will come down to whomever can prove that they’re comfortable in the song which is something they normally don’t do. 

During stage rehearsal, Blake called Kailey and Cam is his “greatest surprise” (in a good way) and doesn’t know what he’ll do.

 Pictured: (l-r) Cam Spinks, Kailey Abel — Photo by: Tyler Golden/NBC

John told Kailey that she was on fire up there and her energy was “captivating.”  But, he leaned to Cam for vocals.  John said it’s not an easy song to sing.  Nick said Kailey was the “pace car.” But, Cam kept coming back delivering.  Kelly called Kailey interesting and cool and Cam had her at the cowboy hat.  Kelly said Cam nailed the song, but more in Kailey’s wheelhouse.  She went with Cam also.  Coach Blake said he loves hearing all the talk about the song selection and he agreed with Kelly’s comment about Kailey.  Blake said they both stepped-up to the plate and put the work in.  The winner was Cam!

BATTLE WINNER: Cam Spinks.  Blake said Cam really had to dig down deep to find a way to be comfortable with that song.  Cam said he felt comfortable, but was nervous.

TEAM NICK (Jonas Brothers)


Nick pit Anders, who is 36-years-old against Tate who is 16-years-old.   Tate said he developed a rasp in his voice when he damaged his vocal chords early-on.  Blake tried to sweet talk Tate into being on his Team with a puppy.  It didn’t work.  Nick Anders has a strong, powerful tone and does it with such eat.  But, Tate, Nick said, “is so cool and something about him is so interesting.” 

Joe Jonas advised Anders to show off his register and to “lean into that.”  Nick gave them a Post Malone song, “Circles.”  Tate asked the brothers how they deal with their voices changing.  Joe said it happened to him at about age 15..  Nick said one reason he picked the song “Circles,” is because he wants them to involve the crowd.  Anders said Nick is pushing him out of his comfort zone with that song.  Joe thought that Anders was the stand-out between the two.

 Pictured: (l-r) Anders Derup, Tate Brusa — Photo by: Tyler Golden/NBC

Kelly said she loves that song and Anders has “a big ole voice!”  She said their voices are so different and together a “little chaotic.”  She leaned towards Tate.  Blake said those two weren’t meant to sing in harmony together.  Andres voice is so clear, while Tate’s voice is so raw.  He chose Tate.  John also agreed that they don’t harmonize but they were “both really excellent.”  He said Tate has a limited range but an interesting tone. He chose Anders.   Coach Nick said they were both great, and perhaps they aren’t meant to be a duo and told the other coaches to “chill out.”  Nick said he’s drawn to Tate because he sees himself in him.   The winner was Tate Brusa.

BATTLE WINNER: Tate Brusa.  Nick said it was clear to him that Tate has what it takes and with a tone like that, he “just stands out.”   Nick wished that he had his Save left to use.



Nelson said everyone on the Team has a right to be intimidated by Darious.  John said Nelson was a four-chair-turn where he blocked Nick Jonas.  Nelson said him singing for a career must be blowing his family’s minds because they aren’t musical.  He had the opportunity to perform with Stevie Wonder and is a huge John Legend fan.  Darious helps children with behavioral problems.  He said he lost both of his adoptive parents in the last year and begin on “The voice” is triumph.  His biological mother is now in his life and he wants to make her proud.   When Nelson met Ella Mai with John Legend, he said it’s all so surreal. 

Ella Mai told them to believe in themselves because she was in their position once upon a time.  John gave them “Come Together” by the Beatles.  John said Nelson’s voice is “raspy in a beautiful way” andthere’s no substitution for a beautiful tone.  He told Darious is making choices in the song that are his own.  On the other hand, wanted to hear more of Nelson’s personality in the song.  Ella advised Nelson to get out of his head.   Nelson then tried it without the guitar.  Ella said she really wanted to see their Battle now after working with them.  Darious is more of am R&B, soul singer, but nailing this song.

Pictured: (l-r) Darious Lyles, Nelson Cade III — Photo by: Tyler Golden/NBC

Nick called it a “phenomenal” performance and they were both so great!  Kelly loved their “hat game” (they were both wearing hats).  She said Darious sang on point, but she went with Nelson.  Blake said John has to pick which one would make it through to the finale.  Blake thought it was Darious.   Coach John said it’s a classic song that everyone knows and with that there’s  pressure,  but they embraced it.  He chose who had the potential on going forward.  He chose Darious.   Darious said John sees that “I belong here” and it means a lot to him.  “He took command of the song and he was ready to have his moment,” stated John about Darious.

BATTLE WINNER: Darious Lyles

SAVE:  John SAVED Nelson.  That means he’ll move to the Four-Way-Knockout.


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